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Lunar New Year of the Monkey 2016




It’s good that I could spare a moment to post this greeting to all my blog readers. Personal and works commitment have taken me away from blogging this year. But I intend to continue when time permits.


CNY 2015 goat

Praying and hoping for a better year despite the current slump in our oil prices. For Dragons like me, the prediction is 3/5 for finance and 2/5 for social life but of course I can change all that with hard work and more engagements with friends and my community. Everything is in my hands. And so it is with you.




May the love in you plant the seed of all that is good in humanity.

May the love in you plant the seed of all that is good in humanity. (Net image)

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my blog readers with blooming love in your hearts.

To be traditional, I should say ‘Happy New Year 2015″ to all my blog readers.

This new year is supposed to mark the end of all those negative things that are associated with 2014, and the beginning of our new journey as travellers of time on earth. We are supposed to leave behind our emotional baggage and start anew. It is easier said than done of course. But we all must try because we are what we think. Having said that we should not be out of touch with reality in helping us to feel good through thinking. Now there is a thin line between being normal and mentally abnormal. A psychiatric test would be helpful.

Our thoughts should not override our ability and capability. It should consider achievability (is there such a word?). If you think of something you are not likely to achieve, you will end up being depressed. There will be time when you should accept a situation and move on. People use defence mechanisms to stay sane. People refer to the so-called higher power, read God,  to keep calm. We upload our troubles and emotional distress to God and then believe that He will help us somehow and feel a lot better. We then leave it to Him to show us the way. Hah… people are going to say that I am advocating religions in this posting;  oh no, not so fast, Speedy Gonzales!

Intelligent application of FAITH goes a long way in our life. It is a facilitator to our physical and spiritual journey. (Net image)

Intelligent application of FAITH goes a long way in our life. It is a facilitator to our physical and spiritual journey.
(Net image)

I believe you must have consistent faith in something in order to navigate well in your life. Those with no faith are bound to act in manners detrimental to themselves and those around them. But you could argue that those suicide bombers who are faithful to their religion and yet they kill themselves and innocent people do not fall into this category of faith-adherents. Yet, we know very little of this type as there are bound to be some abnormal factors which cause them to kill and be killed.

My point is for us to function amid all sorts of problems, difficulties,obstacles and challenges, we must have consistent faith and support  to deal with the reality.

In the last month of 2014 we heard of news reports of horrible  murders committed by those who knew and loved the victims. In Australia, a mother brutally killed her seven children including a relative and in Canada a man killed his relatives and then himself out of depression. It could have been helplessness, loneliness and faithlessness which drove them to taking lives of their loved ones.

For the new year, those of us who have faith must renew it and those who have been without it all these years might want to acquaint yourselves with it.

Let’s welcome the New Year 2015 with open arms

JoY to tHe WoRLd and PeAcE on ThE PLanEt

JoY to tHe WoRLd and PeAcE on ThE PLanEt






Today 16 September we celebrate the formation of Malaysia through the union of Malaya (West Malaysia) and the two regions in Borneo namely Sabah (North Borneo) and Sarawak generally referred to as East Malaysia. This day was largely ignored for a number of years as 31 August is officially celebrated as the independence day till it was persistently pointed out that it was on 16 September 1963 that Malaysia came into being. The earlier date is specifically associated with the independence of Malaya from the colonial British in 1957.

Going to school in rural Sarawak

Going to school in rural Sarawak (net image)

The mistake of not synchronising the date of independence of the three regions by the forefathers has come to haunt the present generation of questioning public. Non celebration of 16 September gradually became a sensitive issue and a point of unhappiness. Well, the East Malaysians have finally got their wish. September 16 has been declared a public holiday from 2011, after 48 years of the union. Thanks God to the freedom of expression!

Going to school in rural Sabah (net image)

Going to school in rural Sabah (net image)

Development wise, the two East Malaysian states are still behind the West and this has become a bone of contention seeing that the former are significant contributors to the oil revenue of the country. A more equitable distribution of wealth would raise the standard of living and quality of life of people in Sabah and Sarawak, particularly those residing in the rural areas. It is however noted that the main constraints to infrastructural development in these two states are their vast areas which are sparsely populated.

Their geographical nature calls for a more aggressive policy on education for the rural populace. While Flying Doctor service is servicing the remote villages, provision for educational needs is not as easy. And so the government should build schools with full hostel facilities for children from these area. Rural schools should also be provided with free healthy meals so as to encourage the attendance of its pupils. Only through education will they be able to uplift their future and become productive citizens and emerge from poverty. As it is now, Sabah has the highest poverty rate in the country.

Malaysia is striving to become a high-income nation in 2020 and I believe that the status can be achieved and yet it is a meaningless achievement if only a small proportion of the population is generating great wealth and the rest are only making ends meet. We cannot truly say Malaysia Day is a happy day when our brothers and sisters in East Malaysia fail to contribute to the numbers.

Pray for Peace for the Muslim World and the Whole World

Pray for Peace and stability  for the Muslim World and the Whole World

Wishing all my Muslim Blog Visitors a Happy and Blessed Eid Fitr or “SELAMAT HARI RAYA” which falls on Monday, 28 July 2014 in Malaysia.




To ALL the Romantics and People Who Have LOVE in Their Beating Hearts.

To ALL The Romantics and  The People Who Have LOVE in Their Beating Hearts.


 Friday, February 14

 Valentine’s Day 2014