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As the calls for Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak to step down are gathering steam, the man has decided to fight back by using social media and going around the county to shore up support for him. In the meantime the attacks by the ex-long serving PM have become more vicious. The latest is on Najib’s changing reply (lying in Parliament) on the status of the fund brought back from the Cayman Island and kept in a bank in Singapore. This information was disputed by the bank telling the press that there was no money being parked in its premises.

Coming back to the embattled Najib who wants so desperately remain as the PM that he has stooped so low that he plays the emotional appeal card wherever he goes. When he went to Sabah a few weeks ago, he expressly wanted to go to Tawau where there is the largest number of Bugis ethnic group in the state. He told the large crowd that he was a Bugis much to the delight of this migrant population that have become Malaysian and hence voters cum UMNO ( United Malay National Organisation), members, the dominant coalition component of the ruling BN (National Front)”.

When he was in Johor, he told the crowd there that 50% blood in his body is Johor’s blood as his mother is from Johor. And recently when he visited Pahang, his home state, he told the crowd holding Pahang’s flags ( yes, the state flag, not Malaysian national flag), that the Sultan ( the hereditary king of the state) supported him. He also has been noted to tell people not to forget that his father Razak Hussein was the second PM of Malaysia and that the late old man had done a lot to develop particularly the rural areas. By the way, the sultan is supposed to be above politics and if they want to join politics they should abdicate and face the people in a democratic election!

Now, what have all these “connections” got to do with his massive financial mismanagement of the country’s fund through 1MDB? Obviously Najib’s position has become tenuous and he is grappling  every single loose planks floating in the sea to save himself. Here is a weak leader who desperately wants to hold on to power at all cost. A shameless leader who has no clue about integrity. His conflict of interest is glaring in 1MDB financial fiasco, being both the PM and the Minister of Finance. The most honorable step for him is to resign but he has repeatedly announced that he would not make that decision. He tries hard to deflect public and UMNO members’ attention by asking them to stay united…. Balderdash! To stay united and support his poor leadership and grand scale financial mismanagement of the people’s money? Give me a break.

Najib’s behavior has become erratic. By calling himself a Bugis, he is actually segregating the Malays who have long ago sidelined their various ethnic ancestry in order to become united as a formidable political force in the country. Najib’s lack of intelligence is highlighted under these circumstances. He is no leader. It was Mahathir ‘s folly to have chosen such a nitwit as our PM. He totally fails us the rakyat (citizens). The worst thing is he is deluded into thinking that people are supporting him.

Najib please disappear. Your desperation to cling to power is pathetic.


I have been following the saga of 1MDB (Malaysia Development Berhad), the investment arm of the Malaysian Ministry of Finance established by the Prime Minister cum the Minister of Finance, Najib Razak.

Following the exposure of the “hanky-panky” in the company by the whistle-blower site, the Sarawak Report, the Malaysian opposition has had a field day in hammering Najib on the alleged financial mismanagement and likely fraud involving billion of ringgit (1USD = RM 3.71). The current biggest critic of 1MDB, particularly of PM Najib is the ex-long-serving Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir and he is asking the former to step down as the Prime Minister to save the ruling coalition from being routed in the next General election in 2018. Najib has yet to answer satisfactorily on the alleged missing 27 billion out of 1MDB’s 42 billion debt and his glaring conflict of interest in the whole affair.

Now Najib is on the defensive mode. He would not step down and now garnering the support of his UMNO members. He is going around the country to tell his brand of the story sans explanations on the missing billion. The divisional leaders seem to believe whatever he says and they have come out to support him. He also used his meeting with UMNO leaders to come out with statements that the whole UMNO was being threatened and of course the leaders backed him vociferously ( as these people also depend on the PM for lucrative contracts). Some Bloggers known to be close to Najib have also jumped on the bandwagon. And lately I noticed that many English sounding names have been trolling the online media to demonise Dr Mahathir.

One prominent UMNO blogger has mounted personal attacks on the former PM. It is said that he had an axe to grind with the ex-PM and more importantly he is eyeing for the post of the Chief Minister of the State of Sabah failing which as the next Governor: these two positions are at the discretion of the PM. He with Najib’s “blind” supporters are being theatrical in this 1MDB massive financial scandal.

