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The years 2015 and 2016 are truly depressing for many of us Malaysians. The 1MDB scandal is just not going away with all the tricks played by the protagonist. Tried as I might, I just can’t seem to feel easy with the ongoing issues related to this sovereign fund which has been sloppily managed by the very person we used to trust.

As a response to the people’s vocal comments and bold discussions on the scandal, certain websites and blogs have been shut down. This government has now shown its true colours. Freedom of speech  and expression is selectively defined to suit the power that be. It is a suffocating time.

The international press has given a wide coverage of the massive fund misappropriation with money trails around the actors from Malaysia, Singapore,the Middle East, Switzerland, Luxembourg, US and Hong Kong. Truly a financial debacle. And the Malaysian taxpayers are set to bear the burden of the billion Ringgit debt incurred by 1MDB’s management.

As 2016 wears on, the unhappiness and sense of anger that the people feel are mounting. Najib the Malaysian Prime Minister who established this fund and used it as if it belonged to him and his family is behaving as if nothing happens. Gosh, the shameless man is totally lacking in conscience. After the international investigators have wrapped up their various probes into this gargantuan money laundering outfit, I wonder whether the international community will even have a shred of respect for this man who leads Malaysia to financial disaster.


Najib Razak the infamous Prime Minister of Malaysia

Najib’s party supporters and sycophants are protecting him because he has the dirty money to fund them and they know the good times will not last once he is gone. These are the men and women who are without a tint of integrity. They have refused to understand the need to serve the nation instead they choose to serve a corrupt leader. The man himself has trampled on and destroyed all the institutions set up to ensure good governance and enforcement of laws to serve the citizens. We are truly doomed unless there is a divine intervention (yes, that is how desperate thinking Malaysians are).

Najib Razak please do us a favour. Please just disappear.


I have taken a breather from blogging for a couple of months but I have not stopped following the events in my beloved country. Those which evoke so much disappointment in me are the issues surrounding the current Prime Minister, Najib Razak and his gang of “intellectually-challenged” but loyal supporters with abnormal conscience.

For those who are not familiar with what I am talking about, you can google “1MDB scandal” and my international readers can visit the website “Sarawak Reports” (SR) which is currently banned in Malaysia due to its revelations on alleged corruption involving Najib and his high-flying family. You can also get some precise and sleek information and analyses (blogs) on 1MDB here and here.

The fact that he is both the Prime Minister as well as the Finance Minister has not been lost on the people. This dual portfolio has enabled him to blindfold the system of check and balance and open the floodgate of gleeful abuse of position.

Najib has too much power for Malaysia's good, declared a news portal and I thoroughly agreed.

Najib has too much power for Malaysia’s good, declared Financial Times and I thoroughly agreed.

The damning revelation by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) early in July this year about USD700 million being credited into Najib’s personal account at a private bank before the General Election in 2013, is the hardest for us to accept. After a period of hesitancy, he finally admitted that the remittance into his account was from a Middle Eastern donor. In terms of Malaysian currency that amount is about RM2.6 billion. Now why would a donor want to donate that humongous amount to Najib Razak? Do you think if he were an ordinary citizen he would get that kind of dizzying amount of donation? The fact that he is the current Prime Minister of Malaysia makes this both an integrity as well as a national security issue. And the Malaysian Anti-corruption Council Acts have very clear provisions under this topic of “donation” to a public servant. The donation constitutes corruption.

This “donation” (which many people do not believe as being donated but instead think that this money is part of the 1MDB transactions making a merry-go-rounds in the process of being laundered), was unknown to all his party members before the WSJ and SR’s exposures. Instead of stepping down and allowing commissioned public servants to investigate this infraction, Najib Razak refuses to do so and before our very eyes, rapidly engineered his way to scupper all kinds of investigations. All these established investigating mechanisms are effectively dismantled as he and his gang of crooked political supporters are now accusing those who question him of wanting to topple the government and acting against parliamentary democracy. How low can you stoop Najib?

The selective amnesia and total indifference by Najib Razak and his gang of boot lickers on this integrity issue of “donation” is incomprehensible. They display an utter lack of values on what is right and what is wrong. They are all clearly becoming selectively psychotic (out of touch with reality) on this moral and legal issue.

