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As the calls for Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak to step down are gathering steam, the man has decided to fight back by using social media and going around the county to shore up support for him. In the meantime the attacks by the ex-long serving PM have become more vicious. The latest is on Najib’s changing reply (lying in Parliament) on the status of the fund brought back from the Cayman Island and kept in a bank in Singapore. This information was disputed by the bank telling the press that there was no money being parked in its premises.

Coming back to the embattled Najib who wants so desperately remain as the PM that he has stooped so low that he plays the emotional appeal card wherever he goes. When he went to Sabah a few weeks ago, he expressly wanted to go to Tawau where there is the largest number of Bugis ethnic group in the state. He told the large crowd that he was a Bugis much to the delight of this migrant population that have become Malaysian and hence voters cum UMNO ( United Malay National Organisation), members, the dominant coalition component of the ruling BN (National Front)”.

When he was in Johor, he told the crowd there that 50% blood in his body is Johor’s blood as his mother is from Johor. And recently when he visited Pahang, his home state, he told the crowd holding Pahang’s flags ( yes, the state flag, not Malaysian national flag), that the Sultan ( the hereditary king of the state) supported him. He also has been noted to tell people not to forget that his father Razak Hussein was the second PM of Malaysia and that the late old man had done a lot to develop particularly the rural areas. By the way, the sultan is supposed to be above politics and if they want to join politics they should abdicate and face the people in a democratic election!

Now, what have all these “connections” got to do with his massive financial mismanagement of the country’s fund through 1MDB? Obviously Najib’s position has become tenuous and he is grappling  every single loose planks floating in the sea to save himself. Here is a weak leader who desperately wants to hold on to power at all cost. A shameless leader who has no clue about integrity. His conflict of interest is glaring in 1MDB financial fiasco, being both the PM and the Minister of Finance. The most honorable step for him is to resign but he has repeatedly announced that he would not make that decision. He tries hard to deflect public and UMNO members’ attention by asking them to stay united…. Balderdash! To stay united and support his poor leadership and grand scale financial mismanagement of the people’s money? Give me a break.

Najib’s behavior has become erratic. By calling himself a Bugis, he is actually segregating the Malays who have long ago sidelined their various ethnic ancestry in order to become united as a formidable political force in the country. Najib’s lack of intelligence is highlighted under these circumstances. He is no leader. It was Mahathir ‘s folly to have chosen such a nitwit as our PM. He totally fails us the rakyat (citizens). The worst thing is he is deluded into thinking that people are supporting him.

Najib please disappear. Your desperation to cling to power is pathetic.


Like most law-abiding and peace-loving citizens of Malaysia, I am appalled reading the news on alleged terrorists’ activities which are recently exposed here and  here. It looks like what the former long-serving Prime Minister , Mahathir, did to bring into the political mainstream, the religious elements instead of rejecting them outright as done by Suharto of Indonesia, has caused a slow-burn rather than the incendiary impact seen in our neighbour with the largest Muslim population in the world today.

The news article here also gives you a sense of insecurity that religious violence of this nature might occur anywhere in the country. Why is this hatred against others so vile that these people are willing to kill innocent human beings? More importantly, who are these people? How do they become radicalised? What make them so single-minded and paranoid that their lives would be less happy when others do not subscribe to their theology?

It is worth noting that only a certain small percentage of  children are born abnormal, be it physically or mentally. Others are normal and their characters and outlook on life are shaped by their environment. The people who are responsible in bringing up the children and educating them cannot escape the spotlight turned on the homegrown terrorists in our midst.

The education system in this country has created a generation that is not only hostile to one another but one which is designed to maintain the supremacy of a race and religion over others. As if that is not enough, religionization of  schools and teachers is carried on without a consideration on its impact on the young people.

The so called religious schools are built using taxpayers’ money and yet exclusive to only one race and faith. This policy is poorly thought-out. The congregation of one race and one religion breeds paranoia that has persisted from primary schools right to tertiary levels.

The instillation of Islamic values in all government agencies, schools and institutions of higher learnings is no longer conducted in the spirits it was initially founded on. It has become a platform to force others to submit to the will of the strong proponents of pure Islamisation: no half-way, it’s my way or the highway.

