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I notice that people who are deeply religious are the ones who are very hard to convince on a lot of things that they see as contrary to their faith/belief. When they look at you, you’ll never fail to see that smugness, as if they are saying ” I am safe and you’re the dumb one”.

They are contented in their own way and leave everything to God. So strong is their faith, they will not budge even if they are threatened with the law. I saw on TV this evening how a group of Christian florists who would not give their service to gay couple’s weddings because of their belief. I wonder whether they would also not give their service to others not of the same belief as them?

The same situation is seen among religious Malaysians who are adamant about having their way because to them it’s what their religion teaches them and they absolutely cannot contravene their belief. Their steadfastness quite often borders on insensitivity towards other faiths.

The above examples are typical of people who have refused to think and gradually thinking becomes hard as they progressively become lazy and seek the least resistant paths And not only that, they then become dependent on others to think for them and this is where the ” religious teachers and glib speakers” come in with verses from the Holy Book and the sayings (hadiths) of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH, purportedly by him even though some of those sayings were recorded 200 years after the prophet’s demise. They just accept what the so-called clergies say and regurgitate the ideas to others without processing the information. Some of those ideas create disunity and dissatisfaction  in the multi-cultural community.

To make matters worse, they also expect others to accept whatever they expound. Amazingly, many are going their way as thinking becomes hard.


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