There are incredible spins by his supporters whom Najib has labelled as “not smart but loyal”, the latest of which is that the money was donated by Saudi Arabia for Malaysia’s fight against IS (Islamic State) but just a year ago (2014) Najib was singing praises of the brutal terrorist group and the donation ostensibly as gratification for opposing Islamic State  was actually credited into his personal bank account in 2013. Got him, the lying swine! When you tell lies you can never be consistent.

Najib Razak you are not only a liar but a cheat as well. He said he had never used the “donation” for his personal gain but concurrently is not detailing openly how he has disbursed the RM2.6 billion (RM2,600,000,000.00 million). The latest Sarawak Reports revealed that he spent more than USD1million on his credit cards while holidaying with his family in Europe after the General Election in 2013. There are people who feel compelled to tell Malaysians and the World about the corrupt activities of this low down serf.

I respect the post of the Prime Minister but I have totally lost respect for Najib Razak. He is an embarrassment to our country.

His dastardly acts cannot be forgotten ( one day he will be brought to justice, Allah/God Willing). His legacy is one big black dot. And he may well be long remembered as the most sinister Prime Minister in our political history.

For as long as the Prime Minister Najib is not able to answer the question on where the rest of the loan of the 42 billion taken by the Malaysian government sovereign fund 1MDB is, the so-called crisis between him and the ex-long serving Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir (1981-2003), will continue. Never had any past PM taken such a massive short-term loan for long-term development and what is worse, he is unable to account for it.

No one else in Malaysia would dare to question Najib on financial mismanagement of  such a gigantic proportion, if not for the straight talking and no nonsense ex-PM who is 90 years old (I pray for his health and longevity to see this scandal through). Najib is accusing Dr Mahathir of having self-interest in the issue but many of us do not buy it.

Najib is saying that Malaysia would be paralysed if BN (National Front) lost in the next General Election as the opposition is in disarray. Well, for people who have made up their mind, they wouldn’t care. Paralyse or not, they don’t want BN to be led by Najib.

PM Najib on the left. Just answer the question Najib and end this crisis and no need to point your finger.

PM Najib on the left and Dr Mahathir. Just answer the question, Najib and end this crisis and no need to point your finger at the old man. (Photo – Malaysiakini)

As for me, I will not vote for BN for as long as Najib is the President of UMNO (United Malay national Organisation) the main component party of the ruling BN simply because I value integrity in a leader and Najib lacks tons of it. In the meantime, let’s see whether  he can answer Dr Mahathir’s question on the “missing billion” and how long does he take to do just that.

Najib has not yet answered satisfactorily, instead he asked Arul Kanda the new CEO of 1MDB to do so and the latter quickly proceeded by presenting the fund’s debt allocations into “boxes” and shove them to the newspapers to be printed for public consumption.

Being both the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister, the check and balance is virtually absent allowing the PM to do practically anything he likes, even bypassing the cabinet. No one in their right mind would agree that this is a healthy practice.

Just answer the question truthfully, Najib and end this crisis.

When Adenan Satem became the new Chief Minister of Sarawak through the goodness of the previous long serving and allegedly corrupt Chief Minister, Taib Mahmud, many people were quite apprehensive. Here comes another would be corrupt politician. But surprise, surprise this man who was supposedly sick once, was quick to announce that he would not stand corruption and that all those illegal timber loggings would be stopped and perpetrators would be punished. He talked brave.

Adenan Satem went on to denounce any illegal immigration to Sarawak and warned against those caught hiding illegal immigrants. He was also alleged to be strongly against the entry of peninsular-based Malay party UMNO into Sarawak. He appears incorruptible and extremely patriotic. Well and good, a reasonable man indeed. I was impressed. After all this man is university-educated.

Today’s news at this portal baffled me and now I suspect, Adenan Satem is not that intelligent let alone analytically-minded. He is saying Najib Razak as Malaysian PM did more for Sarawak in a shorter time than Mahathir who was Prime Minister for 22 years! Think Adenan Satem, use your brain. There was political stability during Mahathir’s time when he consistently received two third majority at the General Elections. During that period, Taib Mahmud was the Chief Minister of Sarawak and busy enriching himself and his family and Sarawakians were somehow quiet except for the Penans. Najib came to power when the ruling coalition is already weakened and that it requires parliamentary seats in Sarawak and Sabah, known as “fixed deposits” to prop it up in power.Without these he would not be the Prime Minister as they lost big here in the Peninsular.