I have made up my mind about the current ruling Coalition and its clueless and corrupt leader. I cannot wait to do my duty as a voter in GE 2018 , or  earlier should there be  a snap election.Let’s hope more voters are with me. I am done with supporting this Coalition all these years.

Some years ago when there was hardly an opposition voice in the Malaysian parliament, many government’s excesses were kept hidden,swept under the carpet. The last 10 years have seen a change in the peoples’ mind. Call it due to better education, more access to information and an enlightened awareness about peoples’ rights but Malaysians are sending in more opposition party members into our parliament to keep tab on the coalition government that has been in power for donkey’s years.

Now we hear all sorts of scandalous issues brought out in the open by these opposition members of parliament. Apart from the financial debacle of IMDB (read it online in the Sarawak Report), we now hear of the PM and his wife abusing government jets as in this report. Actually like most Malaysians, I am getting sick and tired of the antics of Rosmah, Prime Minister’s Najib’s wife. I used to ignore stories about her but credible news about her are making me think twice about this woman who thinks highly of herself that she forgets that she would be nothing without Najib. She is a liability to the PM and indirectly to the governing coalition. How long more do the rural rakyat (citizens) are going to tolerate this deplorable  state of affairs and keep voting in the coalition led by this weak man?

See the photo below that I received on my WhatsApp yesterday. Have you all seen or noted the wives of Presidents, Prime Ministers,Kings and all making their husbands wait for them? Well, I have yet to see one other than Rosmah. This not only ridiculous but embarrassing to us Malaysians as well as this photo goes viral online. Of course this is not the first time she was shown to display utter contempt for her husband. I don’t care if it is any husband but being the Prime Minister of a country, some respect must be accorded to the man. We have never seen the likes of this when our ex-long serving PM Mahathir  was in power. Mahathir’s wife, Siti Hasmah, a Medical Doctor was a most dignified lady and would never have  upstaged her clever husband

Najib on the jet's staircase is waiting for the PM Rosmah  to finish shaking hands with the officials (source: unknown)

Najib on the jet’s staircase is waiting forlornly  for ” PM Rosmah” to finish shaking hands with the officials (source: unknown)

I hope the end for this unacceptable public behaviour of Rosmah will be soon.

The last general election in 2013 was won by BN, thanks to the support of the people from Sabah and Sarawak ( the two East Malaysian States). Well the next general election in 2018, the people of Sabah and Sarawak should see the light of day and dump this government. There are just so many scandals and interferences in the running of this country.

Messages kept coming since yesterday in my WhatsApp group on the increasingly critical flood situation in the East Coast states of the Peninsular namely the states of Kelantan, Trengganu and Pahang (PM Najib’s home state). Water level has long overshot the critical level and many people are trapped in areas near the rivers. A message from a teacher in one of the schools told about how the water was very fast rising and was already at the second floor of his secondary school and there were people there with hungry children and no foods as their houses were all submerged. The teacher was earnestly pleading for help.

Collapsed road cutting off communication (net image)

Collapsed road cutting off communication (net image)

A district hospital staff sent an urgent message detailing how their power has been cut off and patients in ICU are on rapidly depleting oxygen. Evacuation by helicopters is needed.They also could not serve foods to patients in the wards as the kitchen was all flooded. Food supplies are critical. These messages in effect tell what is the reality on the ground despite what the government is portraying.

Incidentally, the state of Kelantan is under the Opposition PAS (Islamic Party) government which is getting ready to pass amendments to the Kelantan Shariah Criminal Code Enactment II , a precursor to the implementation of Hudud ( Shariah law) in the State. They are supposed to meet next Monday to finalise the bill and have refused to cancel the meeting despite the current problem. A PAS leader even says here that the great flood is a sign that God wants the State to implement the Hudud law (cutting hand for theft, stoning for adultery) …now, how do you argue with this crap!

The level of devastation (Source: NSTP)

The level of devastation (Source: NSTP)

Anyway, the seasonal flood this time around is indeed the worst  since 1971. It looks like the state government is not capable of dealing with the disaster without the help of the Federal government at Putrajaya (the nation seat of government).

