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In four years of civil war in Syria, one of its most beautiful cities has met with total devastation. Watching the two-part documentary on Al Jazeera this evening, I could not help wondering how in this day and age this man-sponsored destruction could have taken place. I could understand if this occurred in the 13 th century but this is the 21 th century with advanced education and technology. 

There seemed to be a total breakdown in the art of negotiations and the absence of leaders who could persuade their people to think of the consequences of the civil war. The role played by superpowers like the U.S. And NATO countries doesn’t escape my rumination on the fate of the city and her people. Of course President Assad is not without blame, pummeling the city with bombs as if it was not part of his country. What kind of people who live in Syria? They would rather die than coming up with peace terms. I noted a crudely written banner which said ” Our city is destroyed but the revolution continues“. Very noble indeed and I thought this was a scripted Holywood movie!


The destruction of Aleppo (net image)

And I saw at the same times on CNN, BBC,CCTV and AlJazeera news, thousands of Syrian migrants on the Greek border fighting to board trains to Macedonia on their way to find sanctuary in Germany and other European countries. What kind of revolution is this when your people are running away in droves? The people left behind are suffering with massive infrastructures’ destruction, lack of foods,medicines and inhabitable buildings. Almost every family is affected.

 I cannot help shaking my head. Cooler heads are just not in the vocabulary of these people or are the people of Aleppo expecting the West to help them by enforcing no-fly zones like they shamelessly did in Libya?  They continue fighting Assad because they thought help was coming. Well how wrong they are! I too cannot help thinking that external powers of Iran and Russia, President Assad’s  erstwhile  supporters, have also contributed to the death of Aleppo.

A sad thought indeed. I don’t think Aleppo could be revived in my lifetime. The folly of man driven by hatred.


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