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I have taken a breather from blogging for a couple of months but I have not stopped following the events in my beloved country. Those which evoke so much disappointment in me are the issues surrounding the current Prime Minister, Najib Razak and his gang of “intellectually-challenged” but loyal supporters with abnormal conscience.

For those who are not familiar with what I am talking about, you can google “1MDB scandal” and my international readers can visit the website “Sarawak Reports” (SR) which is currently banned in Malaysia due to its revelations on alleged corruption involving Najib and his high-flying family. You can also get some precise and sleek information and analyses (blogs) on 1MDB here and here.

The fact that he is both the Prime Minister as well as the Finance Minister has not been lost on the people. This dual portfolio has enabled him to blindfold the system of check and balance and open the floodgate of gleeful abuse of position.

Najib has too much power for Malaysia's good, declared a news portal and I thoroughly agreed.

Najib has too much power for Malaysia’s good, declared Financial Times and I thoroughly agreed.

The damning revelation by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) early in July this year about USD700 million being credited into Najib’s personal account at a private bank before the General Election in 2013, is the hardest for us to accept. After a period of hesitancy, he finally admitted that the remittance into his account was from a Middle Eastern donor. In terms of Malaysian currency that amount is about RM2.6 billion. Now why would a donor want to donate that humongous amount to Najib Razak? Do you think if he were an ordinary citizen he would get that kind of dizzying amount of donation? The fact that he is the current Prime Minister of Malaysia makes this both an integrity as well as a national security issue. And the Malaysian Anti-corruption Council Acts have very clear provisions under this topic of “donation” to a public servant. The donation constitutes corruption.

This “donation” (which many people do not believe as being donated but instead think that this money is part of the 1MDB transactions making a merry-go-rounds in the process of being laundered), was unknown to all his party members before the WSJ and SR’s exposures. Instead of stepping down and allowing commissioned public servants to investigate this infraction, Najib Razak refuses to do so and before our very eyes, rapidly engineered his way to scupper all kinds of investigations. All these established investigating mechanisms are effectively dismantled as he and his gang of crooked political supporters are now accusing those who question him of wanting to topple the government and acting against parliamentary democracy. How low can you stoop Najib?

The selective amnesia and total indifference by Najib Razak and his gang of boot lickers on this integrity issue of “donation” is incomprehensible. They display an utter lack of values on what is right and what is wrong. They are all clearly becoming selectively psychotic (out of touch with reality) on this moral and legal issue.

There are incredible spins by his supporters whom Najib has labelled as “not smart but loyal”, the latest of which is that the money was donated by Saudi Arabia for Malaysia’s fight against IS (Islamic State) but just a year ago (2014) Najib was singing praises of the brutal terrorist group and the donation ostensibly as gratification for opposing Islamic State  was actually credited into his personal bank account in 2013. Got him, the lying swine! When you tell lies you can never be consistent.

Najib Razak you are not only a liar but a cheat as well. He said he had never used the “donation” for his personal gain but concurrently is not detailing openly how he has disbursed the RM2.6 billion (RM2,600,000,000.00 million). The latest Sarawak Reports revealed that he spent more than USD1million on his credit cards while holidaying with his family in Europe after the General Election in 2013. There are people who feel compelled to tell Malaysians and the World about the corrupt activities of this low down serf.

I respect the post of the Prime Minister but I have totally lost respect for Najib Razak. He is an embarrassment to our country.

His dastardly acts cannot be forgotten ( one day he will be brought to justice, Allah/God Willing). His legacy is one big black dot. And he may well be long remembered as the most sinister Prime Minister in our political history.


I have been following the saga of 1MDB (Malaysia Development Berhad), the investment arm of the Malaysian Ministry of Finance established by the Prime Minister cum the Minister of Finance, Najib Razak.

Following the exposure of the “hanky-panky” in the company by the whistle-blower site, the Sarawak Report, the Malaysian opposition has had a field day in hammering Najib on the alleged financial mismanagement and likely fraud involving billion of ringgit (1USD = RM 3.71). The current biggest critic of 1MDB, particularly of PM Najib is the ex-long-serving Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir and he is asking the former to step down as the Prime Minister to save the ruling coalition from being routed in the next General election in 2018. Najib has yet to answer satisfactorily on the alleged missing 27 billion out of 1MDB’s 42 billion debt and his glaring conflict of interest in the whole affair.

