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Monthly Archives: April 2016

The years 2015 and 2016 are truly depressing for many of us Malaysians. The 1MDB scandal is just not going away with all the tricks played by the protagonist. Tried as I might, I just can’t seem to feel easy with the ongoing issues related to this sovereign fund which has been sloppily managed by the very person we used to trust.

As a response to the people’s vocal comments and bold discussions on the scandal, certain websites and blogs have been shut down. This government has now shown its true colours. Freedom of speech  and expression is selectively defined to suit the power that be. It is a suffocating time.

The international press has given a wide coverage of the massive fund misappropriation with money trails around the actors from Malaysia, Singapore,the Middle East, Switzerland, Luxembourg, US and Hong Kong. Truly a financial debacle. And the Malaysian taxpayers are set to bear the burden of the billion Ringgit debt incurred by 1MDB’s management.

As 2016 wears on, the unhappiness and sense of anger that the people feel are mounting. Najib the Malaysian Prime Minister who established this fund and used it as if it belonged to him and his family is behaving as if nothing happens. Gosh, the shameless man is totally lacking in conscience. After the international investigators have wrapped up their various probes into this gargantuan money laundering outfit, I wonder whether the international community will even have a shred of respect for this man who leads Malaysia to financial disaster.


Najib Razak the infamous Prime Minister of Malaysia

Najib’s party supporters and sycophants are protecting him because he has the dirty money to fund them and they know the good times will not last once he is gone. These are the men and women who are without a tint of integrity. They have refused to understand the need to serve the nation instead they choose to serve a corrupt leader. The man himself has trampled on and destroyed all the institutions set up to ensure good governance and enforcement of laws to serve the citizens. We are truly doomed unless there is a divine intervention (yes, that is how desperate thinking Malaysians are).

Najib Razak please do us a favour. Please just disappear.