The ongoing Islamist-related terrorism in the Middle-East, South Asia, Africa, Indonesia and South Thailand is helping to fan the fire of militancy or terrorism  among impressionable Muslim youths in Malaysia. This slow-burn should not be ignored if the country values peace and peaceful co-existence. We should not wait till attacks on the innocents take place. At this juncture, I would like to commend the police on their effective surveillance and intelligence leading to the arrest of those alleged militants or terrorists.

These people will need to be de-radicalised and apparently it takes about three years to “re-wire” the mind of each of these fanatical religious freaks, as the Indonesian experience shows. I hope the politicians from both the political divides can see the future danger wreaked by young Muslim generations being fed with hatred and suspicion of people of other faiths on account of the segregation forced upon them by the education system.

At least the Mission Schools allow students of other faiths to study in their schools but not in the case of Sekolah Ugama (religious schools) run by the Education Ministry in Malaysia: Sekolah Ugama are out of bound for students of other faiths. Now, whose brainchild was it that created this ” education apartheid“? The islamisation of public schools also drive away students of other faiths resulting in an unhealthy environment for the country’s social cohesion.

People talk about racial polarisation and factors causing them and yet the government has perceptively chosen to ignore it by sticking to the structurally ill-conceived education system: a breeding ground for mediocrity and religious tension.

I am obliged to construe that there would be more religious extremists , terrorists or militants in the making and are raring to perform their “sacred” duty in the name of the religion. It is conceivable that, presently, the authorities might be dealing with only the tip of the iceberg.

Taking the Bull by the Horns, is not the domain of weak and clueless leaders.

Can the current PM Najib take the bull by the horns?

I also cannot foresee that the current government leadership can take the bull by the horns. Its anti-terrorism measures would instead be more in the form of firefighting.

There are many conspiracy theories being developed by people on the social media regarding MH370 disappearance. A couple of weeks ago a friend sent me through whatsApp a lengthy write up on the mysterious reciprocal turn back of the missing jetliner and its later disappearance. Apparently, the American got wind of the transportation of parts of their drones shot down by Taliban in Afghanistan, by MH370 to China. The plane was intercepted by American intelligence and made to disappear with all 329 souls on board.

According to the ghost writer, the technology to control planes in flight was developed after 9/11. The plane electronics were said to be reprogrammed remotely and that the pilots had no control over it from that point on. As to whether it had landed or crashed or kept hidden somewhere (US base Diego Garcia was mentioned), it could not be ascertained (lending some sort of credibility to the message).

Some of my colleagues and relatives also received the same on their smart phone. At the end of the message, there was a request to copy and paste and forward to as many people as possible. And to think that some people really believe in the theory and start cursing the Americans.

Then I came across another conspiracy theory written by a man who used to be a political secretary to our ex-long serving Prime Minister. Authoritatively entitled ” MH370: Questions for the US and its Intelligence Services“; this one is just as sinister accusing of United States’  covert involvement in the vanishing aircraft. I found the reasonings so darkly convoluted that I arrived at the conclusion  that the writer must’ve  possessed the most fertile of the imagination and could write a screenplay for a Hollywood movie. Coming from someone who was in the circle of a once powerful man, I wonder whether this person is still suffering from a kind of paranoia often seen in such political circles.

Looking at the amount of efforts,time and expenses spent by the international community to search/hunt  for MH370, one would have to be really non-objective in believing in all those conspiracy theories which accuse another nation unfairly. The use of high-tech and sophisticated assets by the Americans to help in the search are seen as insincere. So as the the admission by their politicians that this unprecedented Boeing 777 disaster would affect the sales of their new Boeing 777X and could result in the loss of thousands of American jobs. That is why they need to get to the bottom of this mystery. And so far they have spent a few million US dollars in doing so.

US Navy -under water search begins for MH370's black box before   it "dies" and seals forever the full mystery of the jetliner's disappearance on 8 March 2014

US Navy -under water hunt has begun for MH370’s black box before it soon  “dies” and seals forever the full mystery of the jetliner’s disappearance on 8 March 2014

Sadly, people who are fixed in their belief in the conspiracy cover-ups will not budge from their stance and, in fact, are  mocking these efforts as pulling wool over their eyes. I suppose even if the black box were found today, these people will still accuse the Americans of  hiding or deleting  the true recordings of what transpired on the ill-fated plane’s cockpit, transcribed by the machine.