Now Najib is on the defensive mode. He would not step down and now garnering the support of his UMNO members. He is going around the country to tell his brand of the story sans explanations on the missing billion. The divisional leaders seem to believe whatever he says and they have come out to support him. He also used his meeting with UMNO leaders to come out with statements that the whole UMNO was being threatened and of course the leaders backed him vociferously ( as these people also depend on the PM for lucrative contracts). Some Bloggers known to be close to Najib have also jumped on the bandwagon. And lately I noticed that many English sounding names have been trolling the online media to demonise Dr Mahathir.

One prominent UMNO blogger has mounted personal attacks on the former PM. It is said that he had an axe to grind with the ex-PM and more importantly he is eyeing for the post of the Chief Minister of the State of Sabah failing which as the next Governor: these two positions are at the discretion of the PM. He with Najib’s “blind” supporters are being theatrical in this 1MDB massive financial scandal.

I have made up my mind about the current ruling Coalition and its clueless and corrupt leader. I cannot wait to do my duty as a voter in GE 2018 , or  earlier should there be  a snap election.Let’s hope more voters are with me. I am done with supporting this Coalition all these years.

After all those years of anti-corruption campaigns and integrity programmes, corruption in the government sector ( also in the private sector) is still rampant, alive and kicking. We have read about corruption in the police force, custom, immigration, transportation and now in our navy ” Navy staff undone by lavish spending”. It looks like wherever there is an opportunity, there is no integrity.

Service for country and king and ....

Malaysian Navy- Service for country and king and ……..(net image)

I am at a loss thinking about the families and the education system which produce this kind of citizens who lack the awareness on the consequences of corruption in the service, community and country.As I see it, the ability to say no to corruption is within you: your attitude to getting things by abusing your trusted position. Are you aware that corruption weakens/degrades the society? Do you practice to say ” no” to bribery? Do you feel guilty when you accept a bribe? Ask yourself and dig at the answers and invoke your religious/moral training (if there is any)

Despite the current large-scale Islamisation of government services and the education system, these corrupt government servants still prevail. They wear Islamic garbs and they go to pray during working times and yet they are indulgently parasitic, feeding on money not rightfully earned!

The more important implication of this treacherous behaviour is the impact on public service and community. Corruption has far wider negative effects on the society. In the case of the naval officers from the procurement division, low quality supplies could have been supplied at inflated prices causing the government, read, tax-payers to fork out more fund to purchase them. Fund which could have been used to help the poor and the needy.

The above situation applies to all items but more so if the items are equipments used for security purposes. The navy would end up with substandard items which could well be defective, not lasting or come with expensive spare parts not in the quotations. Contractors with inferior quality supplies are usually the ones likely to offer bribe to officers in charge of procurement in any government agency.

Let’s hope our Malaysian Anti-Corruption Council continue to detect, arrest and successfully prosecuted all these scum of the government service!

Immigration.. border control, foreigners,work permits and passport issuance and...

Immigration.. border control, foreigners,work permits and passport issuance and……. (net image)

It would appear that in spite of all those previous well-publicised arrests of rogue government servants for corruption, the punishments are not sufficiently deterrent to scare the hell out of these government staff. The lure of the good life is far too attractive: the expensive cars, luxury watches, elegant houses, annual overseas holidays; you name it and they want it. They could not have afforded these on their salary as government servants.

I am reminded here that the State of Trengganu in the East coast is proposing for those male Muslim men not performing Friday prayer to be paraded in a hearse around town for the public to mock. How about we do the same for convicted corrupt government servants? Shaming them could be effective. But then some human rights freaks would oppose strongly to this method. Well, I oppose the punishment for Friday prayer’s skippers but not for bloody corrupt government staff.

Arrested custom officers, charged for corruption. Million of taxes not collected...

