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For as long as the Prime Minister Najib is not able to answer the question on where the rest of the loan of the 42 billion taken by the Malaysian government sovereign fund 1MDB is, the so-called crisis between him and the ex-long serving Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir (1981-2003), will continue. Never had any past PM taken such a massive short-term loan for long-term development and what is worse, he is unable to account for it.

No one else in Malaysia would dare to question Najib on financial mismanagement of  such a gigantic proportion, if not for the straight talking and no nonsense ex-PM who is 90 years old (I pray for his health and longevity to see this scandal through). Najib is accusing Dr Mahathir of having self-interest in the issue but many of us do not buy it.

Najib is saying that Malaysia would be paralysed if BN (National Front) lost in the next General Election as the opposition is in disarray. Well, for people who have made up their mind, they wouldn’t care. Paralyse or not, they don’t want BN to be led by Najib.

PM Najib on the left. Just answer the question Najib and end this crisis and no need to point your finger.

PM Najib on the left and Dr Mahathir. Just answer the question, Najib and end this crisis and no need to point your finger at the old man. (Photo – Malaysiakini)

As for me, I will not vote for BN for as long as Najib is the President of UMNO (United Malay national Organisation) the main component party of the ruling BN simply because I value integrity in a leader and Najib lacks tons of it. In the meantime, let’s see whether  he can answer Dr Mahathir’s question on the “missing billion” and how long does he take to do just that.

Najib has not yet answered satisfactorily, instead he asked Arul Kanda the new CEO of 1MDB to do so and the latter quickly proceeded by presenting the fund’s debt allocations into “boxes” and shove them to the newspapers to be printed for public consumption.

Being both the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister, the check and balance is virtually absent allowing the PM to do practically anything he likes, even bypassing the cabinet. No one in their right mind would agree that this is a healthy practice.

Just answer the question truthfully, Najib and end this crisis.


When Adenan Satem became the new Chief Minister of Sarawak through the goodness of the previous long serving and allegedly corrupt Chief Minister, Taib Mahmud, many people were quite apprehensive. Here comes another would be corrupt politician. But surprise, surprise this man who was supposedly sick once, was quick to announce that he would not stand corruption and that all those illegal timber loggings would be stopped and perpetrators would be punished. He talked brave.

Adenan Satem went on to denounce any illegal immigration to Sarawak and warned against those caught hiding illegal immigrants. He was also alleged to be strongly against the entry of peninsular-based Malay party UMNO into Sarawak. He appears incorruptible and extremely patriotic. Well and good, a reasonable man indeed. I was impressed. After all this man is university-educated.

Today’s news at this portal baffled me and now I suspect, Adenan Satem is not that intelligent let alone analytically-minded. He is saying Najib Razak as Malaysian PM did more for Sarawak in a shorter time than Mahathir who was Prime Minister for 22 years! Think Adenan Satem, use your brain. There was political stability during Mahathir’s time when he consistently received two third majority at the General Elections. During that period, Taib Mahmud was the Chief Minister of Sarawak and busy enriching himself and his family and Sarawakians were somehow quiet except for the Penans. Najib came to power when the ruling coalition is already weakened and that it requires parliamentary seats in Sarawak and Sabah, known as “fixed deposits” to prop it up in power.Without these he would not be the Prime Minister as they lost big here in the Peninsular.

Give some credit to Najib despite being labelled as clueless and not that intelligent, he knows if he wants to stay in power with those wealth and private jets privileges, he has to “bribe” the people who could help him politically. So Adenan Satem, are you intelligent enough to deduce that all those “assistance” that Najib has given to Sarawak actually comes with a hidden agenda? Had he comfortably won the last General Election in 2013, he would do exactly like his previous predecessors did to Sarawak before. By the way, Najib is doing the same thing to Sabah, giving them more allocations to win the people’s hearts and mind to lull them into thinking that he is good so keep voting for him to continue plundering.

