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I notice that people who are deeply religious are the ones who are very hard to convince on a lot of things that they see as contrary to their faith/belief. When they look at you, you’ll never fail to see that smugness, as if they are saying ” I am safe and you’re the dumb one”.

They are contented in their own way and leave everything to God. So strong is their faith, they will not budge even if they are threatened with the law. I saw on TV this evening how a group of Christian florists who would not give their service to gay couple’s weddings because of their belief. I wonder whether they would also not give their service to others not of the same belief as them?

The same situation is seen among religious Malaysians who are adamant about having their way because to them it’s what their religion teaches them and they absolutely cannot contravene their belief. Their steadfastness quite often borders on insensitivity towards other faiths.

The above examples are typical of people who have refused to think and gradually thinking becomes hard as they progressively become lazy and seek the least resistant paths And not only that, they then become dependent on others to think for them and this is where the ” religious teachers and glib speakers” come in with verses from the Holy Book and the sayings (hadiths) of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH, purportedly by him even though some of those sayings were recorded 200 years after the prophet’s demise. They just accept what the so-called clergies say and regurgitate the ideas to others without processing the information. Some of those ideas create disunity and dissatisfaction  in the multi-cultural community.

To make matters worse, they also expect others to accept whatever they expound. Amazingly, many are going their way as thinking becomes hard.

Father of Modern Singapore. May you Rest in Peace

Father of Modern Singapore. May you Rest in Peace

Great strategist of Asian affairs

Exceptional leadership

Strategist and Statesman

Influential politician in Asia

Visionary and Determined

A powerful advocate for the region

A true giant of history

A far-sighted statesman and a Lion among leaders

Legendary figure in Asia

Decisive and people-loving leader

Uncompromising stand for meritocracy,efficiency and education

Transformed resource-poor country into a global trading hub, financial powerhouse through education, integrated planning and a highly trained civil service.

His contributions to Singapore will be remembered for generations to come


The mad desire to control is associated with people who enjoy being in the position of power and want to maintain that power at all cost. Power can be exerted through many ways, chief among them are religion,ideology like communism,hereditary bloodlines and sheer force of personality and charisma. When religion is used, man’s insecurity about death is invoked and education is tailored towards complete submission and dismissal of secular education especially in English, the world’s universal language. Doesn’t this remind you of BOKO HARAM, the brutal terrorist’s group in Africa? Boko Haram means “school is forbidden”.

The main strategy is to keep the population ignorant and easily cowed with the promise of severe retribution after death if you don’t follow their teachings. Gosh, do you know that people of this religious persuasion is more scared of death than of living with all its life challenges? When people become docile, they are easier to lead, sway and of course to control. They are mentally shackled.

During the Dark Ages in Europe, clergymen reigned supreme and people were controlled through their faith and had things not changed , we would not be communicating in this manner. These men of religion see progress as an obstacle of their hold to power. This is where communism and religion differs beside being the same in terms of enforced social cohesion and unity in principle, faith and belief. Communism is atheist and religion is god-centred but all the same, administered by man.

I am appalled by what is happening in an East Coast state in Malaysia as a political party in its bid to retain permanent power, has moved to cement that status by introducing fear-laden shariah law in the state. You might like to read this elegantly written article on the proposed implementation of Hudud in that state by the governing party and they used their hereditary ruler to support it and we know why and further repressing any dissenting voice. And so fixated is their mind on rolling out this legal amendment to the existing “secular” laws that their supporters issue death threats against anyone opposing it.

Yes, as one irate ex-politician says ” “We want easy answers for everything, which explains our new found fascination for God’s laws. We want religious laws to regulate our lives and believe that, somehow, using God’s laws will make everything perfect.”  Alas, as the people of  Kelantan has become docile, they are now easily trapped for life on earth.

I have been to Kelantan on several occasions. The state was recently devastated by the great flood and its political leaders said it was God’s way of asking them to practice His laws, ( I would say wait for the next bigger one!). Its capital Kota Bharu is drab, smelly and dirty and I am not planning to visit it ever again. I cannot stand seeing docile people.

Some years ago when there was hardly an opposition voice in the Malaysian parliament, many government’s excesses were kept hidden,swept under the carpet. The last 10 years have seen a change in the peoples’ mind. Call it due to better education, more access to information and an enlightened awareness about peoples’ rights but Malaysians are sending in more opposition party members into our parliament to keep tab on the coalition government that has been in power for donkey’s years.