Arrested custom officers, charged for corruption. Million of taxes not collected…….. (Source: The Star)

I believe the measures put in by the government to fight corruption in the service are not working. The internal monitoring by each government agency is weak or lackadaisical. Most people would rather close one eye or turn the other cheek. People are more concerned about appearing religious than actually practising religion in its true sense, one of the main elements of which is integrity.


When I read this report on a  new large scale of arrests of customs officers for alleged corruption, I recalled how many times similar arrests have been carried out in the past involving the same department. A few years ago scores of them were arrested and stashes of cash were found in their homes amounting to millions and some of them have banks and unit trust accounts in the million , not only theirs but their relatives as well.

Camera-shy: The Customs officers being led out of the court in Petaling Jaya. (source: The Star)

Alleged traitors – the Customs officers being led out of the court in Petaling Jaya. (source: The Star)

Haha.. surely being in this government job is  the easiest way to make tons of money without having to go to institutions of higher learning to slog for years to get that precious degree for good employment with high salaries. Neither do they have to work hard to earn that million of money.

In these latest arrests, the MACC  (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) offi­cers have also seized RM3mil in cash, 10 luxury cars and a shophouse, while RM6mil in 200 bank accounts have been frozen.

According to MACC’s  analysis  only RM420mil worth of goods have been declared at the Port where these customs officers are on duty, out of RM1.67 bil since 2011, a massive loss of  RM1.25 bil of excise duties  translating to a loss of revenue to the nation. These arrests are the result of MACC-led multi-agency surveillance of the port over a period of more than one year.

Welcome to the world of enforcement officers. The world where easy money is abundant and where the only qualification is lack of integrity. Just trample on your entrusted duties.

These officers have never learnt from previous arrests and more importantly, they have never learnt  and appreciated the need to be honest in their job. They abuse their position to enrich themselves and cheat the ordinary and hardworking taxpayers. We pay tax to ensure that our security is safeguarded, our infrastructural facilities are built and maintained and our  public services are in place to facilitate us to conduct our daily business.

These corrupt officers divert the money meant for the people for services rendered by the government. The taxes not paid on those goods namely alcohol and cigarettes, mean the country has less income. Wealth is concentrated on those crooks instead of being shared by all. If they can collect money from businessmen in this manner, they could do anything to jeopardise the security of our country for money.

These officers most probably from the same ethnic group professing a religion which focusses so much on forms rather than substance that integrity is only a lip-service. These people who pray and act religious with their Arabised garbs and yet they stink inside.

Corruption breeds and harbours  social injustice. (net image)

Corruption breeds and harbours social injustice. (net image)

There is something wrong with the education system which has morphed into religion-friendly and yet the adherents in this case are not practicing the virtues of being honest and corruption-free. They do not understand the need to be upright in their public dealings. Despite their salaries being increased over the years, these civil servants instead of being grateful and working harder, are becoming more greedy. They are traitors to our nation.

The frightening thing is they act in groups and involve themselves in syndicates. There should not be mercy for these keparat (bad apples) in the civil service. Strip them of their jobs and they have nothing to their names.

This never ending scourge is proving to be a hallmark in our public service. Civil society must support our government’s effort to control and eventually eradicate corruption both in the public and private sector by reporting these practices. Anonymous reporting are accepted and investigated on merits. Corruption in government service is a cancer and should be removed without any fear or favour. So help us God.

Most people seem to be perplexed and unhappy at the massive pay hike approved recently by the State Assembly for Selangor elected  representatives  including Menteri Besar -MB (Chief Minister ) and his excos. While certain quarters condemn it , some like Transparency International lauded it. The latter has a point in their support of the hike with respect to reducing corruption.

One would rather they have pay hike than being corrupted and subservient to business forever (net image)

One would rather they have a pay hike than being corrupted and subservient to  dirty businessmen forever (net image)

The quantum of the hike may seem to be  high but I feel sure the Opposition government in Selangor has worked out how much each of the elected  member would need beside their personal expenditure to sustain their socio-political work in their respective constituency.

Now, being a politician voted in by the people to represent them is not easy and let alone rosy. Wherever you go people expect you to give instant donation or allocations for all kinds of activities. Politicians maybe forced to resort to getting donation or sponsorship from the private sector to run their social programmes making them subservient and indulge in corrupt practices. That is why the Singaporean cabinet ministers are paid very high salaries so that they are not tempted to be corrupt.