Give some credit to Najib despite being labelled as clueless and not that intelligent, he knows if he wants to stay in power with those wealth and private jets privileges, he has to “bribe” the people who could help him politically. So Adenan Satem, are you intelligent enough to deduce that all those “assistance” that Najib has given to Sarawak actually comes with a hidden agenda? Had he comfortably won the last General Election in 2013, he would do exactly like his previous predecessors did to Sarawak before. By the way, Najib is doing the same thing to Sabah, giving them more allocations to win the people’s hearts and mind to lull them into thinking that he is good so keep voting for him to continue plundering.

But I am also inclined to think that Adenan’s support for Najib gets the backing of the previous Chief Minister Taib Mahmud who is now the Governor of Sarawak based on Najib’s recommendation to the King of Malaysia. And knowing the age of Taib, who knows Adenan is also harbouring the thought of being the next Sarawak’s governor, so it’s safe for him to bet on Najib. Najib and his wife Rosmah’s association with the previous CM of Sarawak is well known. Who was it that sponsored the fashion show by Rosmah in Monaco complete with Prince Albert in tow a few years ago? You can find it in the Sarawak report website.

Adenan Satem, the current chief Minister of Sarawak.

Adenan Satem, the current Chief Minister of Sarawak, needs to think laterally and control his mouth. (net image)

Dear Adenan Satem please don’t make a fool of yourself. Nobody gives something for nothing in this world. And stop belittling and bad mouthing Dr Mahathir who has done a lot for Malaysia economically unlike Najib who lacks integrity in dealing with the nation’s wealth through the mismanagement of 1MDB.

I started putting thoughts to paper at 11.52 pm on 9 Feb and in nine minutes it will be Wednesday 10 February 2015, the day of the final verdict on Anwar’s sodomy II. Most alert Malaysians would be waiting to scrutinise this political watershed. Anwar’s conviction would remove a unifying force in the opposition. To some people this would be a sad day for Malaysian political canvas. Malaysia needs a strong and credible opposition to reign in the excesses of the current government led by UMNO as the dominant member of the coalition which has been in power for more than half a century and dare I say , have outstayed their welcome?

Whatever the verdict, despite my not liking Anwar that much, I hope it is arrived at justly and that it is really beyond reasonable doubt that he committed the act which is illegal in this country despite the likelihood of  being consensual  in the first place. The way the evidence was gathered and presented must be procedurally appropriate and that the honorable judges really consider all aspects to ensure justice for both for the plaintiff and defendant.

We should expect international condemnation if the verdict is against Anwar  given the circumstances under which the sodomy charge was framed and the quality of the evidence. The other point is the global view of same sex relationship has changed dramatically the last 10 years or so: more understanding and acceptance. The movers and shakers of the international community are not going to ignore a negative verdict especially when they see Anwar as a  fighting symbol of democracy in this country.

As my regular blog visitors know, I don’t really take to Anwar as I recall what he had done to this country when he was the Minister of Education under ex- Prime Minister Mahathir. His Islamisation of all the educational institutions has resulted in the system we have today. A system of divisiveness . I cannot seem to forget this social debacle brought about by him. Now that he is in the opposition after being kicked out by UMNO, he must have realized that what he did is disastrous for unity.

As I have been rather disappointed with this government which seems to be doing hardly anything to reduce the escalation of inter-racial and religious division, I think Malaysia needs to get it rested and reorganized before returning to power and who better to lead the opposition if not Anwar? The government under Najib is just too chaotic with Ministers not acting as a team: minister associating himself with a bad character, another asking openly one race to boycott another! This is just socially claustrophobic  and saddening for our country.

Whatever the verdict, we have to accept it , but somehow I would like  to  pray that  Anwar be given another chance to prove that the opposition could help this country  move forward faster as a united nation without religious baggage.

This country needs to breathe in fresh air.

I am getting uneasy by the day. Exasperated would be a benign word to describe the emotion I am experiencing towards this group of religious people who issues edicts as they like to protect their extreme and uncompromising beliefs. This is not good at all for this country. It will be the beginning of an end to our society built on cultural diversity and tolerance of ideas for the benefits of all.

