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I have taken a breather from blogging for a couple of months but I have not stopped following the events in my beloved country. Those which evoke so much disappointment in me are the issues surrounding the current Prime Minister, Najib Razak and his gang of “intellectually-challenged” but loyal supporters with abnormal conscience.

For those who are not familiar with what I am talking about, you can google “1MDB scandal” and my international readers can visit the website “Sarawak Reports” (SR) which is currently banned in Malaysia due to its revelations on alleged corruption involving Najib and his high-flying family. You can also get some precise and sleek information and analyses (blogs) on 1MDB here and here.

The fact that he is both the Prime Minister as well as the Finance Minister has not been lost on the people. This dual portfolio has enabled him to blindfold the system of check and balance and open the floodgate of gleeful abuse of position.

Najib has too much power for Malaysia's good, declared a news portal and I thoroughly agreed.

Najib has too much power for Malaysia’s good, declared Financial Times and I thoroughly agreed.

The damning revelation by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) early in July this year about USD700 million being credited into Najib’s personal account at a private bank before the General Election in 2013, is the hardest for us to accept. After a period of hesitancy, he finally admitted that the remittance into his account was from a Middle Eastern donor. In terms of Malaysian currency that amount is about RM2.6 billion. Now why would a donor want to donate that humongous amount to Najib Razak? Do you think if he were an ordinary citizen he would get that kind of dizzying amount of donation? The fact that he is the current Prime Minister of Malaysia makes this both an integrity as well as a national security issue. And the Malaysian Anti-corruption Council Acts have very clear provisions under this topic of “donation” to a public servant. The donation constitutes corruption.

This “donation” (which many people do not believe as being donated but instead think that this money is part of the 1MDB transactions making a merry-go-rounds in the process of being laundered), was unknown to all his party members before the WSJ and SR’s exposures. Instead of stepping down and allowing commissioned public servants to investigate this infraction, Najib Razak refuses to do so and before our very eyes, rapidly engineered his way to scupper all kinds of investigations. All these established investigating mechanisms are effectively dismantled as he and his gang of crooked political supporters are now accusing those who question him of wanting to topple the government and acting against parliamentary democracy. How low can you stoop Najib?

The selective amnesia and total indifference by Najib Razak and his gang of boot lickers on this integrity issue of “donation” is incomprehensible. They display an utter lack of values on what is right and what is wrong. They are all clearly becoming selectively psychotic (out of touch with reality) on this moral and legal issue.

There are incredible spins by his supporters whom Najib has labelled as “not smart but loyal”, the latest of which is that the money was donated by Saudi Arabia for Malaysia’s fight against IS (Islamic State) but just a year ago (2014) Najib was singing praises of the brutal terrorist group and the donation ostensibly as gratification for opposing Islamic State  was actually credited into his personal bank account in 2013. Got him, the lying swine! When you tell lies you can never be consistent.

Najib Razak you are not only a liar but a cheat as well. He said he had never used the “donation” for his personal gain but concurrently is not detailing openly how he has disbursed the RM2.6 billion (RM2,600,000,000.00 million). The latest Sarawak Reports revealed that he spent more than USD1million on his credit cards while holidaying with his family in Europe after the General Election in 2013. There are people who feel compelled to tell Malaysians and the World about the corrupt activities of this low down serf.

I respect the post of the Prime Minister but I have totally lost respect for Najib Razak. He is an embarrassment to our country.

His dastardly acts cannot be forgotten ( one day he will be brought to justice, Allah/God Willing). His legacy is one big black dot. And he may well be long remembered as the most sinister Prime Minister in our political history.


I have no qualm in saying that Malaysia is heading towards a restive country religionwise. Things would have been much worse had there been no non-Muslims or other races in this country: the Constitution would have been changed and Shariah laws implemented just like in Brunei. We must thank the presence of other races and faiths for  single-handedly acting as a strong barrier against falling into this religious abyss.

It all started with the policy of our education system which established religious schools and the separation of children of different faiths in the eighties. Then that ‘bright idea” of inculcating the Islamic values in government agencies and the consequent fervour of everything Islamic. Suddenly you see surau (praying rooms and building) mushrooming everywhere especially in schools and government departments.

In a brand new building at one major government hospital, there is hardly enough space for units located there to operate and yet you have two spacious praying rooms for males and females: what can you say to that?

In fact it is a policy for government buildings to include a surau on their premises. Then you have teachers and government servants being absent from their post at certain times of the day. You just cannot get them as they have gone to pray; now what can you say to that? I have come across immigration counters at KLIA ( main airport in Malaysia) being undermanned as some on-duty staff had gone to pray and not come back. Teachers going off to pray during classes, civil servants not there to answer calls, even a MAS flight attendant praying right next to the plane toilet! Unbelievable but there you are, people of that religious persuasion are becoming floridly God-fearing. This is the product of over 25 years of flawed policy and education system.