While BN politicians are getting massive allocations to sustain each of their constituency, the opposition does not have such luxury of a Federal coffer. It is rather strange that the BN-held states except for Sarawak have not implemented any pay hike and yet if you really look at each and every cabinet members and most  BN elected reps of those states, you will notice that they live well beyond their means with unlimited fund to carry out programs and projects in their respective constituencies. And those contracts that keep coming on on direct nego basis look enough to make everyone of them happy. Their salaries are just peanuts.

Corruption is rampant and the bull has never been really held by the horn like that in Indonesia where big fishes like serving politicians and judges are ruthlessly hunted down unlike here in Malaysia where small frys are being  happily cooked.

It is regrettable that Azmin, a PKR MP (member of parliament) who is known to dislike MB Khalid of Selangor , resorted to washing dirty linen in public by questioning  the raise. The party big guns should have settled this among themselves and lead by example. And convince us that Selangor government is the least corrupt in the country.

Chief Minister-MB Khalid Ibrahim's cabinet cannot afford to be corrupt or risk being booted out in next election.

Chief Minister-MB Khalid Ibrahim’s cabinet cannot afford to be corrupt or risk being booted out in next the general election.

Selangor is a rich state and can afford this pay hike to help their serving representatives to fund their extra-curricular activities like social services and donations to schools, religious bodies and NGOs. In fact, under MB Khalid Selangor has registered a big financial surplus and perhaps about time for the MB to be less exceedingly frugal and give back to the rakyat in terms of  more infrastructural developments, utilities  and social services.

My niece in Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam is very happy because she doesn’t have to pay a single sen for her water and electricity usage  as it is below a certain consumption level: thanks to the current Selangor government No wonder the Opposition gets to keep Selangor in the recent GE! Ever wonder? The people in Selangor see the opposition as less corrupt and more sincere than UMNO/BN who previously ruled them for donkey years.

If BN politicians make noise about this pay hike, they should first look at the mirror and ask themselves where do their sources of fund to sponsor all those activities by their constituents and the non-stop donations to the needy and others come from. It is certainly not all out of their pockets.

I am despondent over my country which has become more islamic in form over the last 20 odd years but worse than greedy capitalist pigs in substance. The report here about Malaysia being among the most corrupt nations in the world next to China and  Indonesia is utterly depressing. All the so-called blinking anti-corruption transformation activities initiated by PM Najib through PEMANDU ( Performance Management and Delivery Unit )  since he assumed power in 2009 apparently have failed to achieve real targets on the ground.

This is what happens when graft transformation programs  are half-baked

This is what happens when graft transformation programs are half-baked

You see more people going to the mosques, Muslim government servants, both men and women would stop work to pray.Try getting some of them around 4pm and the likelihood of you being told that such and such an officer is not available because he or she has gone to pray is now very high. You would never see this religious paranoia a couple of decades ago.

I remember coming down to the international immigration booths at the KLIA main terminal entry point and  noted only one non-Muslim woman manning it and there were scores of air travellers waiting to be processed. In fact the sole woman, out of desperation, blurted out that the other officers had gone to pray! I also came across a Malaysia airlines steward praying precariously near the toilet of the aircraft while the plane was airborne! Such a show of religious fervour!

How religious everybody has become and yet their  their faith is only practiced at the superficial level, when comes to making money through corrupt practices, there appears to be no holds barred. From religious enforcement officers to the top executives of GLCs, you find layers of corruption. Many of these people are nothing but fakes.

I am sure there are also good and non-corrupt and God-fearing officers but their number seems to be in the minority. They are not making as much impact as their corrupt brethren.

Preoccupation with form  is never more prevalent  (net image)

Preoccupation with form is never more prevalent
(net image)

With all these religious forms evolving  with such speed wouldn’t you think they would be feeling guilty of committing sins? Because corruption is mentioned in the Holy Book as a sin. Unfortunately the so called ulamak (religious scholars) have failed to analyse this sin deeply instead their priorities  are more on making women bundled up like Arab women and their in-depth analysis is on how and  what a Muslim woman should be, behave and look like! A rabid  preoccupation with form because it is easier to control than the lurking mind.

