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My sister in law had been fuming. What drove her ire is the continuous preoccupation with the female species by the so-called clerics. She pointed out an article online on this subject of women not donning the hijab as a “rape material”. These men of religion have nothing much to talk about except blaming women for the society’s ills. Sadly many are influenced by these clerics’ words that you see now almost 98% of Muslim women are all covered up compared to 20 years ago. The women endure this foreign attire despite the hot and humid weather prevalent all year round in this tropical country. This change of garb is the first step towards mental colonisation and the next step in 25 years’ time  is enforced isolation when you will find that Malaysian Muslim women will be secreted in their homes just like what is happening in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and other Muslim dominated countries. With the suppression of half of the population, the “brain capital”, the country will go downhill before long.

The clerics have closed one eye to the rising number of reported incest/rapes in the country. Before they make such sermons against non-hijab clad Muslim women, they should study the data of rapes in non-Muslim countries where women are not covered up and compare to those in Malaysia, but of course these men of religion will not bother to do so because the study findings would make big liars out of them.

The writings are on the wall. At the moment we have quite a sizable non-Muslim population and so you can still see women not covered up in hijab (Muslim scarf) walking around but the time will come, at the rate we are going, that women in Malaysia will no longer be safe as those men not used to seeing women walking around without hijab are going to have their testosterone rise when they see even a strand of female hair! Hence fulfilling the “prophecy” of those sex-obsessed clerics.

The Arabisation of the Malay culture does not bode well now and in the future. With the downgrading of women, there will gradually be new generations of men who are likely to be more intolerant and despise everything that doesn’t follow their beliefs and they would die for them! The World will be more insecure with this kind of human beings. Their examples of extremism are everywhere now. The West had better take note of what is happening in countries like Malaysia and Indonesia where fanaticism is rearing its ugly head.

Just a final thought: for as long as the US is a good friend of Saudi Arabia, the increasing trend of Islamic fundamentalism in poor and developing countries will continue unabated.


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