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I have read about evil in print media. I have heard about evil from people. Today I am witnessing evil in social media; horrendous images of people being shot, beheaded and burnt alive. Unspeakable evil perpetrated by men with a sick vision of grandeur and of unbridled power. And of complete control.

They call themselves ” Jihadists” and use the reference as a ticket to destroy God’s creations. They murder people who don’t share their faith. Their evilness stems from their intolerant upbringing, culture of female oppression and ingrained religious centrism. They are mentally like a three-year old child who wants his toys come what may; a child who throws his tantrums at anything which are in his way. Given a gun the child would even shoot his mother sans conscience.

That is their level of operation: infantile and functioning at the spine level. They will attempt to put fear and intimidate people through brutal and merciless killings but this kind of negative energy will never sustain because Nature dislikes continuous destructions and in the end these evil men will be emotionally and physically spent. They are Nature’s misfits.

The evil that men do lives after them period


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