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I have been following the saga of 1MDB (Malaysia Development Berhad), the investment arm of the Malaysian Ministry of Finance established by the Prime Minister cum the Minister of Finance, Najib Razak.

Following the exposure of the “hanky-panky” in the company by the whistle-blower site, the Sarawak Report, the Malaysian opposition has had a field day in hammering Najib on the alleged financial mismanagement and likely fraud involving billion of ringgit (1USD = RM 3.71). The current biggest critic of 1MDB, particularly of PM Najib is the ex-long-serving Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir and he is asking the former to step down as the Prime Minister to save the ruling coalition from being routed in the next General election in 2018. Najib has yet to answer satisfactorily on the alleged missing 27 billion out of 1MDB’s 42 billion debt and his glaring conflict of interest in the whole affair.

Now Najib is on the defensive mode. He would not step down and now garnering the support of his UMNO members. He is going around the country to tell his brand of the story sans explanations on the missing billion. The divisional leaders seem to believe whatever he says and they have come out to support him. He also used his meeting with UMNO leaders to come out with statements that the whole UMNO was being threatened and of course the leaders backed him vociferously ( as these people also depend on the PM for lucrative contracts). Some Bloggers known to be close to Najib have also jumped on the bandwagon. And lately I noticed that many English sounding names have been trolling the online media to demonise Dr Mahathir.

One prominent UMNO blogger has mounted personal attacks on the former PM. It is said that he had an axe to grind with the ex-PM and more importantly he is eyeing for the post of the Chief Minister of the State of Sabah failing which as the next Governor: these two positions are at the discretion of the PM. He with Najib’s “blind” supporters are being theatrical in this 1MDB massive financial scandal.

I have made up my mind about the current ruling Coalition and its clueless and corrupt leader. I cannot wait to do my duty as a voter in GE 2018 , or  earlier should there be  a snap election.Let’s hope more voters are with me. I am done with supporting this Coalition all these years.


I started putting thoughts to paper at 11.52 pm on 9 Feb and in nine minutes it will be Wednesday 10 February 2015, the day of the final verdict on Anwar’s sodomy II. Most alert Malaysians would be waiting to scrutinise this political watershed. Anwar’s conviction would remove a unifying force in the opposition. To some people this would be a sad day for Malaysian political canvas. Malaysia needs a strong and credible opposition to reign in the excesses of the current government led by UMNO as the dominant member of the coalition which has been in power for more than half a century and dare I say , have outstayed their welcome?

Whatever the verdict, despite my not liking Anwar that much, I hope it is arrived at justly and that it is really beyond reasonable doubt that he committed the act which is illegal in this country despite the likelihood of  being consensual  in the first place. The way the evidence was gathered and presented must be procedurally appropriate and that the honorable judges really consider all aspects to ensure justice for both for the plaintiff and defendant.

We should expect international condemnation if the verdict is against Anwar  given the circumstances under which the sodomy charge was framed and the quality of the evidence. The other point is the global view of same sex relationship has changed dramatically the last 10 years or so: more understanding and acceptance. The movers and shakers of the international community are not going to ignore a negative verdict especially when they see Anwar as a  fighting symbol of democracy in this country.

As my regular blog visitors know, I don’t really take to Anwar as I recall what he had done to this country when he was the Minister of Education under ex- Prime Minister Mahathir. His Islamisation of all the educational institutions has resulted in the system we have today. A system of divisiveness . I cannot seem to forget this social debacle brought about by him. Now that he is in the opposition after being kicked out by UMNO, he must have realized that what he did is disastrous for unity.

As I have been rather disappointed with this government which seems to be doing hardly anything to reduce the escalation of inter-racial and religious division, I think Malaysia needs to get it rested and reorganized before returning to power and who better to lead the opposition if not Anwar? The government under Najib is just too chaotic with Ministers not acting as a team: minister associating himself with a bad character, another asking openly one race to boycott another! This is just socially claustrophobic  and saddening for our country.

Whatever the verdict, we have to accept it , but somehow I would like  to  pray that  Anwar be given another chance to prove that the opposition could help this country  move forward faster as a united nation without religious baggage.