We now have some young men (and women) studying in such religious schools with no jobs on completion of their studies voluntarily joining the evil ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) and involving themselves in heinous acts as reported here. If our policymakers are still unaware of the impact of this institutionalised religious education, I am afraid we are in for a protracted war against extremism. This “war” would sap our energy in making our country better developed economically.

I have yet to get a confirmation about this information that every month there are about 17,000 Malaysians immigrating and most likely these are high-achieving people who just cannot take what is happening in this country. This is no doubt a “brain-drain” (read this news report). This country will be left with people who live only to “enter heaven and be with angels” on their death! As taught in their schools. To these people their life is worth more upon death. What a twisted thought!

( Heck! One had decided to enjoy his life upon death much earlier by becoming the first Malaysian suicide bomber in Syria)


[See Part I of this “Toxic Education System” where I am sharing a post by a blogger ” Out Syed The Box” who regularly reverted his posts into drafts for his personal reasons and you might not be able to read them at his blog whenever you like.

There are other Malaysians who share the apprehension against religious radicalism and extremism that are subtly and steadily overwhelming this beloved country]


Malaysia is not what it used to be about 30 years ago. We were less developed then and neither were there  numerous hijab-clad women and men in Arabised garb. Even female religious teachers wore modest scarves with bits of hair revealed and some did not cover their heads at all.

People welcome modern development of better infrastructures and services and so you witness widespread physical changes in this country. Being resource-rich with the then sensitive political leadership and good economic planning, Malaysia has been able to develop her human capital through emphasis on secular education.

This country was set to play on the world stage and be a model of a peaceful multi-ethnic country. Alas sometimes in early 80s someone had decided to use religion for his political ambition. Drawing on the inherent insecurity of man about the afterlife, the change-agent in authority then, named Anwar Ibrahim ( currently incarcerated), yes, the same one;  went on a blitz to “Islamise” almost every facet of life in this country starting with the  building of an exclusive  free school for hijab-clad girls then the whole of the education system and the government agencies.

More religious schools were built practically separating children of different faiths, who will be the future leaders of this country. More Muslim parents are sending their young children’s to study religious texts instead of the stuffs which will enable them to operate in this fast changing world.

That beginning has morphed into the monstrous system using laws such as the Seditious Act, ostensibly protecting the sanctity of the religion and the hereditary rulers to force, intimidate,arrest and threaten people whom they regard as not adhering to their moral rules. This system is being run mostly by those who were sent to study in Middle-Eastern countries in the mid-80s and 90s.

They take it upon themselves to guard the moral of the Muslim society.  They issue edicts according to their ideology. Some are truly repressive like women cannot wear tight jeans and cannot do  Yoga and  cannot wish Merry Christmas et cetera.

So intrusive and insensitive have these people become that due to the poor political leadership to rein in this “extremism”, a group of 25 eminent (Muslim) Malays had written an open letter to plead for a rational dialogue on use of religion to control the life of citizens of this country and encroach on the constitutional rights of Malaysians.

I would like to share a recent open letter from a member of the Group of 25, who was the Secretary-General of our Treasury from 1991-1993, on the need to defend our Constitution which looks like being trampled on by these overzealous religious Turks.

To me the letter is an excellent expression of rationality and of moderation which the weak political leadership of this country is tossing around at the global stage but has failed to practice it at home.

Here is his letter:

Defending constitutional democracy

I THINK anyone reading the open letter on Dec 7, 2014 (published in The Star on Dec 8) by the G25 (a group of prominent Malays) will find it easy to understand its core message about the kind of country that we want Malaysia to be.

We want Malaysia to remain a constitutional democracy because it is the most effective form of government in defending the rights and freedoms of citizens.

It is also most suited for Malaysia, given the multi-racial character of its population; the differences in language, culture and religion among the people; and their desire as citizens for fair and equal treatment under the law.

A Federal Constitution that recognises the basic rights of all communities is the glue that holds together this multi-racial nation.

In a constitutional democracy, there is clear separation of powers between the legislature, the judiciary and the executive, and there are checks and balances to guard against abuse of power by any one branch of government……….

Read more here

The sun is gradually setting on the year 2014. Somehow this year feels different for me. I am not that creative and lack a sense of joy and as a result have not been able to frequently write in my blog. I have several topics and ideas but the juice is just not coming out especially in the last few months. I have no doubt that what’s happening around the world and especially in my own country has had an effect on my state of mind. Tried as I might, there seemed to be a heavy lock on my mind’s door.