But I am also inclined to think that Adenan’s support for Najib gets the backing of the previous Chief Minister Taib Mahmud who is now the Governor of Sarawak based on Najib’s recommendation to the King of Malaysia. And knowing the age of Taib, who knows Adenan is also harbouring the thought of being the next Sarawak’s governor, so it’s safe for him to bet on Najib. Najib and his wife Rosmah’s association with the previous CM of Sarawak is well known. Who was it that sponsored the fashion show by Rosmah in Monaco complete with Prince Albert in tow a few years ago? You can find it in the Sarawak report website.

Adenan Satem, the current chief Minister of Sarawak.

Adenan Satem, the current Chief Minister of Sarawak, needs to think laterally and control his mouth. (net image)

Dear Adenan Satem please don’t make a fool of yourself. Nobody gives something for nothing in this world. And stop belittling and bad mouthing Dr Mahathir who has done a lot for Malaysia economically unlike Najib who lacks integrity in dealing with the nation’s wealth through the mismanagement of 1MDB.

I have been following the saga of 1MDB (Malaysia Development Berhad), the investment arm of the Malaysian Ministry of Finance established by the Prime Minister cum the Minister of Finance, Najib Razak.

Following the exposure of the “hanky-panky” in the company by the whistle-blower site, the Sarawak Report, the Malaysian opposition has had a field day in hammering Najib on the alleged financial mismanagement and likely fraud involving billion of ringgit (1USD = RM 3.71). The current biggest critic of 1MDB, particularly of PM Najib is the ex-long-serving Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir and he is asking the former to step down as the Prime Minister to save the ruling coalition from being routed in the next General election in 2018. Najib has yet to answer satisfactorily on the alleged missing 27 billion out of 1MDB’s 42 billion debt and his glaring conflict of interest in the whole affair.

Now Najib is on the defensive mode. He would not step down and now garnering the support of his UMNO members. He is going around the country to tell his brand of the story sans explanations on the missing billion. The divisional leaders seem to believe whatever he says and they have come out to support him. He also used his meeting with UMNO leaders to come out with statements that the whole UMNO was being threatened and of course the leaders backed him vociferously ( as these people also depend on the PM for lucrative contracts). Some Bloggers known to be close to Najib have also jumped on the bandwagon. And lately I noticed that many English sounding names have been trolling the online media to demonise Dr Mahathir.

One prominent UMNO blogger has mounted personal attacks on the former PM. It is said that he had an axe to grind with the ex-PM and more importantly he is eyeing for the post of the Chief Minister of the State of Sabah failing which as the next Governor: these two positions are at the discretion of the PM. He with Najib’s “blind” supporters are being theatrical in this 1MDB massive financial scandal.

I have made up my mind about the current ruling Coalition and its clueless and corrupt leader. I cannot wait to do my duty as a voter in GE 2018 , or  earlier should there be  a snap election.Let’s hope more voters are with me. I am done with supporting this Coalition all these years.

I started putting thoughts to paper at 11.52 pm on 9 Feb and in nine minutes it will be Wednesday 10 February 2015, the day of the final verdict on Anwar’s sodomy II. Most alert Malaysians would be waiting to scrutinise this political watershed. Anwar’s conviction would remove a unifying force in the opposition. To some people this would be a sad day for Malaysian political canvas. Malaysia needs a strong and credible opposition to reign in the excesses of the current government led by UMNO as the dominant member of the coalition which has been in power for more than half a century and dare I say , have outstayed their welcome?

Whatever the verdict, despite my not liking Anwar that much, I hope it is arrived at justly and that it is really beyond reasonable doubt that he committed the act which is illegal in this country despite the likelihood of  being consensual  in the first place. The way the evidence was gathered and presented must be procedurally appropriate and that the honorable judges really consider all aspects to ensure justice for both for the plaintiff and defendant.

We should expect international condemnation if the verdict is against Anwar  given the circumstances under which the sodomy charge was framed and the quality of the evidence. The other point is the global view of same sex relationship has changed dramatically the last 10 years or so: more understanding and acceptance. The movers and shakers of the international community are not going to ignore a negative verdict especially when they see Anwar as a  fighting symbol of democracy in this country.