The following desperate call for help from the Federal government is made  in the social media by a local member of UMNO, the dominant Coalition component  of the governing National Front (Barisan nasional- BN) (2013-2018).

Anuar Musa-RSE

Let me translate: basically he is saying,

” I have supplies with me BUT UNABLE TO REACH THE TARGET AREA …. what about those who have run to the hills and those trapped in schools HOPE SUPPLIES WILL ARRIVE… many complain short of food supplies and are hungry PLS HELP PLS PLS!… Putrajaya PLS HELP .. supplies unable to reach.. MILITARY ASSETS ETC  ARE INADEQUATE HERE…. MORE NGO AND PRIVATE SECTOR  PLS…..

This is a local Kelantanese BN man who is fabulously wealthy by just being a “losing” politician and he is pleading here,  as the State government of Kelantan, being in the opposition at the Federal level would be loathed begging for help like this. I reckon they would rather pray and accept their fate as God’s will.

In the meantime the country’s Prime Minister is on holiday and is seen playing golf with President Obama in Hawaii. The PM is currently managing the country through Twitter. He tweeted here and he tweeted there as if he were in the country but actually physically thousands of miles away ( wondering whether he was using the government jet for this unofficial visit)… right , Najib is no Jokowi of Indonesia who took a commercial flight flying economy class to Singapore to attend his son’s college graduation… I am indeed humbled.

President Obama, left, smiles at Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak as they play golf at Marine Corps Base Hawaii's Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course in Kaneohe, Hawaii on Dec. 24, 2014 (AP / Jacquelyn Martin)

President Obama, left, smiles at Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak as they play golf at Marine Corps Base Hawaii’s Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course in Kaneohe, Hawaii on Dec. 24, 2014 (AP / Jacquelyn Martin)- Washington Post

Voices of unhappiness have surfaced against Najib’s way of managing the country. When Muslim extremists were calling for Muslims not to send Christmas greetings to fellow Malaysian Christians, this PM has chosen to stay away on Christmas Day to avoid being accused of celebrating with Christians?: a conjecture… Though he did tweet to wish Merry Christmas and mentioning about diversity and unity and yet he never lifts a finger to chide those extremists openly. He speaks convincingly about moderation at the global level and yet locally he has chosen to shut his mouth and is perceived as supporting the divisive sentiment. But to me, I feel this PM is unable to articulate well  under pressure and thus his apparent inaction.

He is not a crisis leader. And so as we witness Kelantan and other east-coast states struggling at the height of the great flood, our PM is relaxing on holiday playing a round of golf with Obama…. now that is indeed interesting….. I did secretly wish that Obama would tell Najib to rein in the rising Islamist extremism in Malaysia or risk crippling economic sanctions? Haha…you are no Vladimir Putin, Mr Prime Minister.

The recent crackdowns on mainly opposition politicians and their supporters using the archaic Sedition Act have caused a lot of unease among Malaysians who desire and long for freedom of expression in this globalised world. Please note that  the Sedition Act 1948 was the brainwave of the Colonial British that sought to stamp out dissent during its colonisation of this country (1875? – 1957).

The Sedition Act 1948 which PM Najib has earlier promised to repeal but now close to flip flopping...

The Sedition Act 1948 which PM Najib has earlier promised to repeal but now close to flip flopping…

To think that a lot of the colonial memories like the names of roads in various parts of this country have been changed and people calling themselves nationalists have spoken out against things British.They even fought successfully against having English as the medium of instruction in all schools. All the vestiges and remnants that are British are unceremoniously removed with much gusto and yet, not strangely enough, they want to retain this bloody British made law!

The people who want to retain this law obviously are in the position that benefits from it. They are being protected by such law to reign supreme over others. This law protect their “interest” whatever interests mean. Just like the British that used this law to silence the people of the land whom they colonised so that they could exploit our natural resources in peace and enriched their so called “Empire” crap.

Well, we have come a long way from those days when some of us were not even born yet. We have seen how freedom of expression go hand in hand with the progress of a just society and brings about much needed ideas to improve the masses. We need freedom of expression to allow everyone to put forth ideas and criticisms to fortify and strengthen the social makeup of our country.