As to why this government is letting this group go on their merry ways in labelling others ‘unreligious” or “deviating” from religion is beyond me. The report on this group’s witch-hunting the women’s group “Sisters in Islam”( SIS )is disturbing. And for a politician to support it is highly unfortunate. And for the leader of the opposition, currently on trial for sodomy, to remark positively (here) for Sister in Islam shows an opportunistic leadership at play here.

So are all of us Zainah! (Sisters in Islam founder, Zainah) [ Photo: Malaysian Insider]

So are all of us Zainah!
(Sisters in Islam founder, Zainah) [ Photo: Malaysian Insider]

Apparently PM Najib who has been styling himself as a moderate on the world stage but something else domestically, is keeping silent. In fact he is out of the country while waiting for Anwar Ibrahim’s trial to be over. So you can make an inference as to  what kind of a government leader we have in Malaysia.

For Sisters in Islam to bring this issue of having been labelled  as a deviant organisation to court is in effect a desperate act as we all know what the final verdict would be. But let the world know what kind of country Malaysia is morphing into. Before long this same group is going to issue edicts such as banning the traditional institutions of this country calling these as “unIslamic”. It will not be beyond them and so those in this hereditary elite class had better be warned.

If we allowed this group to have their ways, our freedom and traditional way of life will soon be gone. Please don’t think that it doesn’t apply to those of us who are of other faiths, because the day will come when they will issue edicts to control us or harm us like the fatwa of the late Iran’s Imam Khomeini against Salman Rushdie the writer who wrote negative narrative on Prophet Muhammad, in his book the “Satanic Verses”.

Some past fatwas include “smoking is forbidden”, “wearing tight jeans is forbidden” and “Yogas is forbidden” . Before long women of the faith will be forbidden from driving like in Saudi Arabia… Goodness gracious!

Heck, they could issue fatwas on all things that they are unhappy with and which they think would threaten their understanding of the religion.

An Update today 05 Nov 2014

Strangely these rational comments on the fatwa against SIS come from a trio of Opposition MPs from an Islamic based party. The government MPs are dead silent.

Reposted below from Staronline:

PAS MPs question fatwa ruling

Published: Wednesday November 5, 2014 MYT 12:00:00 AM
Updated: Wednesday November 5, 2014 MYT 7:41:52 AM

KUALA LUMPUR: Three PAS MPs have questioned whether the Selangor Fatwa Committee had provided any recourse for groups that allegedly practise pluralism and liberalism to state their stand, before ruling they had violated Islamic teachings.

The MPs – Datuk Dr Mujahid Yusof Rawa (Parit Buntar), Hanipa Maidin (Sepang) and Khalid Samad (Shah Alam) – were of the opinion that any edict passed by the committee cannot be used to ban any particular organisation and any fatwa is to be decided only after adequate discussion and scrutiny.

The three parliamentarians, in a joint statement here, contend that a fatwa is not to be made for the banning of a particular organisation and doing that would actually mean going against the spirit of the fatwa.

The joint statement followed a move on Oct 31 by Sisters In Islam to file for a judicial review on a gazetted fatwa in Selangor titled Pemikiran Liberalisme dan Pluralisme Agama, which suggested that SIS had deviated from Islam.

The group filed the review at the Kuala Lumpur High Court, naming the fatwacommittee, the Selangor Islamic Affairs Council (Mais) and the Selangor government as respondents.

The fatwa, which was gazetted in July, also allows for any publication deemed liberal and plural to be banned and seized.

In addition, it calls for any form of social media that promotes such content to be monitored and restricted by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commissions.

The PAS MPs said the edict did not clarify what “liberalism” and “pluralism” meant.

“Would it be saying that all religions are equal or that truths are only relative when comparisons are being made of the different faiths?

“Does ‘liberalism’ and ‘pluralism’ denote a belief that all aspects of religion are inclusive in the context of inter-faith relations or inclusive only in the moral aspect, but exclusive within each religious belief?”

The MPs also wondered what the implications would be if the different religious beliefs are misconstrued to be pluralism and liberalism as there is neither any solid definition nor room for discussion to hear differing views within permissible limits.

