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The ability to express oneself is one of the greatest gift that Nature could bestow on its “perfect creation” that is “MAN”. Imagine a world or a society without its inhabitants or members being able to express themselves  like putting forth ideas, analyze and criticize so as to promote a better life? Such a society will not thrive and will eventually be lost to the world which will be the poorer for it.

Creativity is what makes the society tick!

With the advent of the blogsphere people are able to express themselves and share their knowledge, feelings, thoughts, a melange of human emotion and experiences with the whole world. There could be gold nuggets in them which would help people  learn and  understand. Only through understanding are we able to nurture sensitivities and cultivate tolerance and acceptance which are missing in societies bent on division.

People can choose to be known or anonymous to express themselves through blogging, yet we should not use this freedom to create stories which are designed to destroy others. For me blogging anonymously means reflecting on socio-cultural issues, news and others’ writings, a kind of commentaries based on my belief,perception,upbringing,education,interaction and experiences.

I am only thinking aloud and reaching out to those who would want to read my thoughts. And if these thoughts could help people, I would be doing a service that only Nature knows and hopefully would bless me.

Be that as it may, my anonymous blogging is more for my own sanity in this rat race world. An outlet to release the pent-up energy and normalise my blood pressure.

Racing against time in a rat-wheel-clock (net image)

Racing against time in a rat-wheel-clock (net image)

I am just hoping, though, that I would not go overboard and find myself in the radar screen of some cybercontrol freaks.

Welcome to my expressed thoughts and thank you for visiting.



  1. I like your article.

  2. Your articles are beautifully written .

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