This country needs to breathe in fresh air.

Having read angry criticisms of the Chinese New Year of the horse Video made by the Member of Parliament (MP) for Seputeh, Teresa Kok, I decided to check out the upload myself. I found it to be quite humorous with veiled references to matters which are currently trending in Malaysia.

In the video, the panel of three (comedians) are jovial and Teresa appears dignified , wearing a yellow shawl over a red dress. She is straight-faced to all the answers by the “panel”  to her questions and in the end, it is an entertaining piece with references to what is happening in the country.

Try as I might. I could not find anywhere in the video which are said to degrade Islam, the Malays or the royalty as claimed by some quarters. Theresa might have slid in some messages but I would not say that it was done in a spiteful manner.

People turn to satire to express themselves (remember Namwee?) and if we could appreciate the kind of issues that are touched upon and how they could have been handled better, we would have learned a lot from this kind of satirism. But of course people who are not born with humour and possessed of a short fuse and pathologically defensive, would jump up and accuse the satirist of being confrontational. Incidentally, Teresa is an opposition politician (Democratic Action Party) so there is a lot more fodder to attack her.

Some people, it was obvious that they were supporters of UMNO (United Malay National Organisation) the BN component party led by PM Najib, using religion as a label to win sympathy, took it upon themselves to condemn the video and making  baseless accusations for their action.

Slaughtering chicken and using the animal blood to smear the pictures of the opposition leaders is certainly not Islamic and hence contradicting with their supposed religiosity.

This same group of people are making threat here. This bullying tactic seems to raise the apparent racial tension in the country. Instigating people to hurt a person is an irresponsible act. Some stupid guy might just carry out the act without thinking of the consequences upon himself. The threat should not be taken lightly and that’s the main reason Teresa is forced to make a police report.

What is happening to our country when  expressing oneself  is met with derision, anger and intimidation ? Curiously, these people would rather watch contrived pornographic videos of opposition leaders like that of PKR’s Anwar Ibrahim and PAS’s Mustapha Ali designed to kill off their political lives: these video clips were obviously uploaded by BN supporters.

Why can’t these so-called  “upset” people make their own satirical video to counter Teresa’s ? Do you want to know why? It is because they lack creativity, lazy and  have no  financial means, as UMNO politicians would rather keep the money to themselves rather than spend on such “artistic” activities  and so these “bullies” find it easier to get together and slaughter some cheap chickens and make open threats.

Offering a measly sum of RM1,200 to any person who dares to  slap Teresa for making the satirical video is a pathetic gimmick. They did not have the guts(?) to slap her themselves instead wanted others to do it for them. It is clear that they are trying to whip up some kind of public sentiment to worsen the racial tension in the country.

Right thinking Malaysians should reject the bullying tactics of these retards and fight to allow the freedom of expression that seeks to promote a better understanding of our multicultural society.

In Malaysia among the Malays, great wealth is almost always synonymous with politicians and political cronies. Besides Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary, the wealthiest Malay corporate figure whose father’s business started well before his so called political connection to  a section of the ruling party, many of the others have apparently benefited financially through political nepotism and cronyism.

Which politicians with posts in the ruling party appear poor? Check out their mansions and look at those luxury cars that they flaunt. And where do they send their children to study? UK, US, Australia and the likes and no, not Egypt , thank you. And No wonder they fight tooth and nail to stay in power. Stay in power at all cost because the bounty is just huge and conceivably limitless.

If MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) were to investigate and arrest all these blood-suckers, there would not be enough officers to deal with the massive exercise and so they would go initially after those on whom they have already accumulated 85% of the evidence and so today we read of a politician who is in this category.

The politician in question  was brought from MACC building to the Putrajaya Court complex in handcuffs today and was later freed on bail.

This man has an impressive history of an ascent in politics. He appears not to have been born with a silver spoon like Najib,Hishamuddin and Mukhriz, and so he joined politics through, among others, a race-based organisation.  He was the President of Malaysian Youth Council in the mid-90s and also the President of Gabungan Pelajar Melayu Semenanjung (GPMS) – Federation of Peninsular Malay Students, a stepping stone to being a full politician and indeed he was the former one-term State Assemblyman (Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) (1995-1999)  for Benta, Pahang.