These are some of the events occurring in 2014 that among others, sadden, depress, shock and infuriate me:

 Mysterious disappearance of our MAS aircraft MH370

Shooting down of our MH17 over Ukraine

Emergence of terror group ISIL and brutal beheadings of  their prisoners

Kidnapping of more than 200 girls by terrorists in Nigeria

Outbreaks of ebola in Western Africa killing more than 6000

Killing of more than 100 schoolchildren by Pakistani Taliban

The devastating typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines

The plight of the Rohingyas of Myanmar

The Sydney Siege

Plight of the Gazans

Emergence of extremism  and religious bigotry in Malaysia

The retention of the Seditious Act 1948 in Malaysia

Falling price of oil  and my tumbling stocks

There are many other events  that have an effect on my state of mind and I hope I could get back on track before the year technically ends. For a while, I did  wonder whether I needed to rebalance my brain chemicals using medications but really those mind-altering drugs could instead produce worse side-effects such as addiction, sleeplessness and rebound depression. I have resorted to meditation and prayer and indeed those early morning solitude have helped me to feel better and look forward to a bright day, each day and everyday.

It’s strange how one could laugh and joke with friends, preside over meetings, attend power lunches, company dinners and manage employees yet one feels so sad inside. That is what is referred to as internal depression borne out of the feeling of not being in control of all those happenings around you.

The sunset is best watched alone on the beach (Net image)

The sunset is best watched alone on the beach  
(net image)

Malaysia used to be a great country 25 years ago but is slowly turning to be an intolerant one bent on  controlling every facet of people’s life, no thanks to the pervasive religious education in the school system. Extremist groups have become bolder in trying to dictate our  private and social life; heck,  even wishing our Christian friends a Merry Christmas is sinful to them. How do you deal with damn bigots? Ignore them for now I suppose and heal the depression.

Over at my holiday destination, the sunset is just beautiful and yet am anxious to see it disappear over the 2014 horizon….

It never ceases to amaze me now that young civil servants have learnt to be corrupt. Just read the latest news report that eight immigration officers including a female have been charged with graft. And just look at that, they received bribes for facilitating the entry of Indonesian immigrants into the country ( to feed their family and sustain their lavish lifestyle?). By the same token, they could also, for money, let in illegal immigrants into the country. God, what is happening to our country? The blinking politicians are quarreling, the secular/non-Muslim and Muslim are having a cold war and the civil servants are busy fattening their pockets. And compromising our national security to boot!

The Eight facing graft charges ( Courtesy: The Star)

And look again at the ages of the dirty Immigration officers, they are young, young civil servants, between the ages of 25-36. looks like many just joined the service for less than 10 years! And Imagine if they are not caught, they will be relying on these despicable acts for the next 25 over years till they retire in style. And notice also they are all of the same race, Malay and shamefully Muslim. This profile does not bode well for multi-racial Malaysia. PM Najib please ensure the civil service is truly 1-Malaysia! As this could help check corrupt practices.

Should these young officers be left to continue with their corruption they would infect other new recruits to the Department and we will never hear the end of this scourge. This is not a question of nipping in the bud, this is a question of cutting down the hard old bamboo trees!

Public Services Commission (PSC), the recruiting body for civil servants, please do your job properly. Please look for applicants with integrity. It is also advisable to give them integrity questionnaires to root out those with corrupt personalities. It can be done and it must be done to safeguard our civil service from “vultures” destroying the fabric of our multi-racial society. Please save our country before the oil runs out from our wells!

I would like to re post here in my blog the STAR online report:

Published: Thursday April 7, 2011 MYT 1:30:00 PM
Updated: Thursday April 7, 2011 MYT 6:38:19 PM

Eight Immigration officers charged with graft (Update)

SHAH ALAM: Eight Immigration officers claimed trial at three separate courts here for allegedly obtaining bribes amounting to RM122,140 to facilitate the entry of Indonesian immigrants into Malaysia.

The eight, including a woman, are officers from the shipping division of the Immigration Department. They face a total of 83 charges.

They are Md Shahrizal Che Dan, 26, Nor Shahazlina Sulaiman, 25, Mohamad Izuwanshah Samsuri, 25, Mohamad Huzzail Ahmad, 31, Ahmad Zahed Abd Ali, 28, Azmir Mahadi, 28, Mohd Hafiz Zakaria, 27, and Mohd Khairul Haqimie Kamarudin, 26.

They were charged with collecting bribes ranging from RM500 to RM51,760 at various times and locations and banks.

All of them were charged under Section 17(a) of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act 2009.

The charge carries a maximum 20 years jail and a fine of no less than five times the amount of bribe or RM10,000, whichever is higher.