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Mystery of MH370

Vanished  MH370: The Truth Is Out There Where Evil Reigns in The Heart of Man

As the CNN aviation investigation journalist, Richard Quest said, with the increasing availability of data on the missing Boeing 777-200ER, things are beginning to shape up. And what is becoming clearer now,  after ten days of Malaysia airlines flight MH370 ( Boeing 777-200ER)  jetliner’s  disappearance, is too much to bear in its perceived evil madness.

I realise that the following sentiment could be treated as another speculation much to my distaste as I have promised in my earlier posting not to dwell on it but new evidences are too technical to ignore by my sense of curiosity , call it if you will.

International aircrash investigators and analysts are coming to the conclusion that the satellite and radar data  point to a deliberate act to hijack or seize the plane and render it invisible on air and now ensuring that it is hard to be found as well. According to the Wall Street Journal, If multiple communication systems aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 were manually disabled, as investigators increasingly suspect happened, it would have required detailed knowledge of the long-range Boeing Co. 777’s inner workings“. This is an ominous indication that an experienced hand was at work. That recorded sudden climb of the jet to 45,000 ft on flight diversion  is stupefying, way out of the recommended height of flying; what does this tell us? Truly we cannot escape from making speculations.

Hijacking, seizure or sabotage could be in play here and focus is now on the two pilots of the jetliner.

By the way, to be fair, could any other passengers on board that are skilled in manoeuvring the modern aircraft after sequentially switching off the security system? I hope the authorities  with the help of the passengers’ countries and terrorist experts will examine each one of them and start eliminating the innocents and zero in on the “evil culprit (s)”. A fair conclusion of this exercise may take a long time.

Turning now to Zaharie Ahmad Shah, the 53 year -old, long- serving MAS pilot with more than 18,000 flight hours and who have been reported to have  interesting passions like building and keeping a plane simulator in his house. He is apparently an avid political activist and known supporter of the opposition . He was claimed (unverified) to have attended Anwar Ibrahim’s court case where the latter (Leader of the Opposition Coalition)  was found guilty and sentenced to five-year imprisonment for sodomy the day (o7 March 2014)  before his flight to Beijing. Could he have been so profoundly affected by the verdict that he  was driven to so-called ” insanity” after the last “game” on his personal simulator?

And that FB photo of him brandishing a chopper with an exultant expression on his face is disturbing. Everything about this man is being scrutinised and analysed including his disdainful postings on the current government.  He is also claimed to have been divorced from his wife: another unsettling side of him (if true). And that YouTube tribute for him uploaded by his family members on 12 March 2014,  is looking at just “one window” of his character. We all have several “windows” to our character depending on circumstances and who we interact with. No normal human beings can read what’s on our mind.

Showing off, broadcasting and putting yourself in the social media for the world to see your  worldly antics  requires a certain personality: a subconscious need to be recognised. I have successful friends who would be loathed to have FB accounts and upon analysis of their personality , I can broadly conclude  that these people do not have  the words “self-promotion” and “publicity” in their vocabulary. No issues with the need to be recognised in that manner.

Zaharie is now globally recognised as the pilot of the missing MH370 which is shrouded in mystery and labelled as “an unprecedented aviation disaster”.

Now consider the first officer of MH370, the playboy pilot, Fariq Abdul Hamid who joined MAS in 2007 and at 27 years old he was transitioning to piloting Boeing 777.  Not much is known about him apart from the breach of cockpit security in 2011 and that his father is a senior Selangor State civil servant. Apparently he is contemplating marriage  to his sweetheart, a pilot of a budget airline, and looks like he has so much to look forward to. But he too has character “windows”.

Could one of them be the skilled hijacker? Consider the balance of probabilities.

It would be best if the black box could be found as it would have recorded the going ons in the cockpit though some expert poured cold water on it by stating that if  pilots were involved, little audio would be recorded by the “dumb” box. Having said that the possibility of finding the plane and the passengers alive, let alone the black box, in the near term, is looking remote as the clock ticks away.

At least some passengers in the hijacked United Airlines plane in the 9/11 incidence were able to call their loved ones from the plane before it was crashed by the suicide hijackers, but those in MH370 had no chance at all to do so. Think again about this scenario and relate it to that recorded 45,000 ft climb.

The truth is out there, the truth will free us, the truth maybe too painful to accept and yet, the truth may never be found.