Among the luxury cars seized from his house

Among the luxury cars seized from his house

And not surprisingly, 10 luxury cars including Toyota Alphard, Golf GTI, Toyota Vellfire, Camry and Porsche , belonging to this man who has the honorific title of a Datuk, have been seized by MACC to assist in its investigation. Just note the sheer number of those expensive vehicles. Even if he had eight children, with a car each, it still doesn’t explain where the money comes from to afford those wheels on the pension of an Assemblyman unless he has a business that is doing great which I doubt as he has styled himself as an active welfare worker. We have yet to find out that source of wealth.

The said politician is reportedly being investigated by MACC  for allegedly misappropriating  funds belonging to a Government welfare programme which comes under the 1AZAM programme launched in 2010. It is a government initiative under the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry to provide employment opportunities to the hardcore poor in the business, service and agriculture sectors. Could this billion Ringgit programme be his bottomless coffers?

The scrutiny on all his and his family’s bulk of assets including bank accounts and those PNB unit trusts and shares in the stock market will reveal the extent of this man’s wealth which could be analysed and hence compared to his genuinely earned total income over the years before and after his posting as the political secretary to the said Ministry.

Suhaimi Ibrahim - former Political Secretary to Shahrizat -under probe for corruption

Suhaimi Ibrahim – former Political Secretary to Shahrizat -under probe for corruption

Of course one is considered innocent until proven guilty but my observation of these types of MACC cases, many could be successfully prosecuted if good preparations are made, putting to stand witnesses of integrity and that the judiciary would not emphasize too much on technicalities. May justice be done.

And so Datuk Suhaimi Ibrahim, the time has come to account for your wealth which you so flaunt with shameless glee.

And yet something is bugging me about this man’s connection to Shahrizat Jalil by virtue of him being her former Political Secretary when the offence is said to have taken place. The rather impertinent UMNO Wanita Chief, the former Minister at the Ministry concerned, is seeking a re-election on October 12, 2013 before the  UMNO General Assembly in December despite the Cowgate scandal involving her husband and children.

Suhaimi was also reported to have ever served as a Political Secretary to  Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, PM Najib’s predecessor. Khairy, the son-in-law of Badawi had ever defended Shahrizat at the height of the infamous scandal. Khairy is also seeking re-election as UMNO Youth Chief. Do we sense factions here?

The timing of this latest development is both interesting and intriguing.

I must admit that I am an armchair political observer of foreign countries close to my heart. Having been educated both in Australia and the UK, I cannot help but keep track of what is happening there socially and politically. Relatives and friends in both countries help sustain my interest in keeping up.

I have been following the Australian polls since the announcement by the then Prime Minister Julia Gillard many months ago that the country would have a general election in September 2013. A close friend in Brisbane told me way back in 2011 that Australians generally were itching to change the labour government both at the State and the Federal level and so they changed the one in Queensland from labour to conservative in 2012 and he told me just watch the result in 2013, the labour party would be routed.

Another close University friend, a Judge, asked me what I thought of Julia Gillard in 2011 when she came to power through a coup d’etat  against Kevin Rudd, the then Labour PM. I told him that I was uneasy about the route to power but perhaps she would be more acceptable to her party colleagues and he of course didn’t really fancy the woman, the first female Prime Minister of Australia, haha.. a closet male chauvinist!

So I was somewhat sure Tony Abbott, leader of the coalition would be the new Prime Minister on 8 September 2013 and indeed he does by winning 87 of the  150 parliamentary seats. Whatever it is Australians have made their choice. I must say, on the whole, despite their advancement in many spheres, Australians are generally conservative but not inimical to change.

Tony Abbott - the new Prime Minister of Australia, a fresh change of political canvas.

Tony Abbott – the new Prime Minister of Australia, a fresh change of political canvas.

If I were to choose between Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd, I would have the latter anytime. Kevin is a highly intelligent man with a  sense of clear thinking,  a statesman; listening to him reminds me of Tony Blair, the former British PM. Both are knowledgeable and engaging. Unfortunately Kevin could be quite impatient, brash and prone to uttering expletives especially towards his tarry,slow-thinking staff or colleagues and that led to his downfall.

