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In Malaysia when St Valentine’s Day arrives, the religious police will go on the overdrive; policing the morality of the masses. Just read the news here  Eight couples held in Malacca Valentine’s Day operation, even the giving of free condoms is considered promoting vices instead of protecting from sexually-transmitted diseases like gonorrhoea, syphilis and HIV.

In Malaysia giving condoms according to religious freaks is tantamount to encouraging sex...

In Malaysia giving free condoms according to religious freaks is tantamount to encouraging sex…

Though the  Malaysian moral police is not as vicious as those in Acheh, Indonesia, they will be so shortly should the country  go for Huddud or Shariah law. Well Kelantan, an east coast state in Peninsular Malaysia is initiating the implementation of Huddud and it seems they have the peoples’ support there. Well, good luck to them. The only thing is they might also infringe on the rights of the non-Muslims in that State sooner or later.

Paradoxically despite being an ‘Islamist” state, Kelantan has the highest number of sexually-transmitted diseases in the country and the highest divorce rate as well and also a sizable drug addiction problem. And of course no free condoms for the unmarrieds.So Huddud will solve their social problems? Let’s wait and see.

Muslim singles celebrating  Valentine’s Day  is a great “No,No”  in the last few years. I remember years ago Muslims and Non-Muslims alike would post their valentine greetings in the newspapers . My Muslim nieces used to receive valentine cards and get-together invitations from their many boyfriends, well not anymore as things have changed with the advent of creeping fundamentalism, frowning upon such practices. Now they even warn young Muslims that they would intensify their spying and arrest those singles found to be celebrating in close proximity (khalwat).

We truly appear to be in a regressive mode in all aspects of our life in this country where religion is no longer a private matter.


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