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Some years ago when there was hardly an opposition voice in the Malaysian parliament, many government’s excesses were kept hidden,swept under the carpet. The last 10 years have seen a change in the peoples’ mind. Call it due to better education, more access to information and an enlightened awareness about peoples’ rights but Malaysians are sending in more opposition party members into our parliament to keep tab on the coalition government that has been in power for donkey’s years.

Now we hear all sorts of scandalous issues brought out in the open by these opposition members of parliament. Apart from the financial debacle of IMDB (read it online in the Sarawak Report), we now hear of the PM and his wife abusing government jets as in this report. Actually like most Malaysians, I am getting sick and tired of the antics of Rosmah, Prime Minister’s Najib’s wife. I used to ignore stories about her but credible news about her are making me think twice about this woman who thinks highly of herself that she forgets that she would be nothing without Najib. She is a liability to the PM and indirectly to the governing coalition. How long more do the rural rakyat (citizens) are going to tolerate this deplorable  state of affairs and keep voting in the coalition led by this weak man?

See the photo below that I received on my WhatsApp yesterday. Have you all seen or noted the wives of Presidents, Prime Ministers,Kings and all making their husbands wait for them? Well, I have yet to see one other than Rosmah. This not only ridiculous but embarrassing to us Malaysians as well as this photo goes viral online. Of course this is not the first time she was shown to display utter contempt for her husband. I don’t care if it is any husband but being the Prime Minister of a country, some respect must be accorded to the man. We have never seen the likes of this when our ex-long serving PM Mahathir  was in power. Mahathir’s wife, Siti Hasmah, a Medical Doctor was a most dignified lady and would never have  upstaged her clever husband

Najib on the jet's staircase is waiting for the PM Rosmah  to finish shaking hands with the officials (source: unknown)

Najib on the jet’s staircase is waiting forlornly  for ” PM Rosmah” to finish shaking hands with the officials (source: unknown)

I hope the end for this unacceptable public behaviour of Rosmah will be soon.

The last general election in 2013 was won by BN, thanks to the support of the people from Sabah and Sarawak ( the two East Malaysian States). Well the next general election in 2018, the people of Sabah and Sarawak should see the light of day and dump this government. There are just so many scandals and interferences in the running of this country.


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