The body is fully clothed but the mind could well be truly naked.

The government can come up with loads of programs to combat corruption but if sincere efforts are not undertaken to monitor these activities by employing tracking indicators, they will not succeed. Even the fear of God doesn’t change the predilection for corruption.

The present KPIs for corruption are outcome-based instead of process-based. When you go through the process you can see the flaws inherent in men and women that you need to address. Tracking outcomes and performing corrective measures are too late and will not allow internalised learning by all concerned. We will not be successful tackling corruption using the existing methodology. Another critical factor is that ownership of anti-corruption strategies should be made clear to all stakeholders.

Anti corruption fight should be pervasive whereby schools are also  involved in educating the children on the negative impact on their livelihood when corruption is rampant in the country. In short, this war against corruption is  a protracted mission.

It is far easier to change one’s clothes than one’s attitude.

The more we are a high-income nation, the more corrupt our executives are going to be. All the anti-corruption strategies are only lip service. If the rakyat (citizens) are observing how corrupt the government politicians are, how do you stop them from following suit? Truly I am sick of all this double talk by  bloody corrupt politicians. Compare the assets of UMNO politicians to those of PAS and you will see what I mean.

We will not come out of this scourge unless there is a strong political will to combat it but I doubt that this will ever happen under the present UMNO leadership. They would rather maintain the status quo and popularity for their political survival at the expense of the country’s long-term well being.

My heart goes out to my Motherland.

In Malaysia among the Malays, great wealth is almost always synonymous with politicians and political cronies. Besides Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary, the wealthiest Malay corporate figure whose father’s business started well before his so called political connection to  a section of the ruling party, many of the others have apparently benefited financially through political nepotism and cronyism.

Which politicians with posts in the ruling party appear poor? Check out their mansions and look at those luxury cars that they flaunt. And where do they send their children to study? UK, US, Australia and the likes and no, not Egypt , thank you. And No wonder they fight tooth and nail to stay in power. Stay in power at all cost because the bounty is just huge and conceivably limitless.

If MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) were to investigate and arrest all these blood-suckers, there would not be enough officers to deal with the massive exercise and so they would go initially after those on whom they have already accumulated 85% of the evidence and so today we read of a politician who is in this category.

The politician in question  was brought from MACC building to the Putrajaya Court complex in handcuffs today and was later freed on bail.

This man has an impressive history of an ascent in politics. He appears not to have been born with a silver spoon like Najib,Hishamuddin and Mukhriz, and so he joined politics through, among others, a race-based organisation.  He was the President of Malaysian Youth Council in the mid-90s and also the President of Gabungan Pelajar Melayu Semenanjung (GPMS) – Federation of Peninsular Malay Students, a stepping stone to being a full politician and indeed he was the former one-term State Assemblyman (Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) (1995-1999)  for Benta, Pahang.

Among the luxury cars seized from his house

Among the luxury cars seized from his house

And not surprisingly, 10 luxury cars including Toyota Alphard, Golf GTI, Toyota Vellfire, Camry and Porsche , belonging to this man who has the honorific title of a Datuk, have been seized by MACC to assist in its investigation. Just note the sheer number of those expensive vehicles. Even if he had eight children, with a car each, it still doesn’t explain where the money comes from to afford those wheels on the pension of an Assemblyman unless he has a business that is doing great which I doubt as he has styled himself as an active welfare worker. We have yet to find out that source of wealth.

The said politician is reportedly being investigated by MACC  for allegedly misappropriating  funds belonging to a Government welfare programme which comes under the 1AZAM programme launched in 2010. It is a government initiative under the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry to provide employment opportunities to the hardcore poor in the business, service and agriculture sectors. Could this billion Ringgit programme be his bottomless coffers?

The scrutiny on all his and his family’s bulk of assets including bank accounts and those PNB unit trusts and shares in the stock market will reveal the extent of this man’s wealth which could be analysed and hence compared to his genuinely earned total income over the years before and after his posting as the political secretary to the said Ministry.