As my regular blog visitors know, I don’t really take to Anwar as I recall what he had done to this country when he was the Minister of Education under ex- Prime Minister Mahathir. His Islamisation of all the educational institutions has resulted in the system we have today. A system of divisiveness . I cannot seem to forget this social debacle brought about by him. Now that he is in the opposition after being kicked out by UMNO, he must have realized that what he did is disastrous for unity.

As I have been rather disappointed with this government which seems to be doing hardly anything to reduce the escalation of inter-racial and religious division, I think Malaysia needs to get it rested and reorganized before returning to power and who better to lead the opposition if not Anwar? The government under Najib is just too chaotic with Ministers not acting as a team: minister associating himself with a bad character, another asking openly one race to boycott another! This is just socially claustrophobic  and saddening for our country.

Whatever the verdict, we have to accept it , but somehow I would like  to  pray that  Anwar be given another chance to prove that the opposition could help this country  move forward faster as a united nation without religious baggage.

This country needs to breathe in fresh air.

Those who  have visited my humble blog would know what I think of Anwar Ibrahim; ex Head of Malaysian Muslim Youth (ABIM), ex UMNO (United Malays National Organisation) Member of Parliament, ex Education Minister, ex Finance Minister ( during Asian Financial Crisis) and ex Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia. By the Grace of that Supreme Being ( call it what you are comfortable with: God, Allah, Yahweh…), this man is never destined to be the Prime Minister of this country.

Anwar Ibrahim the proxy MB (State Premier) with Azmin the officially appointed MB at the back. (Source: The Star)

Anwar Ibrahim the proxy Selangor MB (State Premier) with Azmin the officially appointed MB at the back.  (Source: The Star)

He is currently the Leader of the Opposition and de facto leader of Parti Keadilan Rakyat ( People’s Justice party), a component of the Coalition. This Coalition was rather successful in their outing in the last General Election 2013 when they won the popular vote. In the next General election in 2018, unless the present National Front (BN) government commit grave mistakes, the People Coalition is expected to face a massive loss.

The bickerings and in-fightings over the post of the Menteri Besar– MB ( State Premier) of the richest state ( Selangor) in Malaysia administered by the People Coalition have given Malaysians a big peek at what they are in for  had they chosen this  Coalition to govern Malaysia: Havoc

It all started with Anwar Ibrahim. Having lost the chance of becoming the Prime Minister of Malaysia, he bulldozed his way to a by-election to qualify him to be the MB or State Premier of Selangor. Forcing the existing state assemblyman to vacate his seat won just over one year before, for him to contest. This devious manoeuvre could be a practice in other countries but surely not in the West where people celebrate mature democracy.

Now, again by the Grace of The Being, Anwar’s MB ambition was stopped by the Court of Appeal a few weeks before nomination day, which allowed the appeal of the Prosecution against his acquittal by a lower court on a charge of sodomy against his ex-aid. That ruling left Anwar frustrated and he chose his “long-suffering” wife to contest instead. She won on the basis of the peoples’ deep hatred of the National Front (BN) which ruled Selangor for donkey years and its politicians were becoming not only arrogant but corrupt as well. It’s like had you put a baboon there to contest, the baboon would still win against BN, anytime.

The then MB had initially and vehemently refused to resign prompting the Coalition to expel him from the party. Khalid had no choice but to go. Now after so much haggling and mudslinging during which Anwar Ibrahim had adamantly pushed for his politically-averaged wife to become the State Premier (MB) to replace Khalid Ibrahim (no relation), the current appointee and a member of Anwar’s party, whom they are annoyed with because of his handling of the State’s coffers and yes, the issues of contracts not awarded to “the right people” as well. Apparently Khalid Ibrahim  did not practice political cronyism in this lucrative business and so had failed to benefit “the Coalition”. He is also known to be frugal with the State money, keeping the accumulated surplus rather than distributing it around unnecessarily.

