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After all those years of anti-corruption campaigns and integrity programmes, corruption in the government sector ( also in the private sector) is still rampant, alive and kicking. We have read about corruption in the police force, custom, immigration, transportation and now in our navy ” Navy staff undone by lavish spending”. It looks like wherever there is an opportunity, there is no integrity.

Service for country and king and ....

Malaysian Navy- Service for country and king and ……..(net image)

I am at a loss thinking about the families and the education system which produce this kind of citizens who lack the awareness on the consequences of corruption in the service, community and country.As I see it, the ability to say no to corruption is within you: your attitude to getting things by abusing your trusted position. Are you aware that corruption weakens/degrades the society? Do you practice to say ” no” to bribery? Do you feel guilty when you accept a bribe? Ask yourself and dig at the answers and invoke your religious/moral training (if there is any)

Despite the current large-scale Islamisation of government services and the education system, these corrupt government servants still prevail. They wear Islamic garbs and they go to pray during working times and yet they are indulgently parasitic, feeding on money not rightfully earned!

The more important implication of this treacherous behaviour is the impact on public service and community. Corruption has far wider negative effects on the society. In the case of the naval officers from the procurement division, low quality supplies could have been supplied at inflated prices causing the government, read, tax-payers to fork out more fund to purchase them. Fund which could have been used to help the poor and the needy.

The above situation applies to all items but more so if the items are equipments used for security purposes. The navy would end up with substandard items which could well be defective, not lasting or come with expensive spare parts not in the quotations. Contractors with inferior quality supplies are usually the ones likely to offer bribe to officers in charge of procurement in any government agency.

Let’s hope our Malaysian Anti-Corruption Council continue to detect, arrest and successfully prosecuted all these scum of the government service!

Immigration.. border control, foreigners,work permits and passport issuance and...

Immigration.. border control, foreigners,work permits and passport issuance and……. (net image)

It would appear that in spite of all those previous well-publicised arrests of rogue government servants for corruption, the punishments are not sufficiently deterrent to scare the hell out of these government staff. The lure of the good life is far too attractive: the expensive cars, luxury watches, elegant houses, annual overseas holidays; you name it and they want it. They could not have afforded these on their salary as government servants.

I am reminded here that the State of Trengganu in the East coast is proposing for those male Muslim men not performing Friday prayer to be paraded in a hearse around town for the public to mock. How about we do the same for convicted corrupt government servants? Shaming them could be effective. But then some human rights freaks would oppose strongly to this method. Well, I oppose the punishment for Friday prayer’s skippers but not for bloody corrupt government staff.

Arrested custom officers, charged for corruption. Million of taxes not collected...

Arrested custom officers, charged for corruption. Million of taxes not collected…….. (Source: The Star)

I believe the measures put in by the government to fight corruption in the service are not working. The internal monitoring by each government agency is weak or lackadaisical. Most people would rather close one eye or turn the other cheek. People are more concerned about appearing religious than actually practising religion in its true sense, one of the main elements of which is integrity.



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