Granted that some people would go overboard in this ” freedom milieu”, we would not be a mature society if we continued to suppress expressions  and  instead hanging on to ours and ours alone. Those who are out to cause chaos in a society could be dealt with by the appropriate law to punish them but certainly we should not employ a law to silence them in the first place.

Marchers for the repeal... born years after 1948. And fighting for a level playing field.

Marchers for the repeal… born years after 1948. And fighting for a level playing field: and so it should.

People who support the repeal of the Sedition Act are those who are educated in the broadest sense and are comfortable with their sense of fairness and justice. They encourage engagements and debates and let others judge the merits of the points on the issues being debated. This permits people to think instead of just accepting and acting like morons who let everything be determined for them  (and sadly they forget that they are the voters who decide who should be their lawmakers!)

And now, hands up people who want to retain the Sedition Act (hear! hear!). Well, those who put up their hands are the insecure bigots. These are the people who are not willing to let others share the “pickings” in this country. These are the people who are getting the most in terms of “rights” ( not wealth mind you, because they only hold the political power but not real wealth).

These people use their “special position” to dominate others but actually they are not that successful though they like to think that they are. Despite their religion giving them a sense of spiritual balance, they are still insecure because they are not educated in the broadest sense like giving respects to other fellow human beings. They choose to retreat as if into a cocoon.

By the way, the ball is now at PM Najib’s feet. Am not very sure about his “educational status”; I can only tell when he finally makes a decision.

Like most law-abiding and peace-loving citizens of Malaysia, I am appalled reading the news on alleged terrorists’ activities which are recently exposed here and  here. It looks like what the former long-serving Prime Minister , Mahathir, did to bring into the political mainstream, the religious elements instead of rejecting them outright as done by Suharto of Indonesia, has caused a slow-burn rather than the incendiary impact seen in our neighbour with the largest Muslim population in the world today.

The news article here also gives you a sense of insecurity that religious violence of this nature might occur anywhere in the country. Why is this hatred against others so vile that these people are willing to kill innocent human beings? More importantly, who are these people? How do they become radicalised? What make them so single-minded and paranoid that their lives would be less happy when others do not subscribe to their theology?

It is worth noting that only a certain small percentage of  children are born abnormal, be it physically or mentally. Others are normal and their characters and outlook on life are shaped by their environment. The people who are responsible in bringing up the children and educating them cannot escape the spotlight turned on the homegrown terrorists in our midst.

The education system in this country has created a generation that is not only hostile to one another but one which is designed to maintain the supremacy of a race and religion over others. As if that is not enough, religionization of  schools and teachers is carried on without a consideration on its impact on the young people.

The so called religious schools are built using taxpayers’ money and yet exclusive to only one race and faith. This policy is poorly thought-out. The congregation of one race and one religion breeds paranoia that has persisted from primary schools right to tertiary levels.

The instillation of Islamic values in all government agencies, schools and institutions of higher learnings is no longer conducted in the spirits it was initially founded on. It has become a platform to force others to submit to the will of the strong proponents of pure Islamisation: no half-way, it’s my way or the highway.

The ongoing Islamist-related terrorism in the Middle-East, South Asia, Africa, Indonesia and South Thailand is helping to fan the fire of militancy or terrorism  among impressionable Muslim youths in Malaysia. This slow-burn should not be ignored if the country values peace and peaceful co-existence. We should not wait till attacks on the innocents take place. At this juncture, I would like to commend the police on their effective surveillance and intelligence leading to the arrest of those alleged militants or terrorists.

These people will need to be de-radicalised and apparently it takes about three years to “re-wire” the mind of each of these fanatical religious freaks, as the Indonesian experience shows. I hope the politicians from both the political divides can see the future danger wreaked by young Muslim generations being fed with hatred and suspicion of people of other faiths on account of the segregation forced upon them by the education system.

At least the Mission Schools allow students of other faiths to study in their schools but not in the case of Sekolah Ugama (religious schools) run by the Education Ministry in Malaysia: Sekolah Ugama are out of bound for students of other faiths. Now, whose brainchild was it that created this ” education apartheid“? The islamisation of public schools also drive away students of other faiths resulting in an unhealthy environment for the country’s social cohesion.