As is true of any statistical occurrences, a certain percentage ( about 5 to 10% ) of a normal population, are in effect not right in their mind. And Nature, after all, loves varieties.



For the last two weeks we have been hearing and reading about “credible leads” of signs of possible wreckage of MH370 now believed crashed in the vast Indian Ocean. We have American, Canadian,French,Japanese,Chinese and even Thai satellites telling us that they have spotted the debris which could be that of Boeing-777 MAS flight MH370 in the areas where it is said, using satellites’ data, aircraft speed and direction etc  that the jetliner to have gone down.

Newer and refined data based on indicated faster speed of  MH370 has now shifted the focus of the search nearer to Perth and more satellites’ credible leads are noted in the new area of the Indian ocean.

Location of the "first credible leads" near Perth , Australia

Location of the “first credible leads” detected by US-AU satellites on 15 March 2014, near Perth , Australia

Most of the  first week (8-14 March 2014)  was wasted on the Gulf of Thailand and the South China Sea until that Malaysian Air Force Radar revealed, more than five days later, the detection of turn around path of MH370 over the Peninsular and westwards. This delay is definitely one of the gravest concerns of the search and rescue efforts (SAR) : without doubts, causing so much distress to the relatives of those 239 passengers on board. It is water under the bridge now though it should not be left uninvestigated.

We are confronted with daily informations now on the satellites’ sightings of  possible debris of the aircraft but so far not a single piece has been recovered despite the massive international search using ships and all types of aircraft in the lonely part of that deep ocean.

We pray hard that something, anything that can be connected to MH370 would be fished out so that our great uncertainties could be cleared. At least some signs of what had happened to the plane could be explained while waiting for that “black box” to be found to sum up the rest of the story albeit and probably, not the mystery.

We will follow  the “credible leads”  indefinitely.

In the meantime, the incredible reactions we are getting from the relatives of the “perished” 153 Chinese passengers in Beijing is beginning to wear us down.

After three days’ of its disappearance, my gut feeling was, due to mechanical failure,  the plane and its passengers had already crashed somewhere in the seas following loss of contact with ATC. However my outlook on the disaster has since changed as more information are being gleaned by experts in air-crash investigation. All the same, my heart went out to the relatives. Tears welled up my eyes when I saw on TV and read online about the grieving relatives as I thought of how it was if it were my loved ones on board that ill-fated plane.

I thought it was good and healthy for the relatives to pour out their griefs as that will eventually ease their mental pain of loss.  I saw on video footages how the men and women wailed and threw themselves about in frustration and anger at not knowing where their loved ones let alone their remains are.

I empathise with them, I feel their pain.

The angry and sorrowful reactions have now, after nearly three weeks, turned into an  incredible show of fury against all that are Malaysian. They call us names and cast aspersions on our SAR efforts.

Other nationalities including our own Malaysian passengers perished too in this unprecedented air disaster and have we heard of such nasty reactions towards our country and its people from these groups? The Chinese reactions are just incredible to the point of being unacceptable like venting their anger on all Malaysians. What have we done? No one in Malaysia wants this to happen.Please have a little bit of control. Malaysians are also in utter despair.

Malaysia Airlines have gone out of its way to help the relatives but putting them all in one place and this gesture seems to be not a good idea, say what you like. When people are cooped-up in one place they tend to reinforce each others’ thoughts, feelings, suspicions, conspiracy theories, what have you;  and the sum total is tremendously herd-like as we are witnessing now. I really pity those Malaysian officials sent to Beijing to explain and answer  relatives’ questions which have yet to have answers,  fuelling more anger and hurtful remarks.

The aftermath of MH370’s fatal disaster provide  a lesson to all countries as well. If it were in my power, I would not name the government-linked airline the country’s name because this kind of an exceptional disaster gives such a bad name to the whole country and its people.  Names like Singapore Airlines, Royal Brunei, Thai Airways and Emirates look risky to me now.


Against all odds, we continue to pray that the credible leads would lead to credible discovery of MH370 and that the incredible reactions to the plane disaster by the Chinese in Beijing would eventually die down for everyone to mourn MH370 in peace.