To cut the story short, the hereditary Head of State (Sultan)  the so called constitutional monarch, decided to appoint another person, the Deputy President of Anwar Ibrahim’s party, a man, to be the replacement Premier instead of Anwar’s wife. The Sultan is reported to have perceived that he would have a proxy MB had he appointed Wan Azizah, Anwar’s wife who is also the President of his party. Moreover she, according to several sources, is not much of a leader and lacks the necessary skill to be MB.

Well, the new MB appointee, Azmin Ali, would also be under Anwar’s thumb. Hardly had he warmed his seat,Anwar has directed him to review all the contracts and dealings undertaken by his predecessor. Imagine divulging sensitive information to the public. What kind of man who behave in such a manner? Would he act likewise had it been someone else?  If every incoming official doing this  then the business of governing the state will be put in the back burner. At this point, I would describe Anwar Ibrahim as a vindictive man.

Anwar Ibrahim is not only vindictive, he is also not a man of his word. He pulled wool over peoples’ eyes for so long , especially those in the West who in effect hardly know him. He was instrumental in islamising the education system in this country. His covert association with Saudi Arabia , that cradle of Wahhabism, was an open secret.

His gift of gab makes him a dangerous person who is able to influence and convince  others to believe in whatever he expounds. His words and actions following the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines MH 370 on 8 March 2014, clearly shows what an irresponsible politician he is when interviewed live by a CNN reporter. He claimed he could have found the missing plane earlier had he been in the government! All he wanted to do was scoring political points without any regard to the grieving relatives and the nation as a whole.

I am not that happy with the present BN Federal government but to replace them with a Coalition led by this man would be the last thing that I would do.  Anwar Ibrahim is bad news.

The West and the United States should stop supporting this man who is nothing but a political shadow-puppeteer, a chameleon and a manipulator extraordinaire. Malaysia would do well without him.

Last Saturday I went for my regular haircut. I arrived at 10.30 am and was the first customer of the day. My regular Coiffeur (Barber) came in a few minutes later after his shampoo girl had served me a cup of steaming green tea.

Despite his profession, Stephen is an educated man who could engage in any topic of conversation as he cuts hair.  He has two children studying in England on his earnings as a hairdresser. He has many regular clientele as he is good at his work and is always polite. He is fastidious and cuts hair rather slowly allowing you to tell him what and where to trim more or less. I like his non-hurried style.

As usual he started talking, usually of mundane subjects like new gadgets, increasing prices and the antics of new generation of Malaysians. But that day, probably there was no other customer around, he talked about the state of the country’s economy and what he thought of the present government and its poor leadership.

The conversation went on for a few minutes and he concluded that we must change the Prime Minister. When I replied that we didn’t have a good person at the moment to replace Najib, he retorted, ” Anwar Ibrahim lor”. He then went on to talk about Anwar Ibrahim, how accomplished a speaker he was, how passionate and what a fighter and the huge crowd of adoring supporters that he mustered. To cut the narration short, Stephen, my Coiffeur clearly worships Anwar Ibrahim.

I listened intently till he stopped and asked me what I thought. I told him frankly that I did not like Anwar.

Anwar Ibrahim in the seventies, was a firebrand who was the Head of  an Islamic Youth organisation called ABIM. He used religion to advance himself politically. He is a charismatic orator, blessed with the gift of the gab,he would make jokes, serenade, dance and act on stage to transfix his audience. People just don’t have enough of him ( not unlike the late President Sukarno of Indonesia at one time).

In the early eighties, Anwar, to show how fervent his Islamic ideology was, set up the first boarding school for Malay girls and made it compulsory for each one of them and the female teachers to don the tudung (Islamic headscarf). That was the beginning of the Arabisation of the Malays to distinguish them from the non-Muslim: the dividing line started to take root in our Malaysian community. Who funded that school? Reports said it was the Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia in relentless efforts to spread its brand of Islam to the world.

Anwar was very popular among the Malays then and he was invited by the ex-Prime Minister to join UMNO and quickly rose to become Minister of Education when he began to systematically “Islamise” all Institutions of higher learning including teachers and the impact of his religious/cultural transformation is seen and felt everywhere today in Malaysia.