People talk about racial polarisation and factors causing them and yet the government has perceptively chosen to ignore it by sticking to the structurally ill-conceived education system: a breeding ground for mediocrity and religious tension.

I am obliged to construe that there would be more religious extremists , terrorists or militants in the making and are raring to perform their “sacred” duty in the name of the religion. It is conceivable that, presently, the authorities might be dealing with only the tip of the iceberg.

Taking the Bull by the Horns, is not the domain of weak and clueless leaders.

Can the current PM Najib take the bull by the horns?

I also cannot foresee that the current government leadership can take the bull by the horns. Its anti-terrorism measures would instead be more in the form of firefighting.

Sorry guys, I just have to express my irrepressible  opinion on this arrogant man especially after reading his arguments for not moving to KLIA2 by May 9 2014, here in Malaysian Insider.

Incidentally, for those not conversant in our national language, Bahasa Malaysia, ” Apa lagi yang kau mau” is translated into English as “What else do you want?” This phrase was made famous by Utusan Malaysia, the national language newspaper known as the voice of UMNO ( United Malay National Organisation) following the so-called “Chinese tsunami” at the 13th General Election in May in 2013, when the Chinese electorates dumped BN-component party MCA ( Malaysian Chinese Association) despite Najib’s pre-election attempts to win their support. The exact phrase was “Apa lagi Cina mau” (What else do the Chinese want?)

Anyway, as for Tony Fernandes, he could not acknowledge and appreciate that his singular success is due to over the top support by the government of Malaysia. He thinks he is doing a favour to Malaysia instead. Before Air Asia was bought by him, it was subject to a lot of restrictions like not being given lucrative routes operated by Malaysia Airlines (MAS). No wonder it failed miserably (plus not having aggressive leadership).

After his taking over the “failed airline” that was AirAsia  particularly during ex-Prime Minister, Ahmad Badawi’s tenure, many obstructionist policies were done away with. It is said that those close to Badawi especially  his son-in-law, the current Minister of Youth and Sports were amply rewarded (with Air Asia shares). By the way, is it any wonder that Mr Khairy Jamaluddin, the said son-in-law, didn’t take to twitter, like he is usually famous for, against Tony Fernandes’s arrogant statement that AirAsia would stay put at the present LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) comes May 9 2014? Virtually putting his weight against Malaysia Airport Authority (MAHB).

That guy from MAHB could not control his deep irritation against Tony Fernandes that he added in jest the word “spa” to the museum asked by Tony Fernandes to be established at KLIA2, without doubt putting his name (Tony Fernandes) and face in posterity: the audacity of the man! So that got Fernandes hissing like a snake.

Tony Fernandes - Group CEO of AirAsia: Just shut up and prepare to move to KLIA2.

Tony Fernandes – Group CEO of AirAsia: Just shut up and prepare to move to KLIA2.

He appears to be bitching away (worse than a woman) about past delays in the construction of the low cost airport. No point crying over spilt milk Fernandes. What gets you worried most  is having to pay higher charges for services at KLIA2. You don’t want those aerobridges, wait till you are in a wheelchair yourself, only  then will you realise how considerate MAHB is in having the facility.

You can read on the real reasons behind Tony’s unhappiness about using KLIA2 in Wee Choo Keong’s blog. An interesting write-up that are full of  juicy revelations, information and references.

Tony Fernandes quite understandably, doesn’t complain when AirAsia is forced to use aerobridges in other international airports like Singapore.

PM Najib  has said AirAsia must move to KLIA2 by 9 May. And the Prime Minister did mention to the press that he found AirAsia arrogant in making the statement of staying put in LCCT despite all services being relocated.

In fact, MAHB should also move all government services from Terminal 2 at Kota Kinabalu Airport to Terminal 1 so as to force Tony to move. He had threatened to quit his operations in Kota Kinabalu if he were forced to move from his present location at Terminal 2: Gertak ke$%&#  (empty threat of a certain kind) indeed.

I salute PM Najib on his rare firmness. So Tony, just shut up and move with your tail between your legs to KLIA2.  And stop calling people who are sick of your antics, right-wing racists and look at yourself in the mirror.