Anyway, Labour’s infightings were not acceptable to the Australian public as internal instability is likely to sap the governing energy.

What actually calls me to think loudly today is the fact that Kevin Rudd, the losing PM is gracious in his party’s defeat (here) and takes responsibility for the loss. He conceded defeat and before that called on Tony Abbott to congratulate him and wished him well. Compare that to the losing Malaysian opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim and think for yourself the culture that both operate in. The expression “Political maturity” is absent in our Malaysian vocabulary.

And not only that, Kevin says he is not going to contest for the Labour Party’s leadership and he would not be in the public affairs for a while after this. Now compare that with the Malaysian scenario. The same non-performing leaders want to stay on or is appealed to stay on so we have Anwar Ibrahim still is the opposition leader, Chua Soi Lek  still is the MCA boss, MIC Palanivel too and some defeated LDP leader in East Malaysia too want to hang on to power! Where are the new blood? Looks like they are being suppressed.

Kevin Rudd - an Intelligent and charismatic ex-PM of Australia

Kevin Rudd – an Intelligent and charismatic ex-PM of Australia

I don’t see anyone as charismatic as Kevin Rudd in the Australian Labour Party (ALP)  today but on his voluntary withdrawal, someone will rise to the occasion and lead and renew the body. This is all about continuing change with moral values as a compass. Values such as democratic government, freedom of expression, freedom of association and freedom of liberty.

Turning to Malaysia, I also don’t see anyone who could lead Barisan Nasional (BN) or the ruling National Front beside Najib at the moment but surely there will be someone who could make the difference if given the opportunity, yet Malaysians in general (but gradually changing now), and UMNO (United Malay National Organisation) in particular, is frightened of “the bogeyman” of change. The reason could be if  status quo changes then the interest of some individuals would be affected. Clearly, it is always the interest of some people but not of the party as a whole or of the country for that matter.

At any rate, I salute Kevin Rudd for his dignity in defeat . And I hope Australians will not be disappointed with their centre-right choice. But then again, they can always change it the next time around if they are : the beauty of a two-party political system.

As the UMNO General Assembly is getting nearer, we have been hearing  proposals from within UMNO for the top two positions of President and Deputy President not to be contested. The reason given being, if contests are allowed, there would be possible detriment, division and conflict in the party.

The ex- Prime Minister and long-serving UMNO president has voiced his support of no-contest proposal  here, speaking from his experience in the past. Other UMNO politicians  like the Chief Minister of Pahang  feels a contest should be allowed. A blog  (outsyed the box) which ran a poll for his readers to vote whether there should be a contest or not recorded 95% ( over 1000 votes) wanting a contest reflecting the general view of his mostly Malay readers.

Despite embracing democracy for more than 50 years since Independence, UMNO members are still unable to face its principle of majority choice. The loser backed by a minority is bound to cause chaos and segregation and hence weakening the party. Basically most UMNO members lack political maturity.

UMNO General Assembly - Najib and Muhyiddin can hang up their gloves, can't they?

UMNO General Assembly 2013 – Najib and Muhyiddin can hang up their gloves, can’t they?

Come to think of it, UMNO has in recent years produced leaders on the premise of no-contest. So they have Abdullah Badawi and Najib Razak and Muhyiddin. The first one started the rut  and was “gently” forced to step down, the second and third have not done any better in terms of getting UMNO back on track pre-2008 debacle. And yet they still appear to want to go for no-contest to keep churning non-performing leaders.

Without a contest, UMNO the dominant partner in BN (National Front) that  recently won the general election with a reduced number of seats, will have the same leaders possibly overseeing its demise in GE14.

The President of UMNO is automatically the chairman of BN (Barisan Nasional) which is a coalition of parties, the other major ones being MCA (Malaysian Chinese Association)  and MIC (Malaysian Indian Congress). He also automatically becomes the Prime Minister should the coalition won. It is therefore crucial to elect someone who can lead and deliver in the next GE14.