Now we hear all sorts of scandalous issues brought out in the open by these opposition members of parliament. Apart from the financial debacle of IMDB (read it online in the Sarawak Report), we now hear of the PM and his wife abusing government jets as in this report. Actually like most Malaysians, I am getting sick and tired of the antics of Rosmah, Prime Minister’s Najib’s wife. I used to ignore stories about her but credible news about her are making me think twice about this woman who thinks highly of herself that she forgets that she would be nothing without Najib. She is a liability to the PM and indirectly to the governing coalition. How long more do the rural rakyat (citizens) are going to tolerate this deplorable  state of affairs and keep voting in the coalition led by this weak man?

See the photo below that I received on my WhatsApp yesterday. Have you all seen or noted the wives of Presidents, Prime Ministers,Kings and all making their husbands wait for them? Well, I have yet to see one other than Rosmah. This not only ridiculous but embarrassing to us Malaysians as well as this photo goes viral online. Of course this is not the first time she was shown to display utter contempt for her husband. I don’t care if it is any husband but being the Prime Minister of a country, some respect must be accorded to the man. We have never seen the likes of this when our ex-long serving PM Mahathir  was in power. Mahathir’s wife, Siti Hasmah, a Medical Doctor was a most dignified lady and would never have  upstaged her clever husband

Najib on the jet's staircase is waiting for the PM Rosmah  to finish shaking hands with the officials (source: unknown)

Najib on the jet’s staircase is waiting forlornly  for ” PM Rosmah” to finish shaking hands with the officials (source: unknown)

I hope the end for this unacceptable public behaviour of Rosmah will be soon.

The last general election in 2013 was won by BN, thanks to the support of the people from Sabah and Sarawak ( the two East Malaysian States). Well the next general election in 2018, the people of Sabah and Sarawak should see the light of day and dump this government. There are just so many scandals and interferences in the running of this country.

One would expect a religious person to be sensitive, calm and understanding. I am talking about normal circumstances where the society is not in turmoil and people go about doing their business in peace. I am talking about civil servants being professional in the discharge of their duties. Alas, it is not so in this country. This is the problem when religion is becoming an integral part of the psyche of authorities to the extent that any criticism or situation appearing to clash with anything religious would be pursued to the utmost limit by the power that be.

I am referring to the relentless “persecution” of a Muslim lady who is a manager of a bookstore which put on sale a book whose contents had riled the religious authorities. They charged her in shariah court without taking into account that the book was not yet banned in this country at that point of time (Yes, in this gradually “suffocating” country, they ban many books which do not agree with them!). The matter was brought to the civil court to determine the legality of the charge and the civil court has ruled  that Jawi (the religious department) acted illegally and unconstitutionally in raiding Borders and seizing the books six days before the book was banned by the Home Ministry.

The point is the lady is only an employee of the bookstore. She has no authority on which books the non-Muslim owner wants to put up for sale. But because she is a Muslim, the religious department chose to charge her in a shariah court which has no jurisdiction over non-Muslims. Anyway to cut the story short, following the ruling of the civil court, the shariah court later discharged the case not amounting to an acquittal. Everyone, except we know who, sighed with relief. At last some sense had prevailed over these religious authorities, putting to rest a long winded case. Hold on…… not too fast! Look at this report, the religious department is still pursuing the matter by appealing against both the civil and the shariah court’s decisions and what more the blinking department’s prosecutor had the gall to issue the notice of appeal directly to the lady manager (Nik Raina), intimidating her, showing his power, reflecting his ego, vindictiveness  and arrogance… a woman!

Nik Raina and photo of the banned book (source:  FMT)

Nik Raina and photo of the banned book
(source: FMT)

I am worried about these religious departments and religious courts because the people who work in these government agencies are likely to be those who are set in their mind and will come out with “verses” from the holy book to justify their words and actions irrespective of the facts that some of those verses were suitable for people living in deserts some 2000 years ago.

For their conviction, they take everything incongruent to their faiths personally as you might have already seen in areas relating to this kind of religion. They will not rest till they get their quarry. They would rather see this woman depressed and broken. Surely the Almighty would frown upon this sick behaviour. What kind of government servants are these?