If you studied human nature you would have  noticed that it is often the big, the wealthy and sometimes people who feel they are big and powerful (superiority complex) will bully anyone, big or small. And so it is no surprise to see Tony Fernandes and his Air Asia’s outfit, refusing, yet again and again to move, according to set timeline, his operations from Sepang LCCT (low cost carrier terminal) to the brand new,  better equipped and with more comfortable passengers’ facilities, that is KLIA2 scheduled to open on May 2, 2014 with LCCT closing all services like Customs and Immigration, on May 9.

KLIA2 - the RM4 billion terminal for low cost carriers for everyone except AirAsia.

KLIA2 – the RM4 billion- low cost carriers’ terminal  for everyone except AirAsia?

He has yet to move his Air Asia operations from Terminal 2 (cargo terminal) to Terminal 1 in Kota Kinabalu Airport  and so far no authorities have yet dared to chastise  him (just fancy that!). So we will see what he wants to do if all ground services in LCCT are moved to KLIA2. Very interesting guys, as this Tony Fernandes thinks he can control everyone and bend others’ will to him.

Air Asia’s Fernandes cites safety and security as excuses for not moving according to plan to KLIA2; now what about the poor safety and security at terminal 2 in Kota Kinabalu? Terminal 1 there has a much better safety and security for passengers and yet Fernandes still refuses to move! His reasonings are not consistent. All he is thinking about is his profit margin to sustain his big shot lifestyle and of course to compensate for his bad investment in QPR, a boring English Football Club.

Aireen Omar - Air Asia local CEO. By the way, who can say "no" to a lady?

Aireen Omar – Air Asia local CEO. By the way, who can say “no” to a  sweet lady? (Great photo from the STAR)

He is now ordering his Bumi and female CEO to do the hagglings for him (very clever Tony to choose a lady). Now Air Asia is asking PM Najib, no less to intervene and listen to them because they have “the biggest low cost operations” and if Najib doesn’t follow what they want, Malaysia will lose all those  haha.. “tourists” and aviation industry in Malaysia will go … haha…kaput.

And you all will see the STAR newspapers  pathetically doing the marketing and campaigning  for him as he has a large  number of shares in the company’s stock and is made their company’s director.  At the moment, according to the STAR online here, Air Asia is set to stay put at LCCT despite all services being relocated to KLIA2.  He is virtually bringing his fight to the passengers, pitting them against the authorities. No wonder Air Asia staff are known to be stuck-up- like father like son, no doubt.

To avoid unnecessary inconveniences, passengers on low-cost fares should think of flying with other airlines like Malindo Air during this Air Asia- MAHB (Malaysia Airports Authority) impasse. Fernandes has caused a lot of headaches to the latter since the time  he was not allowed to build his own airport….. haha.. imagine, his own airport! How audacious!

Come to think of it if Air Asia went out of operations, Malaysia Airlines will turnaround (pardon the pun) a lot quicker financially. It has lost much of its business to Air Asia these past 10 years.  MAS can also expand and promote further  its low cost service like Firefly and MASWing.  Nice scenario, though, I feel we do need competition to ensure the best service and fares. Monopoly is bad news for consumers.

I hope PM Najib will not make decisions to favour Air Asia without looking at what  is happening on the ground otherwise he is going to make a lot of hard-working people upset. Better still  he leaves the decision to his cousin, the dapper and calm Acting Transport Minister, Hishamuddin Hussein, whom we all are beginning to like following his daily handling of the international press in the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

Prime Minister should not be involved in issues like this. He has far more important things to tackle like, inter-racial conflicts and polarisation, religious extremism,  poor system of education affecting future generations of Malaysians and international cooperation as well as costly search for the missing MH370. Yes,  all big issues but certainly not dealing with issues involving someone who thinks he is BIG!

Please do not waste your time Mr Prime Minister.


I cannot agree more with this writer here on the need to be able to speak English well when expressing ourselves at the global level. Not only what  we present  to the international audience  but how we articulate is equally important. The use of  suitable words, the understanding of  technical terms, good pronunciation, body language and appropriate emotion go a long way in making a point.