The members’ voices are typically drowned by fear mongering party veterans and insecure grassroots. What’s the use of enlarging the number of party delegates eligible to vote in its General Assembly if there is no contest for all the posts? An increase in number of voting members is to stem corrupt practices which were rampant during UMNO general assembly when wealthy candidates paid the delegates for their votes for the supreme council’s seats.

It’s like the Communist Party of China (CPC), there is no contest for its top post, it has been decided earlier and the 2000 delegates just endorsed it. You can excuse them because they do not practice multi-party democracy like us and most other countries do. In fact, there is hardly any election  in China. But the major difference is they replace their top leaders every 10 years giving younger members an opportunity to lead.  So there appears to be  unity in the party and country. No conflict,  no  infighting,  no voice… er er.. no rights. A utopia?

To be transparent and to submit to majority’s wishes, there must be a contest. That is the time when you as members of a party must decide who should lead you and be responsible for your choice. For all you know the delegates might want to retain the current top leaders and that is of course their prerogative. However if the practice of no-contest for top posts is entrenched then you should not whinge when your rights are suppressed by those above and around you.

Because you are no longer  supposed to have a voice.

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak has appointed what amounts to a survival cabinet, turning to allies of former foe Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to fend off intra-party challenges in the wake of the May 5 election, in which the opposition actually won the popular vote but was thwarted from taking power by gerrymandered constituencies…….

Read more here

Najib's so-called Survival Cabinet... looks like it.

Najib’s so-called Survival Cabinet…

An interesting analysis of the line-up of Najib’s cabinet and the  possible hidden agenda for political survival. I feel sorry for Najib. He is a nice man but unfortunately rather short on leadership qualities.

Many helpful people have suggested measures for Barisan Nasional (National Front Coalition) to redeem itself in the next five years before GE14 by 2018. By then BN would have been in power for 60 years. It reminds me of Liberal Democratic Party (LDP),  a centre-right conservative political party of  Japan which lost for the first time in 2009  after being in power for the same duration. It has since regained the government in 2012.

The point is,  people are just raring for change to see whether they are better off with a new government. The time has also come for BN to reform itself after all these years,cleaning up its image and scrubbing off the piles of dirt it has accumulated. And It can perhaps do this more decisively while operating outside of  the government.

Following the cabinet decision in 2009 (overturning the cabinet decision in 2002), of policy reversal on PPSMI, announcements are made regarding the implementation which is supposed to start in 2013 but put forward to 2012. I cannot remember much about what was said by the Minister of Education prior to the cabinet reshuffle in 2010 when Najib replaced Bodohwi who was virtually asked to step down on account of the disastrous 12th General Election results that saw the opposition making massive inroads politically.

PPSMI temperature begins to rise as the implementation year nears and the new Minister of Education, the more mature and confident Muhyiddin comes across as the strong “Terminator”. In the face of public outcry for PPSMI, he seemed to be steadfast in the cabinet’s resolve to cease the policy.We are quoted with studies which are said to paint a negative picture on PPSMI and at the same time not many schools are reported to have implemented the policy. We are in the dark as to when these statistics are collected. Whether the number of schools implementing PPSMI decline after the announcement of policy reversal in 2009 or is it before the announcement. Most PPSMI statistics seem to be rather blurry.

The motivation of teachers to continue with PPSMI would have been affected greatly following that cabinet decision in 2009. School text publishers are already getting ready with books in Bahasa Melayu (BM) in anticipation of 2012. And now that there is some breathing space being given to those children who are already into PPSMI for them to continue till form Five and those in primary Three (2012) can opt to be in PPSMI till they complete their form Five in 2021. I am sure many parents who are concerned about their children’s future sigh with great relief at this last minute temporary reprieve.

PAGE (Parent Action Group for Education) and its gutsy President should be commended for their singular resolve to submit that memorandum to PM Najib just before he flew to Mecca late October. Without a doubt his hidden hand must have contributed to the decision to let the current PPSMI cohort of students continue till the final year of their secondary schooling.

The final battle ended with a small concession.

The confusing point presently is when the Ministry of Education is asking individual schools to make the choice whether to opt for PPSMI or to go full steam into BM. This is where the unhappiness is going to set in. As parents are told to transfer their children to those schools which are offering PPSMI if their current schools do not or opt not to offer. There are already grouses on the ground.