Anwar was unstoppable till he was sacked in 1998 by the very person who let him into the government. But it was already too late as he had caused the greatest social division in this country leading to gradual racial tension.

And now Anwar, being on the other side, has changed his tactics to pull wool over the people’s eyes. Instead of using religion, he is now using the people to advance his political ambition as he wanted to appear multi-racial to rope in the DAP whose members are mostly disgruntled Chinese (as opposed those in MCA). On the other hand, PAS (Islam Party) gleefully embraced Anwar because they know the story of his beginning. He is what some people called a “banana”, yellow outside and white inside.

(In 1998 and 2008 the late Karpal Singh mentioned in parliament about Anwar engaging in sodomy and interestingly he and his lawyer children are defending his sodomy 2008 case in 2012. As far as KS was concerned that is just one of his legal cases in court).

The support for Anwar from Malaysians and the international community is based on his appearing a victim ( people tend to sympathise with an underdog)  and the fact that The BN government has been in power for far too long, breeding cronyism, nepotism and corruption along the way: issues which lead to bad government and infringement on public interests.

In one WSJ report, the writer berated Malaysia’s attitude against  gay sex. He was literally saying Anwar did commit the act but it was consensual, it’s bloody  “ suka sama suka” . The writer was obviously highly ignorant of Malaysia’s culture and let alone her  rule of law.

Anwar Ibrahim is a political chameleon. Those who follow him without questions are just sick of the present government which is seen to be  past its expiry date. A government which is saying one thing and doing another. A government which allows elements of religious extremism to continue creeping  into its belly.

Increasing number of people especially the younger generation has had enough of this government. PM Najib’s  “aristocratic” character and his penchant for “leading from behind” have  further cemented this public distaste. The people yearn for  a new and capable leader and a new government and unfortunately Anwar Ibrahim, being the eloquent politician and a rabble – rouser that he is, is mistakenly seen as that  leader who could bring about change to the country.

Just look at the videos online on Anwar’s passionate oration (some appear pathetically clownish) and the massive crowd just love him. They eat his every word to the point that the masses refused to believe that he in effect did sodomise his political Aide, the effeminate Saiful, in 2008 (sodomy 11) and is convicted by the Court Of Appeal on 7 March 2014 based on evidences and professional analyses. The conviction, as expected, is seen as politically-motivated.

Anwar fools his family,friends,colleagues, local and international and Malaysians in general as to his true character. I must say the Power up there must have loved Malaysia because his expulsion from UMNO in 1998 has protected Malaysia from having a dangerous Prime Minister.

Malaysia would have been far more Islamist today had Anwar been at the helm. So my Chinese and Indian brothers, you all never knew how “God” has intervened to save this country. All you see today is a chameleon, accomplished in the art of camouflaging, that is changing unashamedly to suit your political sentiment. You all just fail to see what he really is in your fury against the current government.

The ultimate art of camouflaging in Nature (Photo courtesy Robert Oelman)

The ultimate art of camouflaging in Nature (Photo courtesy Robert Oelman)

To Stephen, you my dear Coiffeur, I hope, are now enlightened on Anwar Ibrahim.

I don’t really think that fuzzy Najib is a good PM but in the interim, I would rather settle for him than slippery Anwar and hope a better PM material from the political divide would come along soon for Malaysia’s sake.

The whole strategy to force an election so that Anwar could “replace” the existing Menteri Besar (Chief Minister) of Selangor , Khalid Ibrahim, is not only manipulative and fund-wasting  but idiotic as well.

The prosecution appeal case against Anwar was summarily scheduled on 08 March 2014, a good 14 days before the Kajang By-election today 23 March 2014. Surely he knew that but Anwar was damn sure sodomy 11 prosecution’s appeal would not be successful. Instead he was found guilty and sentenced to five years imprisonment which practically ended his morbid ambition to play a greater role in the administration of Selangor and virtually be closer on the road to Putrajaya.

