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The mad desire to control is associated with people who enjoy being in the position of power and want to maintain that power at all cost. Power can be exerted through many ways, chief among them are religion,ideology like communism,hereditary bloodlines and sheer force of personality and charisma. When religion is used, man’s insecurity about death is invoked and education is tailored towards complete submission and dismissal of secular education especially in English, the world’s universal language. Doesn’t this remind you of BOKO HARAM, the brutal terrorist’s group in Africa? Boko Haram means “school is forbidden”.

The main strategy is to keep the population ignorant and easily cowed with the promise of severe retribution after death if you don’t follow their teachings. Gosh, do you know that people of this religious persuasion is more scared of death than of living with all its life challenges? When people become docile, they are easier to lead, sway and of course to control. They are mentally shackled.

During the Dark Ages in Europe, clergymen reigned supreme and people were controlled through their faith and had things not changed , we would not be communicating in this manner. These men of religion see progress as an obstacle of their hold to power. This is where communism and religion differs beside being the same in terms of enforced social cohesion and unity in principle, faith and belief. Communism is atheist and religion is god-centred but all the same, administered by man.

I am appalled by what is happening in an East Coast state in Malaysia as a political party in its bid to retain permanent power, has moved to cement that status by introducing fear-laden shariah law in the state. You might like to read this elegantly written article on the proposed implementation of Hudud in that state by the governing party and they used their hereditary ruler to support it and we know why and further repressing any dissenting voice. And so fixated is their mind on rolling out this legal amendment to the existing “secular” laws that their supporters issue death threats against anyone opposing it.

Yes, as one irate ex-politician says ” “We want easy answers for everything, which explains our new found fascination for God’s laws. We want religious laws to regulate our lives and believe that, somehow, using God’s laws will make everything perfect.”  Alas, as the people of  Kelantan has become docile, they are now easily trapped for life on earth.

I have been to Kelantan on several occasions. The state was recently devastated by the great flood and its political leaders said it was God’s way of asking them to practice His laws, ( I would say wait for the next bigger one!). Its capital Kota Bharu is drab, smelly and dirty and I am not planning to visit it ever again. I cannot stand seeing docile people.


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