For proper planning for support facilities, the Ministry of Education should be the one determining which schools should continue with PPSMI (having consulted the respective state education departments). Otherwise the ministry will be seen as not really sincere in its “magnanimity”. As “your obedient servant” and sensing the sentiment of the combative Minister of Education many teachers might want to please the reluctant Ministry by opting not to continue with PPSMI. This action would render the concession an exercise in futility.

Schools are not to be blamed should there be problems like lack of trained teachers or text books in PPSMI because they are the ones who “choose” to opt for the policy. I don’t think anyone would like to be in the teachers’ shoes on this score. So the parents hope that the Ministry is the one that needs to be the active implementer of this decision and should not “lepas tangan” (let go) as we are talking about the welfare of the children here. In short, the Ministry should be fully responsible for the outcome of this retro step albeit for only the current PPSMI cohort.

In the meantime, independent studies should be planned to analyse the performance of the PPSMI-cohort in the higher education achievement and subsequent global job market (minus government jobs of course) as compared to those in MBM-MBI. Or are we scared of knowing the truth as always?

Muhyiddin Yasin, Minister of Education 2011

So essentially the Minister of Education, Muhyiddin Yasin says the decision to revert to the teaching Maths and Science in BM is cast in stone ( as if it is God-made!) and he is not for “flip-flopping” and that he has the backing of the whole cabinet and the prime Minister himself. He gives all sorts of statistics and studies done by the Ministry itself as opposed to by independent researchers and quotes figures which are hardly meaningful as they lack the intrinsic value for appropriate statistical inferences.

There is no elegant reasoning like the ones given by the Minister of Education back in 2003 in support of PPSMI (search my blog under PPSMI). This year 2011, the Minister of Education (BN) articulates a decision that is intricately linked to political expediency/ misplaced nationalism. External factors influencing educational objectives like globalisation, liberalisation,competitiveness and modern literacy are all but in the back burner.

At the same time, I cannot help but feel the BN government is reversing this policy as a response to the opposition party’s (PAS and PKR) use of PPSMI as a political issue in the next general election. These two parties are against PPSMI and are playing to the Malay gallery!

Like it or not UMNO, the dominant BN partner (having lost its two third majority in the last general election in 2008) is dependent on the Malay votes especially those in the rural areas, in the next 13th general election to be held before 2013.

I am rather disturbed when Chua Soi Lek, the embattled President of MCA ( Malaysian Chinese Association) gives a kind of ultimatum to Malaysians that the party would not accept any posts at the Federal level if it does not secure comfortable number of seats ( he did not state how many) in the coming 13th General Election. For a start is he addressing his desperate ultimatum to the Chinese in general or to UMNO as well?

Chua Soi Lek

I think he is also telling UMNO indirectly that its Chinese component party will not be able to represent the community if UMNO does not make efforts to help reduce the current perception that MCA is not an equal partner in the coalition. Knowing Soi Lek, he normally doesn’t indulge in straight talking. He obviously has the concept of Najib’s 1-Malaysia in mind. His message is clear and yet cryptic.

But unfortunately today 30 April 2011 it is reported in the newspapers that PM Najib seemed to echo the explicit rather than the implicit nature of Soi Lek’s ultimatum. Najib said something like the Chinese need to choose MCA or risk non-representation in the cabinet, the policy-making organ of the government. His tough-talking Deputy, Muhyiddin also warned that the Chinese would suffer a huge loss if they did not choose MCA.These responses on Najib’s and his Deputy’s parts do not reflect the political maturity of their leadership in Barisan Nasional-BN (National Front).

PM Najib

The response also is reminiscent of that made by Najib’s predecessor, Abdullah Badawi on the eve of the last General Election in 2008 where BN took a beating, losing for the first time, its two-thirds majority in parliament. The Chinese’s response then was one of disdain and pure defiance. They became more united when Badawi threatened that the Chinese would lose representation in the government if they supported the opposition. Nobody likes to be threatened.