It looks to me like the push and pull factors in political tightrope are brought into play here as I unwittingly find myself being cynical over the unfolding drama. Honestly, everything that is happening seems to have a “deliberate” human hand.

Well, before Anwar was convicted, disqualifying him from contesting the Kajang seat, a lot of people opined that he would win the state seat quite comfortably. To continue capturing the sentiment of the Kajang’s folks, his wife Wan Azizah was chosen to replace him. Sympathy alone would win her some votes.

The bulk of the Chinese electorate would still be behind Pakatan Rakyat ( the opposition coalition) represented by PKR. It is not that they like  PKR more: it is the thought of changing the Federal government that appears to drive them, especially the younger generation,  to the opposition: never mind that it is only a by-election which is not going to make any  real difference.  Barisan Nasional (BN) represented by Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) is full of warts which require surgical treatment. The perceived bungled handling of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370’s disappearance add to the public’s dislike of the BN’s government.

The BN government tends to harp  on  religion to get votes from its Malay electorate. A typical example is seen here where the Malays are reminded that their religion will be at risk should the opposition be voted in the election and yet their candidate in Kajang is a non-Muslim. Speaking in a forked-tongue indeed.

I have never liked Anwar Ibrahim’s chameleonic politics  but unless BN reforms, I don’t see how they can decelerate Pakatan Rakyat’s march forward in its vigor to give this country an alternative government after more than 50 years of BN’s political dominance and gradually poor top leadership.

The only consolation that BN would get in the Kajang’s by-election would be  that they reduce the majority obtained by the winning Chinese PKR candidate in May 2013.

It was only a speculation a number of days ago with denials all around and on 29 Jan 2014 it was confirmed that Anwar would be contesting the by-election in Kajang following the sudden resignation of the incumbent PKR  (People Justice Party) state assemblyman, Lee Chin Cheh.

I suppose the state assemblyman or ADUN has no choice but to resign on the order of his party’s leader, Anwar Ibrahim.  It does appear that Lee is nothing but a fawn and the Kajang electorate are nothing but yoked cattle in the political game of high stakes.

Some political bloggers are taken by surprise at this new development: Anwar to replace Khalid Ibrahim as Selangor Menteri Besar (Chief Minister)? Apparently this is the solution by PKR (People Justice Party) to appease the continuing feud between the current MB and the head of PKR Youth, an MP for Gombak and ADUN for Bukit Antarabangsa, Azmin Ali. The latter’s ambition to be the MB following the dual State-Federal election in May in 2013 is public knowledge.

The toxic relationship between the two has finally come to this “irregular” by-election. Yes,  irregular because almost all the by-elections in the country are due to deaths of the incumbents. This Kajang one is virtually forced down the peoples’ throat by metaphorically killing off the incumbent.

This manoeuvre is  nothing but a manipulation by PKR  to elevate  Anwar’s status through placing him on a higher pedestal and showing Malaysians his “charismatic leadership” and, as such, a much  better leader than Najib in handling crises. UMNO members need to take note of this PKR’s shrewd strategy because they might sink along with their current leader in the next general election.

Anwar Ibrahim's earnest prayer.

Anwar Ibrahim’s earnest prayer.

Khalid, apparently, will only step down if the MB is not Azmin Ali. But according to the latter this is a tactical move to capture Putrajaya in 2018 or earlier. Clearly, this by-election reeks of calculation and manipulation with the express objective of preparing  Anwar to become Prime Minister of Malaysia, his coveted post.

By the look of things, and as presently widely predicted, Anwar would win this by-election as PKR is cocksure that the 40% Chinese electorate will solidly remain behind the  Selangor state government. The current socio-economic and political situation in the country under a very weak BN leadership are not helping to persuade them to change their support.

Anwar, who is endowed with the gift of the gab,  is a far shrewder politician than Najib. Just before this news about him contesting in the Kajang by-election, that was  even before we all knew about a potential  by-election, he came out publicly  offering to have a joint discussion with the ruling BN in efforts to address the rising racial and religious tension vis-a-vis the issue of Allah. He looked really sincere and pulled the carpet right from under the feet of the slow loris, Najib. I was initially quite impressed by his offer to have a consensus on the issue: a leader is one who steps forward to lead, unlike the silent and perceptively, simple-minded Najib.

