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As the calls for Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak to step down are gathering steam, the man has decided to fight back by using social media and going around the county to shore up support for him. In the meantime the attacks by the ex-long serving PM have become more vicious. The latest is on Najib’s changing reply (lying in Parliament) on the status of the fund brought back from the Cayman Island and kept in a bank in Singapore. This information was disputed by the bank telling the press that there was no money being parked in its premises.

Coming back to the embattled Najib who wants so desperately remain as the PM that he has stooped so low that he plays the emotional appeal card wherever he goes. When he went to Sabah a few weeks ago, he expressly wanted to go to Tawau where there is the largest number of Bugis ethnic group in the state. He told the large crowd that he was a Bugis much to the delight of this migrant population that have become Malaysian and hence voters cum UMNO ( United Malay National Organisation), members, the dominant coalition component of the ruling BN (National Front)”.

When he was in Johor, he told the crowd there that 50% blood in his body is Johor’s blood as his mother is from Johor. And recently when he visited Pahang, his home state, he told the crowd holding Pahang’s flags ( yes, the state flag, not Malaysian national flag), that the Sultan ( the hereditary king of the state) supported him. He also has been noted to tell people not to forget that his father Razak Hussein was the second PM of Malaysia and that the late old man had done a lot to develop particularly the rural areas. By the way, the sultan is supposed to be above politics and if they want to join politics they should abdicate and face the people in a democratic election!

Now, what have all these “connections” got to do with his massive financial mismanagement of the country’s fund through 1MDB? Obviously Najib’s position has become tenuous and he is grappling  every single loose planks floating in the sea to save himself. Here is a weak leader who desperately wants to hold on to power at all cost. A shameless leader who has no clue about integrity. His conflict of interest is glaring in 1MDB financial fiasco, being both the PM and the Minister of Finance. The most honorable step for him is to resign but he has repeatedly announced that he would not make that decision. He tries hard to deflect public and UMNO members’ attention by asking them to stay united…. Balderdash! To stay united and support his poor leadership and grand scale financial mismanagement of the people’s money? Give me a break.

Najib’s behavior has become erratic. By calling himself a Bugis, he is actually segregating the Malays who have long ago sidelined their various ethnic ancestry in order to become united as a formidable political force in the country. Najib’s lack of intelligence is highlighted under these circumstances. He is no leader. It was Mahathir ‘s folly to have chosen such a nitwit as our PM. He totally fails us the rakyat (citizens). The worst thing is he is deluded into thinking that people are supporting him.

Najib please disappear. Your desperation to cling to power is pathetic.