Taking Mais to task over its apparent lack of muzakarah (discussion) with the concerned parties, the MPs said PAS was ready to help hold such dialogues in accordance with the commands of Allah.

Online source :

When I came across the article below, I felt a sense of trepidation for my fellow Malaysians who are the majority Malays in this country. Things have suddenly become more restrictive for them, namely, in the last 10 years or so and especially after the end of the Mahathir’s era (the ex- Prime Minister in power for 22 years from 1981). The succeeding weak leadership and fragile political power could be contributory factors in this unfolding scenario.

The emergence of a group of so-called religious people is making the dominant people of this country, the Malays, more inward looking. They are putting obstacles in almost all spheres of life making independent thinking not only a rare commodity but dangerous as well. All these development will put an undue pressure on the youth of this country beside creating inter-faith tension.

Many of the articles written to counter this unhealthy religious trend are in English and this prevents many English-illiterate Malay youths from getting different viewpoints to balance their outlook on life in Malaysia. Many would condemn first anything that doesn’t agree with their world view  and never ever think later.

There is no social let alone political will to remedy the current unhappy situation as people unwittingly suffer from this subtle oppression of human rights and oh yes, to the blinking religious people “human rights” are a Western devilish invention.


I would like to think that I am a strong person emotionally but my heart bleeds for the Malaysian Malays.

Reposted below is an astute article on the predicament of the Malays in Malaysia by a senior lawyer and an ex-Minister in Malaysia Chronicle.

Quote (verbatim) :

Tuesday, 28 October 2014 21:58

SAVE the Malays from Najib & gang

Written by Zaid Ibrahim

Malays are defined by the law as Muslim, but while there is supposedly freedom of religion in this country, this does not extend to the Malays. Muslims are not even allowed to have an opinion about their own religion, for any that is contrary to what the authorities say is deemed haram and punishable by a jail sentence.

Per the latest fatwa (religious edict), Malays are now in danger of being classified as “deviant”—or rather, deviationists if they have slightly more liberal or progressive views about life and the world than those who call themselves “ulama”. We can expect more Malays to be prosecuted for saying or doing anything that can be perceived as menghina Islam. More and more will be forced to seek asylum in other countries to escape jail. The wealthy ones are already in London and Melbourne.

To the Malays who believe in Malaysia as a free and democratic country, let’s continue the fight here. Let’s keep asserting that Malaysia is a multi-racial country, where other religions have the Constitutionally-protected right to be practised freely. Let’s point out to the authorities that even Muslims have rights, and that it’s not them we have to answer to, but God. They may accuse us as being kafir, munafik, jahil and much more, but let them—they are the ones who are misguided.

To the Malays who believe and support democracy and human rights, let us be brave even when we are labeled or accused of being deviant. If we do not want this country to be controlled by fascists, then we must be prepared to go to jail.

Mindless robots

In giving the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (JAKIM) free rein to ridicule and punish Malays and Muslims in this way, I am at a loss to understand what this Government wants Malays to be. I am at a loss as to why Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, Leader of the Opposition Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and the leaders in the Istana stay silent when mullahs are destroying their own people.

Do they want Malays to threaten and fight each other, like the IS in Iraq and Syria? Do they want Malays to be mindless robots with no views of their own?
These leaders must bear the responsibilities of their offices and positions. They must not condone or support the persecution of Malays and any others in the name of God.

Najib, Anwar and the Istana must put an end to the despotic behaviour of the ulama who freely and without care issue fatwas without thinking about the effects these edicts have on the people—and I say “despotic” because the behaviour of these Muslim bureaucrats is not “Islamic” at all.

In the Golden Age of Islamic legal theory and jurisprudence, scholars and mujtahid (interpreters of Shariah law) issued fatwas or opinions regularly—sometimes a dozen fatwas on a particular subject. They relished differences in opinion. They regarded this diversity as a manifestation of the wonder of the human mind in the search of the Divine will.

Scholars and jurists of that era recognised that fatwas were only relevant for a particular time and situation and could change with new facts and circumstances. They ended their fatwas with wallah hu alam (Only God knows best) as a reminder to themselves that they were humans and therefore fallible. Fatwas were not laws, but were used by the rulers as guidance in the administration of the state.