The first few days of the press briefings chaired by the Head of the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) appeared chaotic with him moving here and there while making points though his English is good but his nervous mannerism was stressful to watch. The other three guys could also speak English but at that early stage of MH370’s disappearance they appeared hesitant. I remembered the army guy was saying about a “reciprocal turn back” by the jetliner but the following day he retracted the information.

The DCA Head was restless and at times appeared wanting to get away from the briefings in a hurry leaving reporters exasperated for information. If only he could have been more briefed himself before appearing to answer those questions fired from all around him! I felt there was a lack of coordination between Malaysia Airlines and the DCA. even the last words heard from the cockpit of MH370 are not correct, from the laidback unconventional “Alright, goodnight” now today 01 April has been changed to ” Good night Malaysian 370″,  I really don’t know what to believe now. There were so many so called ” facts” which needed to be changed.

The situation was much better with the Acting Transports Minister leading the press briefings. Many people including the foreign press have praised the Minister for his calm handlings of the international press. His “flawless English” and ability to take unprepared questions in English are admirable. I don’t think other Ministers apart from Khairy Jamaluddin ( the Oxford-educated Minister of Youth and Sports) could carry themselves in such a heated situation. I cringe at the thought of Zaid Hamidi (Minister of  Home Affairs), Liow Tiong Lai (Former Health Minister) and some other ministers with their poor command of English, leading such an international briefing.

If PM Najib who is said to be “leading from behind” doesn’t see the need to equip our children with English, I fear future leaders and civil servants would not be able to handle the international community with such finesse. Well, you can talk in Bahasa Malaysia but imagine your information being lost in translation!

I remember attending an international meeting in Thailand when the Governor of the province’s welcome speech was so badly translated that the he kept correcting the translator and later he just had to speak in English himself  to get his points across. We the audience were roundly confused till we heard it from the horse’s mouth so to speak.

MH370’s disappearance has many lessons for Malaysians to learn from and certainly good communication is one of them. Unless PM Najib thinks laterally, I don’t think he will reconsider the need to make English an important lingua franca in our education system.

English medium schools were ceased in 1982, that is 32 years ago and if a student who learnt in English was 18 then, he would be 50 now and would be among the last who could really speak and interact in English relatively well. In 10 years time, we will have half-baked English speakers. That is why those below 50,  now becoming associate professors in Universities and a few was interviewed on Television about  MH370’s disappearance spoke atrocious English, as lamented by the above quoted writer.

The abolition of PPSMI (the teaching of Math and Science in English) is a shortsighted policy that will affect our future generations facing a fiercely competitive world. The lack of ability to follow technical instructions will surely set us back in the scientific and technological fields.

Just imagine, even the flight simulator of the MH 370’s captain has to be sent to the United States  for analysis. We are just not capable in many hi-tech areas and yet so shamelessly arrogant. As the Malays say “bodoh sombong” (stupid but arrogant).

This is an old story but repeated yet, ad nauseam, and this time around with a blatant threat to the people of Sabah: let Air Asia operate out of Terminal 2 or the budget airlines would move out of the East Malaysian State! Read here or here.

The threat seems childish and  shocking because it was Sabah which supported him in the early days of his airlines venture when he was looking and seeking for fund to establish it.

Some years ago Tony Fernandes, the ostentatious and insolent, Group CEO of Air Asia had already announced that he would rather be chained to a post than moving to the newly refurbished Kota Kinabalu Airport’s Terminal 1. His reasons were:  he did not want to use the aerobridges and also pay for the higher airport tax. He would rather the passengers walk to the plane comes rain or shine and continue to face the substandard facilities at the existing terminal 2. His bottomline has always been about profit at the expense of passengers.

Musa Aman, Chief Minister of Sabah is a good Buddy of Tony Fernandes?

Musa Aman, Chief Minister of Sabah: is he a good Buddy of Tony Fernandes?

What astounds most people is the threat which comes from his bigmouth and the way he dropped Musa Aman’s (the Chief Minister of Sabah) name, giving the impression that the political leadership of UMNO/BN in Sabah is behind his cocky stance. This is what people despise about politicians being in cahoot with bigtime businessman. Is it possible that they are in business together? If that is the case then the public will always be on the receiving end with no voice let alone bargaining power; talk about the symbol of BN (National Front) led by PM Najib being a balancing scale!