Mystery of MH370

Vanished  MH370: The Truth Is Out There Where Evil Reigns in The Heart of Man

As the CNN aviation investigation journalist, Richard Quest said, with the increasing availability of data on the missing Boeing 777-200ER, things are beginning to shape up. And what is becoming clearer now,  after ten days of Malaysia airlines flight MH370 ( Boeing 777-200ER)  jetliner’s  disappearance, is too much to bear in its perceived evil madness.

I realise that the following sentiment could be treated as another speculation much to my distaste as I have promised in my earlier posting not to dwell on it but new evidences are too technical to ignore by my sense of curiosity , call it if you will.

International aircrash investigators and analysts are coming to the conclusion that the satellite and radar data  point to a deliberate act to hijack or seize the plane and render it invisible on air and now ensuring that it is hard to be found as well. According to the Wall Street Journal, If multiple communication systems aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 were manually disabled, as investigators increasingly suspect happened, it would have required detailed knowledge of the long-range Boeing Co. 777’s inner workings“. This is an ominous indication that an experienced hand was at work. That recorded sudden climb of the jet to 45,000 ft on flight diversion  is stupefying, way out of the recommended height of flying; what does this tell us? Truly we cannot escape from making speculations.

Hijacking, seizure or sabotage could be in play here and focus is now on the two pilots of the jetliner.

By the way, to be fair, could any other passengers on board that are skilled in manoeuvring the modern aircraft after sequentially switching off the security system? I hope the authorities  with the help of the passengers’ countries and terrorist experts will examine each one of them and start eliminating the innocents and zero in on the “evil culprit (s)”. A fair conclusion of this exercise may take a long time.

Turning now to Zaharie Ahmad Shah, the 53 year -old, long- serving MAS pilot with more than 18,000 flight hours and who have been reported to have  interesting passions like building and keeping a plane simulator in his house. He is apparently an avid political activist and known supporter of the opposition . He was claimed (unverified) to have attended Anwar Ibrahim’s court case where the latter (Leader of the Opposition Coalition)  was found guilty and sentenced to five-year imprisonment for sodomy the day (o7 March 2014)  before his flight to Beijing. Could he have been so profoundly affected by the verdict that he  was driven to so-called ” insanity” after the last “game” on his personal simulator?

And that FB photo of him brandishing a chopper with an exultant expression on his face is disturbing. Everything about this man is being scrutinised and analysed including his disdainful postings on the current government.  He is also claimed to have been divorced from his wife: another unsettling side of him (if true). And that YouTube tribute for him uploaded by his family members on 12 March 2014,  is looking at just “one window” of his character. We all have several “windows” to our character depending on circumstances and who we interact with. No normal human beings can read what’s on our mind.

Showing off, broadcasting and putting yourself in the social media for the world to see your  worldly antics  requires a certain personality: a subconscious need to be recognised. I have successful friends who would be loathed to have FB accounts and upon analysis of their personality , I can broadly conclude  that these people do not have  the words “self-promotion” and “publicity” in their vocabulary. No issues with the need to be recognised in that manner.

Zaharie is now globally recognised as the pilot of the missing MH370 which is shrouded in mystery and labelled as “an unprecedented aviation disaster”.

Now consider the first officer of MH370, the playboy pilot, Fariq Abdul Hamid who joined MAS in 2007 and at 27 years old he was transitioning to piloting Boeing 777.  Not much is known about him apart from the breach of cockpit security in 2011 and that his father is a senior Selangor State civil servant. Apparently he is contemplating marriage  to his sweetheart, a pilot of a budget airline, and looks like he has so much to look forward to. But he too has character “windows”.

Could one of them be the skilled hijacker? Consider the balance of probabilities.

It would be best if the black box could be found as it would have recorded the going ons in the cockpit though some expert poured cold water on it by stating that if  pilots were involved, little audio would be recorded by the “dumb” box. Having said that the possibility of finding the plane and the passengers alive, let alone the black box, in the near term, is looking remote as the clock ticks away.

At least some passengers in the hijacked United Airlines plane in the 9/11 incidence were able to call their loved ones from the plane before it was crashed by the suicide hijackers, but those in MH370 had no chance at all to do so. Think again about this scenario and relate it to that recorded 45,000 ft climb.

The truth is out there, the truth will free us, the truth maybe too painful to accept and yet, the truth may never be found.