DPM Muhyiddin

I hope PM Najib would sit down with MCA leadership and look at ways to regain the confidence of the majority of the Chinese. What are the root causes of the community’s frustration? Can’t UMNO come half-way? Can’t we innovate the existing affirmative actions so as to be more inclusive in line with the spirit of 1-Malaysia? Can’t we relax some of the policies seen as disadvantageous to the Chinese (other races as well)? The way I see it, the cooperation between the Malays and the Chinese in this country is critical in sustaining growth, stability, peace and harmony.

Najib needs to support Soi Lek in his efforts to woo the Chinese voters. He cannot do this effectively without some changes in the current political arrangements in the spirit of give and take. Quite often when Soi Lek voiced something relating to this , he was rebuked by some UMNO and sometimes PERKASA leaders. They chastise him and criticise him for not discussing sensitive issues behind closed doors. They even go to the extent of closing ALL doors. And so, how do we resolve issues under such constraints?

PM Najib, please put yourself in Soi Lek’s shoes.

By the same token, I am sick and tired of reading blogs and online news portals which fan racism and racial differences. They seem to be high on their pedestal and forget that their being there in the first place is the result of the peace and prosperity of this country where all the races contribute together.

Looks to me we are only good at having open-houses during celebrations such as Hari Raya and the Chinese New year but we are not good at translating our good intention into appropriate actions to keep people together.

There are many silent policies and measures taken that serve to alienate the races both in the public and private sector. Years ago before the early eighties, these were not obvious but gradually over the years you could see the physical division through attires and subsequently driving away other races from certain schools.

It is so ironic that the very person who started these surreptitious changes especially in education in the early eighties, is now mired in allegations of sodomy and sexual exploits with a prostitute. Yes, Anwar Ibrahim was the man who first established a school for Muslim girls in Kuala Lumpur where all of them were required to wear the tudung (head scarf)! That was the start of the so-called religious-resurgence!

Anwar Ibrahim - A divisive leader

I have never liked Anwar Ibrahim since then. I did pray to the power that be that he be punished for this division that he introduced and my prayer seems to have been answered after all these years though the change has been now entrenched. Before we could sit and eat together in the same table but now things have changed. Though you can still see this racial-togetherness in Sabah and Sarawak. But some people from West Malaysia are trying to destroy this natural harmony as well.

Look at the entrenched division in the public sector, look at the uniforms of the female staff in the police, the army,the navy,the Immigration and even the nurses. It was not like this before the resurgence apparently brought about by the revolution in Iran against the decadent Shah in 1979. I observe this development with alarm as it is so alienating and no wonder other races find it disconcerting to join the public sector. Mix government and religion at our peril. I know the word “secularism” is a dirty word to some people but at least this concept will protect the interests and rights of the minority in the real sense of the word!

Sorry I digress but I feel strongly that whatever we institute in this country that seems to favour one race is bound to introduce division, social and political. And it is bad politics to use ultimatum to the people. When a dog gets cornered, it will fight back.

Please give the Chinese the space and a reformed political framework for them to make the choice in the next 13th General Election. Why shouldn’t BN have an internal reform? Why should the word reform be subscribed to the opposition?

I hope BN leadership, particularly UMNO’s would work on the present negative perceptions and deficiencies to win over a larger section of the Chinese community. Changing the government at this point seems to be destabilising as the world’s sustainable economic recovery is still rather uncertain. And more so the opposition is rather fragmented with its de facto coalition leader walking on a tightrope.

Mahathir- the long-serving and visionary ex-PM

The ex- Prime Minister Tun Mahathir who was in power for more than 22 years, should help pave the way for this reform in BN. His recent activities with PERKASA does not bode well for such efforts. I appeal to Tun to please think of our children’s future which is dependent on our ability to work among the races. Tun has the ability to unite people of this country through his sharp,eloquent and focused arguments.

I have faith in Tun as an elder and veteran Malaysian statesman who has all Malaysians’ well being in his heart irrespective of race and creed. That is what I want to remember him when he is gone.

Reform and enable Malaysian Chinese make the right or reasonable political choice.

Time waits for no man!

Money, Revenge, Political Patronage

This is my expression today!