There are times the scale is  not balanced.

There are times the scale is not balanced.

Is it an empty threat? Let us see whether this audacious  businessman can make good his threat should the authorities take up on his bluff. We still have Malaysia Airlines (MAS) and Malindo Air to serve the Sabahans in particular and Malaysians in general. In fact since MAS gave up its JB-KK and KK-Singapore routes to the ingrate Fernandes’s Air Asia, it had lost a lot of revenues. MAS, funded by taxpayers should get back those two routes.

How come MAS still flies the lucrative Kuching-Singapore route? It is most likely that Fernandes could not get the Ex-Chief Minister of Sarawak, Taib Mahmud to eat out of his hand.

He talks about bringing thousands of tourists to Sabah but don’t forget other regional budget airlines like Silkair,Dragon Air, Tigerair and JetStar can do the same if proper arrangements can be inked out. MAS’s budget airlines, Firefly could well jump on the bandwagon too. Who the hell need Air Asia then?

It is unfair for MAS to be subject to political decision as to which route it should operate. The MAS’s rout started from the time of that hopeless ex-PM Abdullah Badawi and his so called 4th Floor boys. MAS was never treated as a business but as a “personal company” funded by faceless and soulless taxpayers. No wonder it never is able to turn around regardless of whether you put a monkey or a human being  there as its CEO. And the egoistic Fernandes is applauding with glee at MAS’s predicament;  commenting unnecessarily, adding insult to injury.

Beside the obvious Sabah’s UMNO/BN’s “political connection” I am curious why the authorities are impotent to show firmness  against Fernandes? Just because he gets awards ( the French award is due to his buying many Airbuses, propping up French weakened economy!) here and there doesn’t mean he can bully others. Just put him in his place and see whether he could dance to his own tune (notice the pun?).

Tony Fernandes has become really big-headed and he is an example of the bullying character and very adept at putting politicians and newspaper (The Star) in his pocket so that he could continue acting like the head of a gangster with his pathetic threats delivered boldly to the public without so much of a restrain. This is not the kind of face in the private sector that we want to see in Malaysia. Fancy issuing threats to clients and authorities! His brain needs re wiring.

If the authorities namely Malaysia Airports and the Federal Ministry of Transports allow Tony Fernandes to have his way by letting his airlines to operate out of Kota Kinabalu (KK) airport’s Terminal 2, not only would they be seen as being dictated by him but they would be setting a bad precedent when dealing with other existing and future budget airlines .

According to the ex-Chairman of Sabah Tourism, Tengku Adlin,  KK airport terminal 2 was designed and built as a cargo terminal and its usage as passengers’ terminal was temporary while waiting for the completion of the Terminal 1 extension. The work has long been completed but Fernandes has refused to move , daring the authorities to drag him there. Where in the world does a businessman dare to challenge the government?

All other budget airlines like Malindo Air and SilkAir are already using KK airport Terminal 1 extension with its comfortable facilities and convenient aerobridges. What is so special about Air Asia except for its CEO’s conceitedness and pomposity? The other budget airlines can in effect cite unfair competition if the higher cost of their tickets include higher airport tax compared to Air Asia, operating from “cheaper” Terminal 2.

Imagine if each airlines wanted to build their own airport; that is what cocky and wacky Fernandes has been wanting to do  so that (wtf) he doesn’t have to pay for airport tax??  Jesus Christ, what about  vital airport security etcetera? I am sure he expects the taxpayers to foot the bill for his “personal” airport’s  supportive services. Passengers should boycott this kind of unsafe business model.

Hishamuddin Hussein, Acting Minister of Transports.  Decision must be for public good.

Hishamuddin Hussein, Acting Minister of Transports.
Decision must be for public good and that includes promoting a fair competition

Hishamuddin Hussein, Najib’s cousin (their mothers are sisters), the current acting Minister of Transports, is known to be weak and would rather issue warnings than taking action. We will see whether he has the balls to be firm with Fernandes and put this recalcitrant man in his place.