And “Apa lagi kau  Jawi, the Federal Territory Islamic Affairs Department, mau ?” (What else do you want ?); a broken woman, mother, wife , daughter and sister? As only then would your dark hearts be satisfied?

After all those years of anti-corruption campaigns and integrity programmes, corruption in the government sector ( also in the private sector) is still rampant, alive and kicking. We have read about corruption in the police force, custom, immigration, transportation and now in our navy ” Navy staff undone by lavish spending”. It looks like wherever there is an opportunity, there is no integrity.

Service for country and king and ....

Malaysian Navy- Service for country and king and ……..(net image)

I am at a loss thinking about the families and the education system which produce this kind of citizens who lack the awareness on the consequences of corruption in the service, community and country.As I see it, the ability to say no to corruption is within you: your attitude to getting things by abusing your trusted position. Are you aware that corruption weakens/degrades the society? Do you practice to say ” no” to bribery? Do you feel guilty when you accept a bribe? Ask yourself and dig at the answers and invoke your religious/moral training (if there is any)

Despite the current large-scale Islamisation of government services and the education system, these corrupt government servants still prevail. They wear Islamic garbs and they go to pray during working times and yet they are indulgently parasitic, feeding on money not rightfully earned!

The more important implication of this treacherous behaviour is the impact on public service and community. Corruption has far wider negative effects on the society. In the case of the naval officers from the procurement division, low quality supplies could have been supplied at inflated prices causing the government, read, tax-payers to fork out more fund to purchase them. Fund which could have been used to help the poor and the needy.

The above situation applies to all items but more so if the items are equipments used for security purposes. The navy would end up with substandard items which could well be defective, not lasting or come with expensive spare parts not in the quotations. Contractors with inferior quality supplies are usually the ones likely to offer bribe to officers in charge of procurement in any government agency.

Let’s hope our Malaysian Anti-Corruption Council continue to detect, arrest and successfully prosecuted all these scum of the government service!

Immigration.. border control, foreigners,work permits and passport issuance and...

Immigration.. border control, foreigners,work permits and passport issuance and……. (net image)

It would appear that in spite of all those previous well-publicised arrests of rogue government servants for corruption, the punishments are not sufficiently deterrent to scare the hell out of these government staff. The lure of the good life is far too attractive: the expensive cars, luxury watches, elegant houses, annual overseas holidays; you name it and they want it. They could not have afforded these on their salary as government servants.

I am reminded here that the State of Trengganu in the East coast is proposing for those male Muslim men not performing Friday prayer to be paraded in a hearse around town for the public to mock. How about we do the same for convicted corrupt government servants? Shaming them could be effective. But then some human rights freaks would oppose strongly to this method. Well, I oppose the punishment for Friday prayer’s skippers but not for bloody corrupt government staff.

Arrested custom officers, charged for corruption. Million of taxes not collected...

Arrested custom officers, charged for corruption. Million of taxes not collected…….. (Source: The Star)

I believe the measures put in by the government to fight corruption in the service are not working. The internal monitoring by each government agency is weak or lackadaisical. Most people would rather close one eye or turn the other cheek. People are more concerned about appearing religious than actually practising religion in its true sense, one of the main elements of which is integrity.


I have no qualm in saying that Malaysia is heading towards a restive country religionwise. Things would have been much worse had there been no non-Muslims or other races in this country: the Constitution would have been changed and Shariah laws implemented just like in Brunei. We must thank the presence of other races and faiths for  single-handedly acting as a strong barrier against falling into this religious abyss.

It all started with the policy of our education system which established religious schools and the separation of children of different faiths in the eighties. Then that ‘bright idea” of inculcating the Islamic values in government agencies and the consequent fervour of everything Islamic. Suddenly you see surau (praying rooms and building) mushrooming everywhere especially in schools and government departments.

In a brand new building at one major government hospital, there is hardly enough space for units located there to operate and yet you have two spacious praying rooms for males and females: what can you say to that?

