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I have no qualm in saying that Malaysia is heading towards a restive country religionwise. Things would have been much worse had there been no non-Muslims or other races in this country: the Constitution would have been changed and Shariah laws implemented just like in Brunei. We must thank the presence of other races and faiths for  single-handedly acting as a strong barrier against falling into this religious abyss.

It all started with the policy of our education system which established religious schools and the separation of children of different faiths in the eighties. Then that ‘bright idea” of inculcating the Islamic values in government agencies and the consequent fervour of everything Islamic. Suddenly you see surau (praying rooms and building) mushrooming everywhere especially in schools and government departments.

In a brand new building at one major government hospital, there is hardly enough space for units located there to operate and yet you have two spacious praying rooms for males and females: what can you say to that?

In fact it is a policy for government buildings to include a surau on their premises. Then you have teachers and government servants being absent from their post at certain times of the day. You just cannot get them as they have gone to pray; now what can you say to that? I have come across immigration counters at KLIA ( main airport in Malaysia) being undermanned as some on-duty staff had gone to pray and not come back. Teachers going off to pray during classes, civil servants not there to answer calls, even a MAS flight attendant praying right next to the plane toilet! Unbelievable but there you are, people of that religious persuasion are becoming floridly God-fearing. This is the product of over 25 years of flawed policy and education system.

We now have some young men (and women) studying in such religious schools with no jobs on completion of their studies voluntarily joining the evil ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) and involving themselves in heinous acts as reported here. If our policymakers are still unaware of the impact of this institutionalised religious education, I am afraid we are in for a protracted war against extremism. This “war” would sap our energy in making our country better developed economically.

I have yet to get a confirmation about this information that every month there are about 17,000 Malaysians immigrating and most likely these are high-achieving people who just cannot take what is happening in this country. This is no doubt a “brain-drain” (read this news report). This country will be left with people who live only to “enter heaven and be with angels” on their death! As taught in their schools. To these people their life is worth more upon death. What a twisted thought!

( Heck! One had decided to enjoy his life upon death much earlier by becoming the first Malaysian suicide bomber in Syria)


[See Part I of this “Toxic Education System” where I am sharing a post by a blogger ” Out Syed The Box” who regularly reverted his posts into drafts for his personal reasons and you might not be able to read them at his blog whenever you like.

There are other Malaysians who share the apprehension against religious radicalism and extremism that are subtly and steadily overwhelming this beloved country]



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