Suhaimi Ibrahim - former Political Secretary to Shahrizat -under probe for corruption

Suhaimi Ibrahim – former Political Secretary to Shahrizat -under probe for corruption

Of course one is considered innocent until proven guilty but my observation of these types of MACC cases, many could be successfully prosecuted if good preparations are made, putting to stand witnesses of integrity and that the judiciary would not emphasize too much on technicalities. May justice be done.

And so Datuk Suhaimi Ibrahim, the time has come to account for your wealth which you so flaunt with shameless glee.

And yet something is bugging me about this man’s connection to Shahrizat Jalil by virtue of him being her former Political Secretary when the offence is said to have taken place. The rather impertinent UMNO Wanita Chief, the former Minister at the Ministry concerned, is seeking a re-election on October 12, 2013 before the  UMNO General Assembly in December despite the Cowgate scandal involving her husband and children.

Suhaimi was also reported to have ever served as a Political Secretary to  Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, PM Najib’s predecessor. Khairy, the son-in-law of Badawi had ever defended Shahrizat at the height of the infamous scandal. Khairy is also seeking re-election as UMNO Youth Chief. Do we sense factions here?

The timing of this latest development is both interesting and intriguing.

Corruption can be defined in several ways and the ultimate outcome is an illegal or a morally unacceptable gain to the perpetrator at the expense of his/her victim and so here is one form of corruption where the lowlife gained so much out of someone’s misery (read here).

For a professional’s services, costing will be dependent on a number of parameters like rental of buildings,cost of equipment and maintenance, staff emoluments, consumables , the level of expertise and the types, period and hours of services. On many instances a guideline is prepared by the relevant professional bodies to consider, for example, market forces. And in professions such as legal and medical, the question of ethics also comes into play when you charge your clients.

It is interesting in Dr Susan Lim’s case which started way back in 2007 when the Singapore Medical Council (SMC) disciplinary committee found her guilty of professional misconduct and suspend her from practice for three years and some meagre fine following which she appealed to the high court and later to the highest court in the land , both of which upheld the SMC’s punishment which now she must serve.

I followed this case closely as I wanted to know why a clever and bright female doctor who was well-respected and sounded caring (in her youtube postings) would stoop so low as to overcharge her client an astronomical amount of  $24.8 m (approx: RM50 m). Granted that the client is the sister-in-law of one of the world’s richest men   and a royalty to boot. This itself could have fed her greed as she thought these people have a bottomless pit of money!

The said royal lady died after 110 “treatment days” possibly due to the terminality of her disease despite the heroic practice of the “duty of care” by the seemingly caring doctor. Indeed by prolonging her life, the doctor would have made more money!

Abusing her position of trust, she dug deep into the royalty’s coffer, by the way, all the treatment charges were supposed to be settled by the palace and not the individual patient. To me this extreme overcharging is a form of corrupt behaviour.

Actually if you followed her case closely, she acted unprofessionally, in fact she defrauded the patient by altering the fee charges of other doctors to whom she referred the patient during the course of care under her. The Specialist concerned would send the bill to Susan Lim and he would charge, for example $9000.00, Susan Lim would then add another zero to make it $90,000.00! And billed it to the Brunei Palace. Gosh, the woman is a real opportunistic crook.

Dr Susan Lim, Singaporean surgeon - when greed knows no bound.

Dr Susan Lim, Singaporean surgeon – when greed knows no bound.

I think it was not that the Brunei Palace could not settle the amount, it was the thought of being defrauded that led them to complain and teach the doctor a lesson in professional integrity. At the same time to serve as a warning to other likely to be greedy doctors in the Island State.

Susan Lim is a disgrace to the medical profession. And the court concluded that her case is one of the worst if not the worst in the history of “professional misconduct” or “unethical behaviour” that it has ever come across; and to think that medicine is a noble profession.

I have heard stories about medical treatment in Singapore. Usually wealthy patients whose diseases which are mostly cancers, have been diagnosed as terminal by Malaysian doctors would troop to Singapore and pay hundreds of thousands of ringgit  and only to return home still dying.

I remember some years ago when an Australian friend whose father was a professor of Civil Engineering telling me in a joking way that his dad would always ask  who designed and  built  any bridge that he was going to cross  in a certain Island nation.  You see,  almost all (which is not many)  of the engineering graduates of that island were trained in Australia. The late professor who knew his students, was not going to take his chances.