Our scholars in JAKIM and the religious authorities, on the other, are apparently dead sure of their infallibility. They can do wrong or be wrong in their fatwas.
That’s why it’s a criminal offence in Malaysia for anyone to question, dispute or disagree with them or their fatwas.

In the Golden Age, jurists and scholars accepted the distinction between the tenets of Shariah (God’s way) which are immutable and beyond question, and the human search and understanding of the Shariah by way of usul al fiqh (legal theory).

The search through fiqh is a human activity that involves reason and a healthy mind. Fiqh is not fixed and immutable. It is changing, dynamic and fallible because it is human.

This flexibility and tolerance of ideas is the true Islam. The scholars of the Golden Age never once believed they were infallible, for that would be to ascribe to oneself an attribute of God.

Fast-forward to the 21st-century Malaysia and we see a new breed of Islamic scholars ruling over Malays. They use Islam to control Malay minds and they are supported by leaders who are selfish to the core, being interested only in the Malay votes.

These Malay leaders—like Najib and Anwar and PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang—can easily move amendments to the Administration of Islamic Law (Federal Territories) Act 1993 as a first step towards putting an end to this abuse of authority.

As Muslim leaders, they should stop this senseless proliferation of fatwas—but they will not because Malays are dispensable, and their quest for power is not! –


English words for:

Haram – forbidden

Menghina – disrespect/degrade

Kafir – infidel

Munafik – hypocrite

Jahil – ignorant

Istana – royal palace

JAKIM – (A government agency)

(Full article:

Nearly a week ago on 17 July 2014, 298 souls departed from this world in the most horrendous  manner. Innocent lives and cherished loved ones travelling in what was supposed to be the safest mode of transportation.

And what broke our heart is the fact that they were flying with our national airline which was shot down in Eastern Ukraine, a conflict zone between Ukraine and the so-called pro Russian separatists. And what is still harder to take is the fact that this is the second major disaster suffered by the airline with the loss of more than 500 lives in less than six months!

At about 11pm on  17 July, I was watching Al-Jazeera’s news when suddenly the newsreader stopped midway to announce the interfax news about a Malaysian airlines being shot down from a height 33,000 feet. I could not believe what I was hearing and woke up a sleeping relative to help confirm the news. As images started streaming in, we were sure that no one could have survived that  catastrophic event.

It was a shocking incident indeed and one which was fraught with the problems of trying to access and investigate the disaster scene, collecting and treating the dead bodies with dignity and identifying and transporting  them to their various countries of origin. Malaysia was able to negotiate with the rebels to get the bodies and the black box both of which they had earlier on refused to release despite international demand. Thanks to a quiet diplomacy on PM Najib’s part that was hailed by the international media.

The impact of this second disaster this year, an annus horribilis indeed, is too much for us Malaysians to bear. We are truly heart broken. Our VISIT MALAYSIA YEAR 2014  has suffered enormously from lack of overseas visitors and the belief that our National carrier could be jinxed!

My sister-in-law was virtually wailing her heart out when she first heard the news. SJ was a fearsome ex-senior civil servant who takes no nonsense from anybody and there she was sobbing like a child and one would have thought that she had a loved one on board that ill-fated MH17 , no she didn’t, it was just that she was devastated: the loss of those innocent passengers and the people they leave behind. The second time in such a short time. If SJ could cry like that what about those who, in effect, have their relatives or friends on the jetliner itself ? So thought I.

My deepest condolences to all relatives of the dead. No amount of words can describe the sadness we feel over these two incidences of disaster. We have yet to get over the disappearance of MH370 on March 8 2014 and now this. Truly  unprecedented in the aviation history of any country in peacetime.

We are a country of many races who constantly face friction from cultural angles and this kind of disaster somehow brings us together in sharing our grief.

I am getting jittery. Next month I am going  to travel overseas on business with Malaysia Airlines (MAS). Despite the unresolved scare of the missing MH370, I still decide to fly MAS.

This morning I read a Reuter’s report about a mechanical problem on MAS flight MH192 Boeing 737-800, with 166 people on board, from Kuala Lumpur  to Bangalore . The news has also been quickly picked up by the New York Times here and the other online news portals all over the internet. Burst tyre? Faulty landing gear? This is definitely not good news to frequent travellers like me.