In fact it is a policy for government buildings to include a surau on their premises. Then you have teachers and government servants being absent from their post at certain times of the day. You just cannot get them as they have gone to pray; now what can you say to that? I have come across immigration counters at KLIA ( main airport in Malaysia) being undermanned as some on-duty staff had gone to pray and not come back. Teachers going off to pray during classes, civil servants not there to answer calls, even a MAS flight attendant praying right next to the plane toilet! Unbelievable but there you are, people of that religious persuasion are becoming floridly God-fearing. This is the product of over 25 years of flawed policy and education system.

We now have some young men (and women) studying in such religious schools with no jobs on completion of their studies voluntarily joining the evil ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) and involving themselves in heinous acts as reported here. If our policymakers are still unaware of the impact of this institutionalised religious education, I am afraid we are in for a protracted war against extremism. This “war” would sap our energy in making our country better developed economically.

I have yet to get a confirmation about this information that every month there are about 17,000 Malaysians immigrating and most likely these are high-achieving people who just cannot take what is happening in this country. This is no doubt a “brain-drain” (read this news report). This country will be left with people who live only to “enter heaven and be with angels” on their death! As taught in their schools. To these people their life is worth more upon death. What a twisted thought!

( Heck! One had decided to enjoy his life upon death much earlier by becoming the first Malaysian suicide bomber in Syria)


[See Part I of this “Toxic Education System” where I am sharing a post by a blogger ” Out Syed The Box” who regularly reverted his posts into drafts for his personal reasons and you might not be able to read them at his blog whenever you like.

There are other Malaysians who share the apprehension against religious radicalism and extremism that are subtly and steadily overwhelming this beloved country]


I would like to share a post by the blogger at “OutSyed The Box” on the issues of the products of our education system and policy of “putting religion” in government business and agencies. I agree with the astute blogger as I also observe the ‘morphing’ of this policy into a pervasive and invisible influence in our psyche and surroundings. I also concur with Syed Akbar, the blogger, that the solution of our current policy debacle is glaringly in front of us.

I am saying my piece in part II of this posting and giving you the link to the STAR report on the  Malaysian young men who are joining ISIS.


Thursday, March 5, 2015

Products Of Our Education System And Our Government’s Sponsored Religious Indoctrination

  • They were our own. 
  • video showing beheading of a Syrian man 
  • police confirmed presence of Malaysians during IS killings in Syria
  • identified as 20 yr Mohd Faris Anuar from Gurun in Kedah 
  • 25 yr Muhamad Wanndy Mohamad Jedi from Durian Tunggal in Malacca
  • video showed a man on the ground with his head severed
  • Mohd Faris’ dad reeling in shock over news
  • “Eh, take one picture,” says Muhamad Wanndy 
  • “Ah. Video, video. Video! Ah. Want picture, wait for a while,” says Mohd Faris 
  • Muhamad Wanndy poses, flashes index finger, smiling into camera.
  • SAC Ayob Khan released photos of Nor Mahmudah Ahmad from Baling
  • video uploaded to Facebook account of Abu Hamzah Al Fateh on Feb 22
  • video taken by Mohd Faris 
  • Muhamad Wanndy owner of Facebook account of Abu Hamzah Al Fateh.
  • Muhamad Wanndy, unemployed, in Syria with his wife Nor Mahmudah.
  • The couple travelled there on Feb 26.
  • travelled from KL, took a flight to Moscow, travelled via train to Istanbul, Syria
  • Mohd Faris made it to Syria on Sept 22.
  • new wing of Malaysian & Indonesian militants Majmu’ah al Arkhabiliy
  • Malaysians present at the slaughter. 
  • who’s to say they wouldn’t do that when they come back?
  • involvement of Malaysians in slaughter of innocent people
  • We want to show the depth of their cruelty. 
  • SAC Ayob said other Malaysians involved with slaughter of people
  • 2007 two Johoreans arrested killing security officers in neighbouring country
  • 2011, two Darul Islam members in Sabah slaughtered Christian hostage 
  • ideology is same as IS, JI, al-Qaeda and Boko Haram
  • Even if Muslim, kill and slaughter us if we’re not part of them
  • “Even their families not spared by them.” SAC Ayob 
My comments : My question to SAC Ayob and the Police is where did these people pick up their religious indoctrination?

Are these three confused people, all of whom were unemployed here in Malaysia, graduates of some terrorist madrassahOr were they just graduates of our normal sekolah kebangsaan?