And so would most of us  had we  known that a certain building such as places of worship,stadiums, bridges or tower construction is designed and built  by half-baked professionals.

Much as we like to think that all technical professionals are well qualified to undertake jobs such as construction, it might not always be the case. Look at what happened in Trengganu, an east-coast state where a stadium roofs kept collapsing as well as that of a place of worship. These are public places and any such incident could have caused loss of many lives not to mention broken limbs and other injuries. By the way, we have yet to hear the official  result of the investigation into the collapsed stadium roofs! It did not only collapse once (2009) but twice (2013) here. The cost of building the stadium was well over RM250 million of taxpayers’ money and the repair cost so far? ….Well that is Malaysia.

Really as a matter of public interests, students who are not performing well and fail their examinations should not be allowed to graduate in that technical field. The “gatekeepers” in this respect  are the lecturers and professors at these so called Higher Learning Institutions. Unfortunately we have the odd lecturers who would betray our trust by passing those weak students through corruption. These lowlife demand money to pass their students who go on to get their degrees.

A report here is disconcerting. Such scumbags of the academia should be punished severely. They are not only a shame to their profession but they also bring disrepute to the institutions they work in.

The professional bodies of respective fields must have a system of check and balance whereby graduates involved in public works should get post-graduate certification perhaps through attachment or examinations  to ensure their ability to  undertake civil works.

That is why employers will factor in  the name of the IHL where the job applicant has studied when they are recruiting. The probability of getting a fake professional is rare if he/she had studied in well known and reputable institutions which guard their names zealously.

Last week the Court of Appeal upheld the one-year jail sentence meted out to Khir Toyo, the Ex-Menteri Besar (Chief Minister) of Selangor (2000-2008) for corruption. He was found guilty of corrupt practice through buying a property well below market price from a contractor who had direct dealings in government contracts in Selangor when Khir Toyo was once the powerful Chief Executive of the State.

Mohamad Khir Toyo - "What will I do Now?... oh yes, my blog!"

Mohamad Khir Toyo – “What will I do now?… oh yes, my blog!

Following the failure of his appeal, he took his case to cyber public (in his blog) by telling his side of the story and appearing to question the Appeal Judges’ unanimous decision. He is almost saying that the judges are against his defence and fail to answer his lawyer’s question on the basis of the court’s rejection.

Bringing his failed appeal to the public is tantamount to contempt of court and he should be arrested and charged forthwith as a deterrent to other people who might be influenced by Khir Toyo’s  audacity. He is casting aspersion on the court.

The strong and terse statement (read here) by the Attorney General is timely. No one has the right to  criticise the court in this manner as it would invite public distrust and contempt of our judiciary. Just because he was an ex-Menteri Besar doesn’t give him the right to speak contemptuously. Judging from the comments published in his blog, one could gauge that some gullible public are supporting his reasonings which could be flawed when crossed-examined and demolished by the prosecution. In short, the public is only reading his side of the story.

The cyber world is not the place for a one-sided discussion of  his  court case which is still ongoing by virtue of his putting in an appeal to the Federal Court. By resorting to doing this, is he hoping that the Federal Court Judges would overturn the Appeal court’s decision and rule in his favour? It does look like it, doesn’t it?

His accusing PM Najib of making an example of him in the latter’s effort to curb corruption is also childish. He feels that  he is being singled out by MACC (Malaysian Anti-corruption Council) for prosecution while  other corrupt politicians are being let off. One of his blog commentators is urging him to reveal these other corrupt politicians: Why not? If he had strong evidences please do so but do not just say he is being made a scapegoat because he is  incensed at  being legally cornered.

Hold your horses, Khir Toyo!

Hold your horses, Khir Toyo!

If found guilty, sending him to jail would scare the hell out of all the other peoples’ representatives contemplating on abusing their positions and enriching themselves through corrupt practices.

Meanwhile, there is no such thing as the rule of law in any cyber court. So Khir Toyo, hold your horses  for now and prepare them for the real  Court of Last Resort.