Incidentally, this is the same flight that had technical glitches forcing it to turn back to India , MAS flight MH 193 Boeing 737-800 from India enroute to KLIA on Sunday 15 April 2012! Return journey. ( in my blog on MAS “Near Misses”). 

MH 192 turned back and abandoned journey to Bangalore, safely landed, thanks to the heroic pilot! (21 April 2014) -Photo courtesy TODAY

MH 192 turned back and abandoned journey to Bangalore, safely landed, thanks to the heroic pilot! (21 April 2014) -Photo courtesy TODAY

The other recent incident involving MAS  flight MH066 to Incheon, South Korea that was forced to land in Hong Kong on March 23 2014,  is still nagging me. And that fire in MAS maintenance workshop, destroying documents shortly after MH370’s disappearance  is also most disturbing. It doesn’t look  at all good on the company.

Already the whole world is putting its microscope on MAS following that “unprecedented aviation disaster” that is MH370;  now these mechanical problems are coming in quick succession. What is going on?

What is going on in the engineering/maintenance section of MAS? Have all the good engineers and mechanics who have been with MAS for years left MAS for AirAsia?? I remember reading about Tony Fernandes saying AirAsia would stop sending its aircrafts for maintenance by MAS: does he know something that we don’t? Or MAS’s planes are getting older and hence have problem being maintained? What about possible cost-cutting measures affecting maintenance schedules? Or have the work culture in that section changed and technical staff are getting lackadaisical? Or on the sinister side, could it be a sabotage? What is going on?

There were other cases like this in the past but due to that monstrous mystery, things are just not the same. We the Malaysian public demand that MAS puts its act back together and concentrate on safety of its aircraft passengers. MAS needs to do this even at the expense of calling for external experts to investigate its maintenance section. I have read about unpleasant going ons in MAS maintenance section from blogger Wee Chee Kiong who seems to have inside information and able to give us the latest on incidents involving MAS.

Much as I want to help MAS by continuing flying with it, I am not going to risk my life knowing full well that the airline is having frequent mechanical issues with its aircrafts. If I feel this way, what about other air travellers who have no emotional connectivity with MAS at all? I bet more than 90% of these people are not going to fly with MAS anymore.

We the taxpayers are an important stakeholder of MAS, albeit faceless and mostly stricken with apathy, should wake up and demand the overhaul of MAS management. If the CEO of MAS has any dignity left, he  should resign over these frequent mishaps which one of these days will turn into another disaster. We don’t want another MH370.

Please PM Najib, step forward now  and be a leader for once and act on this national problem which can affect people’s lives and Malaysia’s good name.

Honestly, I don’t believe that the heroic efforts by the pilots could be sustained at 100% success rate if the mechanical failures keep recurring on their aircrafts. I have so far refrained from blogging about MAS Engineering/Maintenance section but I cannot take it anymore with this latest near miss.

In the meantime, I have emailed my assistant to change my MAS London flight booking in late May 2014 to another airline with a heavy heart.

Last Saturday I went for my regular haircut. I arrived at 10.30 am and was the first customer of the day. My regular Coiffeur (Barber) came in a few minutes later after his shampoo girl had served me a cup of steaming green tea.

Despite his profession, Stephen is an educated man who could engage in any topic of conversation as he cuts hair.  He has two children studying in England on his earnings as a hairdresser. He has many regular clientele as he is good at his work and is always polite. He is fastidious and cuts hair rather slowly allowing you to tell him what and where to trim more or less. I like his non-hurried style.

As usual he started talking, usually of mundane subjects like new gadgets, increasing prices and the antics of new generation of Malaysians. But that day, probably there was no other customer around, he talked about the state of the country’s economy and what he thought of the present government and its poor leadership.

The conversation went on for a few minutes and he concluded that we must change the Prime Minister. When I replied that we didn’t have a good person at the moment to replace Najib, he retorted, ” Anwar Ibrahim lor”. He then went on to talk about Anwar Ibrahim, how accomplished a speaker he was, how passionate and what a fighter and the huge crowd of adoring supporters that he mustered. To cut the narration short, Stephen, my Coiffeur clearly worships Anwar Ibrahim.

I listened intently till he stopped and asked me what I thought. I told him frankly that I did not like Anwar.

