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When Adenan Satem became the new Chief Minister of Sarawak through the goodness of the previous long serving and allegedly corrupt Chief Minister, Taib Mahmud, many people were quite apprehensive. Here comes another would be corrupt politician. But surprise, surprise this man who was supposedly sick once, was quick to announce that he would not stand corruption and that all those illegal timber loggings would be stopped and perpetrators would be punished. He talked brave.

Adenan Satem went on to denounce any illegal immigration to Sarawak and warned against those caught hiding illegal immigrants. He was also alleged to be strongly against the entry of peninsular-based Malay party UMNO into Sarawak. He appears incorruptible and extremely patriotic. Well and good, a reasonable man indeed. I was impressed. After all this man is university-educated.

Today’s news at this portal baffled me and now I suspect, Adenan Satem is not that intelligent let alone analytically-minded. He is saying Najib Razak as Malaysian PM did more for Sarawak in a shorter time than Mahathir who was Prime Minister for 22 years! Think Adenan Satem, use your brain. There was political stability during Mahathir’s time when he consistently received two third majority at the General Elections. During that period, Taib Mahmud was the Chief Minister of Sarawak and busy enriching himself and his family and Sarawakians were somehow quiet except for the Penans. Najib came to power when the ruling coalition is already weakened and that it requires parliamentary seats in Sarawak and Sabah, known as “fixed deposits” to prop it up in power.Without these he would not be the Prime Minister as they lost big here in the Peninsular.

Give some credit to Najib despite being labelled as clueless and not that intelligent, he knows if he wants to stay in power with those wealth and private jets privileges, he has to “bribe” the people who could help him politically. So Adenan Satem, are you intelligent enough to deduce that all those “assistance” that Najib has given to Sarawak actually comes with a hidden agenda? Had he comfortably won the last General Election in 2013, he would do exactly like his previous predecessors did to Sarawak before. By the way, Najib is doing the same thing to Sabah, giving them more allocations to win the people’s hearts and mind to lull them into thinking that he is good so keep voting for him to continue plundering.

But I am also inclined to think that Adenan’s support for Najib gets the backing of the previous Chief Minister Taib Mahmud who is now the Governor of Sarawak based on Najib’s recommendation to the King of Malaysia. And knowing the age of Taib, who knows Adenan is also harbouring the thought of being the next Sarawak’s governor, so it’s safe for him to bet on Najib. Najib and his wife Rosmah’s association with the previous CM of Sarawak is well known. Who was it that sponsored the fashion show by Rosmah in Monaco complete with Prince Albert in tow a few years ago? You can find it in the Sarawak report website.

Adenan Satem, the current chief Minister of Sarawak.

Adenan Satem, the current Chief Minister of Sarawak, needs to think laterally and control his mouth. (net image)

Dear Adenan Satem please don’t make a fool of yourself. Nobody gives something for nothing in this world. And stop belittling and bad mouthing Dr Mahathir who has done a lot for Malaysia economically unlike Najib who lacks integrity in dealing with the nation’s wealth through the mismanagement of 1MDB.