Did they attend some extremist, terrorist infused surau, madrasah and masjid or did they attend the local masjid, the local surau etc?

Their religious indoctrination gives them a sense of common destiny and common values with IS, JI, al-Qaeda and Boko Haram.    

I have been saying this for years : take religion completely out of the school system, out of the education system, out of government,  take it out of the public space. 

Religion belongs in the home and inside your heart. It is a personal thing. 

We made a mistake by incorporating the ‘Penerapan Nilai Nilai Islam‘ in government in the 1980s. From there it was hijacked, it mutated and now it has become a cancer that is spreading everywhere.

Maybe SAC Ayob Khan will begin to understand that religious education and the type of religious indoctrination that we have in this country has become a threat to the security of the nation itself. The problem is in the mirror.  If the Police are willing to listen I can tell them why they are going to be more busy chasing after these confused people.  Believe me you are going to be more and more busy.

But if the Police only want to listen to their own broken tape recorders you will never understand the problem.  The problem is in the mirror.

Malaysia is not what it used to be about 30 years ago. We were less developed then and neither were there  numerous hijab-clad women and men in Arabised garb. Even female religious teachers wore modest scarves with bits of hair revealed and some did not cover their heads at all.

People welcome modern development of better infrastructures and services and so you witness widespread physical changes in this country. Being resource-rich with the then sensitive political leadership and good economic planning, Malaysia has been able to develop her human capital through emphasis on secular education.

This country was set to play on the world stage and be a model of a peaceful multi-ethnic country. Alas sometimes in early 80s someone had decided to use religion for his political ambition. Drawing on the inherent insecurity of man about the afterlife, the change-agent in authority then, named Anwar Ibrahim ( currently incarcerated), yes, the same one;  went on a blitz to “Islamise” almost every facet of life in this country starting with the  building of an exclusive  free school for hijab-clad girls then the whole of the education system and the government agencies.

More religious schools were built practically separating children of different faiths, who will be the future leaders of this country. More Muslim parents are sending their young children’s to study religious texts instead of the stuffs which will enable them to operate in this fast changing world.

That beginning has morphed into the monstrous system using laws such as the Seditious Act, ostensibly protecting the sanctity of the religion and the hereditary rulers to force, intimidate,arrest and threaten people whom they regard as not adhering to their moral rules. This system is being run mostly by those who were sent to study in Middle-Eastern countries in the mid-80s and 90s.

They take it upon themselves to guard the moral of the Muslim society.  They issue edicts according to their ideology. Some are truly repressive like women cannot wear tight jeans and cannot do  Yoga and  cannot wish Merry Christmas et cetera.

So intrusive and insensitive have these people become that due to the poor political leadership to rein in this “extremism”, a group of 25 eminent (Muslim) Malays had written an open letter to plead for a rational dialogue on use of religion to control the life of citizens of this country and encroach on the constitutional rights of Malaysians.

I would like to share a recent open letter from a member of the Group of 25, who was the Secretary-General of our Treasury from 1991-1993, on the need to defend our Constitution which looks like being trampled on by these overzealous religious Turks.

To me the letter is an excellent expression of rationality and of moderation which the weak political leadership of this country is tossing around at the global stage but has failed to practice it at home.

Here is his letter:

Defending constitutional democracy

I THINK anyone reading the open letter on Dec 7, 2014 (published in The Star on Dec 8) by the G25 (a group of prominent Malays) will find it easy to understand its core message about the kind of country that we want Malaysia to be.

We want Malaysia to remain a constitutional democracy because it is the most effective form of government in defending the rights and freedoms of citizens.

It is also most suited for Malaysia, given the multi-racial character of its population; the differences in language, culture and religion among the people; and their desire as citizens for fair and equal treatment under the law.

A Federal Constitution that recognises the basic rights of all communities is the glue that holds together this multi-racial nation.

In a constitutional democracy, there is clear separation of powers between the legislature, the judiciary and the executive, and there are checks and balances to guard against abuse of power by any one branch of government……….

Read more here


CNY 2015 goat

Praying and hoping for a better year despite the current slump in our oil prices. For Dragons like me, the prediction is 3/5 for finance and 2/5 for social life but of course I can change all that with hard work and more engagements with friends and my community. Everything is in my hands. And so it is with you.