Anwar Ibrahim in the seventies, was a firebrand who was the Head of  an Islamic Youth organisation called ABIM. He used religion to advance himself politically. He is a charismatic orator, blessed with the gift of the gab,he would make jokes, serenade, dance and act on stage to transfix his audience. People just don’t have enough of him ( not unlike the late President Sukarno of Indonesia at one time).

In the early eighties, Anwar, to show how fervent his Islamic ideology was, set up the first boarding school for Malay girls and made it compulsory for each one of them and the female teachers to don the tudung (Islamic headscarf). That was the beginning of the Arabisation of the Malays to distinguish them from the non-Muslim: the dividing line started to take root in our Malaysian community. Who funded that school? Reports said it was the Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia in relentless efforts to spread its brand of Islam to the world.

Anwar was very popular among the Malays then and he was invited by the ex-Prime Minister to join UMNO and quickly rose to become Minister of Education when he began to systematically “Islamise” all Institutions of higher learning including teachers and the impact of his religious/cultural transformation is seen and felt everywhere today in Malaysia.

Anwar was unstoppable till he was sacked in 1998 by the very person who let him into the government. But it was already too late as he had caused the greatest social division in this country leading to gradual racial tension.

And now Anwar, being on the other side, has changed his tactics to pull wool over the people’s eyes. Instead of using religion, he is now using the people to advance his political ambition as he wanted to appear multi-racial to rope in the DAP whose members are mostly disgruntled Chinese (as opposed those in MCA). On the other hand, PAS (Islam Party) gleefully embraced Anwar because they know the story of his beginning. He is what some people called a “banana”, yellow outside and white inside.

(In 1998 and 2008 the late Karpal Singh mentioned in parliament about Anwar engaging in sodomy and interestingly he and his lawyer children are defending his sodomy 2008 case in 2012. As far as KS was concerned that is just one of his legal cases in court).

The support for Anwar from Malaysians and the international community is based on his appearing a victim ( people tend to sympathise with an underdog)  and the fact that The BN government has been in power for far too long, breeding cronyism, nepotism and corruption along the way: issues which lead to bad government and infringement on public interests.

In one WSJ report, the writer berated Malaysia’s attitude against  gay sex. He was literally saying Anwar did commit the act but it was consensual, it’s bloody  “ suka sama suka” . The writer was obviously highly ignorant of Malaysia’s culture and let alone her  rule of law.

Anwar Ibrahim is a political chameleon. Those who follow him without questions are just sick of the present government which is seen to be  past its expiry date. A government which is saying one thing and doing another. A government which allows elements of religious extremism to continue creeping  into its belly.

Increasing number of people especially the younger generation has had enough of this government. PM Najib’s  “aristocratic” character and his penchant for “leading from behind” have  further cemented this public distaste. The people yearn for  a new and capable leader and a new government and unfortunately Anwar Ibrahim, being the eloquent politician and a rabble – rouser that he is, is mistakenly seen as that  leader who could bring about change to the country.

Just look at the videos online on Anwar’s passionate oration (some appear pathetically clownish) and the massive crowd just love him. They eat his every word to the point that the masses refused to believe that he in effect did sodomise his political Aide, the effeminate Saiful, in 2008 (sodomy 11) and is convicted by the Court Of Appeal on 7 March 2014 based on evidences and professional analyses. The conviction, as expected, is seen as politically-motivated.

Anwar fools his family,friends,colleagues, local and international and Malaysians in general as to his true character. I must say the Power up there must have loved Malaysia because his expulsion from UMNO in 1998 has protected Malaysia from having a dangerous Prime Minister.

Malaysia would have been far more Islamist today had Anwar been at the helm. So my Chinese and Indian brothers, you all never knew how “God” has intervened to save this country. All you see today is a chameleon, accomplished in the art of camouflaging, that is changing unashamedly to suit your political sentiment. You all just fail to see what he really is in your fury against the current government.

The ultimate art of camouflaging in Nature (Photo courtesy Robert Oelman)

The ultimate art of camouflaging in Nature (Photo courtesy Robert Oelman)

To Stephen, you my dear Coiffeur, I hope, are now enlightened on Anwar Ibrahim.

I don’t really think that fuzzy Najib is a good PM but in the interim, I would rather settle for him than slippery Anwar and hope a better PM material from the political divide would come along soon for Malaysia’s sake.