The posturing was actually part of an opportunistic plan to propel Anwar into the limelight to prepare for the announcement that he would contest the by-election ostensibly to solve the Khalid-Azmin longstanding power struggle.

Anwar at 66 now wants to be the MB of Selangor. It is interesting, to say the least, as he has many disadvantages beside his pending court case on sodomy. We are all waiting to see how the hereditary Head of State would react to this ultimate test of his power of choice of an MB. Recall what happened in Pahang, Perlis and Terengganu where constitutional monarchy is but a faint concept.

Now that Anwar will contest the by-election, we will see who, BN (National Front) will nominate to fight the so-called Pakatan Supremo. Already MCA (the Chinese component party of BN) has staked a claim on the seat despite the party being almost routed in the last election in May 2013. I cannot see the MCA candidate will make any impact as the Chinese are dead set against its  political partner, UMNO (United Malay National Organisation), the major component of BN .

The much talked about post-general election reconciliation was only a lip service by PM Najib as virtually nothing concrete was done to realise it; instead the government’s action to reward the Bumiputra for electing BN back to power amid the “Chinese tsunami” so soon after the general election will further fortify the community’s resolve to be with the federal opposition. That is the worst case scenario for BN.

The Kajang’s 50% Malay electorate will continue to be divided. The only compensation, if ever there is one, is for Anwar to win the seat with a reduced majority. That itself will make BN happy. If however, Anwar wins with a bigger majority then, PM Najib, the writing will be on the wall for you because  this mother of  by-election could well be a test for Najib’s current lacklustre leadership.

Incidentally, will the Kajang electorate realise Anwar’s manipulation and yet go along with it? If they do, then, God would have answered Anwar’s earnest prayer.

By all accounts, let us settle down in our seat  and watch this exciting drama with the theme of calculation and manipulation , as it unfolds.

Most people seem to be perplexed and unhappy at the massive pay hike approved recently by the State Assembly for Selangor elected  representatives  including Menteri Besar -MB (Chief Minister ) and his excos. While certain quarters condemn it , some like Transparency International lauded it. The latter has a point in their support of the hike with respect to reducing corruption.

One would rather they have pay hike than being corrupted and subservient to business forever (net image)

One would rather they have a pay hike than being corrupted and subservient to  dirty businessmen forever (net image)

The quantum of the hike may seem to be  high but I feel sure the Opposition government in Selangor has worked out how much each of the elected  member would need beside their personal expenditure to sustain their socio-political work in their respective constituency.

Now, being a politician voted in by the people to represent them is not easy and let alone rosy. Wherever you go people expect you to give instant donation or allocations for all kinds of activities. Politicians maybe forced to resort to getting donation or sponsorship from the private sector to run their social programmes making them subservient and indulge in corrupt practices. That is why the Singaporean cabinet ministers are paid very high salaries so that they are not tempted to be corrupt.

While BN politicians are getting massive allocations to sustain each of their constituency, the opposition does not have such luxury of a Federal coffer. It is rather strange that the BN-held states except for Sarawak have not implemented any pay hike and yet if you really look at each and every cabinet members and most  BN elected reps of those states, you will notice that they live well beyond their means with unlimited fund to carry out programs and projects in their respective constituencies. And those contracts that keep coming on on direct nego basis look enough to make everyone of them happy. Their salaries are just peanuts.

Corruption is rampant and the bull has never been really held by the horn like that in Indonesia where big fishes like serving politicians and judges are ruthlessly hunted down unlike here in Malaysia where small frys are being  happily cooked.

It is regrettable that Azmin, a PKR MP (member of parliament) who is known to dislike MB Khalid of Selangor , resorted to washing dirty linen in public by questioning  the raise. The party big guns should have settled this among themselves and lead by example. And convince us that Selangor government is the least corrupt in the country.

Chief Minister-MB Khalid Ibrahim's cabinet cannot afford to be corrupt or risk being booted out in next election.

