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I started putting thoughts to paper at 11.52 pm on 9 Feb and in nine minutes it will be Wednesday 10 February 2015, the day of the final verdict on Anwar’s sodomy II. Most alert Malaysians would be waiting to scrutinise this political watershed. Anwar’s conviction would remove a unifying force in the opposition. To some people this would be a sad day for Malaysian political canvas. Malaysia needs a strong and credible opposition to reign in the excesses of the current government led by UMNO as the dominant member of the coalition which has been in power for more than half a century and dare I say , have outstayed their welcome?

Whatever the verdict, despite my not liking Anwar that much, I hope it is arrived at justly and that it is really beyond reasonable doubt that he committed the act which is illegal in this country despite the likelihood of  being consensual  in the first place. The way the evidence was gathered and presented must be procedurally appropriate and that the honorable judges really consider all aspects to ensure justice for both for the plaintiff and defendant.

We should expect international condemnation if the verdict is against Anwar  given the circumstances under which the sodomy charge was framed and the quality of the evidence. The other point is the global view of same sex relationship has changed dramatically the last 10 years or so: more understanding and acceptance. The movers and shakers of the international community are not going to ignore a negative verdict especially when they see Anwar as a  fighting symbol of democracy in this country.

As my regular blog visitors know, I don’t really take to Anwar as I recall what he had done to this country when he was the Minister of Education under ex- Prime Minister Mahathir. His Islamisation of all the educational institutions has resulted in the system we have today. A system of divisiveness . I cannot seem to forget this social debacle brought about by him. Now that he is in the opposition after being kicked out by UMNO, he must have realized that what he did is disastrous for unity.

As I have been rather disappointed with this government which seems to be doing hardly anything to reduce the escalation of inter-racial and religious division, I think Malaysia needs to get it rested and reorganized before returning to power and who better to lead the opposition if not Anwar? The government under Najib is just too chaotic with Ministers not acting as a team: minister associating himself with a bad character, another asking openly one race to boycott another! This is just socially claustrophobic  and saddening for our country.

Whatever the verdict, we have to accept it , but somehow I would like  to  pray that  Anwar be given another chance to prove that the opposition could help this country  move forward faster as a united nation without religious baggage.

This country needs to breathe in fresh air.


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