Chief Minister-MB Khalid Ibrahim’s cabinet cannot afford to be corrupt or risk being booted out in next the general election.

Selangor is a rich state and can afford this pay hike to help their serving representatives to fund their extra-curricular activities like social services and donations to schools, religious bodies and NGOs. In fact, under MB Khalid Selangor has registered a big financial surplus and perhaps about time for the MB to be less exceedingly frugal and give back to the rakyat in terms of  more infrastructural developments, utilities  and social services.

My niece in Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam is very happy because she doesn’t have to pay a single sen for her water and electricity usage  as it is below a certain consumption level: thanks to the current Selangor government No wonder the Opposition gets to keep Selangor in the recent GE! Ever wonder? The people in Selangor see the opposition as less corrupt and more sincere than UMNO/BN who previously ruled them for donkey years.

If BN politicians make noise about this pay hike, they should first look at the mirror and ask themselves where do their sources of fund to sponsor all those activities by their constituents and the non-stop donations to the needy and others come from. It is certainly not all out of their pockets.

The major part of the UMNO 2013 election has been completed. We  have now come to know that UMNO “grassroots” have no qualm about electing tainted candidates and non-performing candidates. They are so sure about retaining continuous political power that they have failed to appreciate that those flawed candidates are the ones being evaluated by Malaysian electorates and could use them as models to reject UMNO in the next GE.

The election results showing firm retention of the status quo testifies to the lack of courage to change. It is not just for the sake of change but more about restoring the image of the party by getting rid of a tainted politician  and politicians who have poor performance records in their capacities as ministers.

The election confirms that UMNO delegates follow blindly their strange leaders who won uncontested. As they no longer have eyes (and the organ between their ears), they blindly resist the entry of new blood into the upper layer of the party. They follow the herd headlong and neither do they care about the party’s image and bad reputation.

The delegates voted with their feet.

I am not campaigning for anyone but all I have been harping on is the need for  UMNO  to clean its house through this important election but unfortunately the golden opportunity is now lost.

Challenging Status Quo is only for the free and courageous... the timid are like yoked cattle.

Challenging Status Quo is  for the free and the courageous… the timid are like yoked cattle.

The uninspiring leadership is also party to this outcome, believing that its ways of doing things will be affected by the entry of new faces into its equation. The same pattern is seen at the local levels when new and young intellectuals are prevented from joining the party unless they are related to the local leaders: looks to me like the  features of the Communist Party of China (CPC). Notice the subtle similarities?

I describe the leadership as uninspiring due to its lack of transparency and creativity in reforming the party. Transforming is not good enough when you are saddled with senior supreme council members who lack integrity and those who lack capability. It is also not inspiring because it chooses to remain silent on many major issues. It has the tendency to expect problems to resolve by themselves. It is too dependent on “fixed-deposit” States thus letting parochialism  determine a successful yet mediocre VP candidate.

Another observation was how foreign news portals and opposition-friendly  ones  had relentlessly attacked Tun Mahathir’s son, Mukhriz and alluding to the establishment of a dynasty should he be elected as a VP. It  does seem that the opposition would rather have the status quo retained to show how “stupid” UMNO is, well they have succeeded in duping the poor leadership and in making fools of UMNO delegates in general.

The tragedy is when these UMNO delegates think that, by retaining the status quo,   they are being loyal to “pucuk pimpinan parti” (leadership) and that they stand united. What a pathetic lot!

On reflection, Tun Mahathir’s support of a no-contest for top two posts has come back to haunt him because it breeds blind loyalty right across the board in the party, emerging as an ominous sign for UMNO : while it is similar to CPC in some ways, it doesn’t, thanks God, operate in the  same  political system.

And so people, it’s business as usual for UMNO, consultant-dependent PM Najib and his English-unfriendly/resistant Deputy: they are all suffering from “syiok sendiri” (self-satiated) syndrome.

And congratulations to Pakatan Rakyat as their path to wresting Putrajaya in GE14 will definitely face less political headwinds.