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I was waiting in the MAS Golden Lounge at Heathrow London in 2006 when I came across the news of the brutal murder of Altantuya, the Mongolian French interpreter for the Malaysian company which negotiated the purchase of a couple of submarines from France. It was a gruesome death. The woman was shot in the head and blown up to smithereens by C4 explosives. Interestingly the suspects were arrested soon after and it was they who led the police to the scene of the murder.

The two ex-commandos shielding their faces  and Altantuya (inset) - net image

The two ex-commandos shielding their faces and the late Altantuya (inset) – net image

The suspects are two Police commandos who somehow found themselves entrusted with disposing of Altantuya who was said to be harassing and extorting money from her ex-lover.  Altantuya’s ex-lover was none other than the man who was a political advisor to the current Prime Minister when he was the Minister of Defence then. The ex-lover was the owner of the company involved in the submarines’ purchase negotiation.

To cut the story short, after appeal and counter appeal, the two ex-police commandos are finally found guilty and sentenced to death by the highest court in Malaysia. However during sentencing, only one of them was present in court; the other has flown out of the country to , of all the places, Australia. What intrigues me how easy it is to enter Australia which is quite strict with immigration matters.

The Malaysian police are now apparently hunting down the convict but it seems Australia would refuse to extradite the ex-policeman because they do not believe in capital punishment. How convenient the whole thing is. I smell something fishy here. No, not with Australia but with the brain behind the sending of this murderer to Australia but not to any other country like Indonesia, Philippines or Thailand. As if the people arranging this whole escape caper know what the verdict would be and they chose to spare this man by sending him to a country which is not likely to cooperate on this matter of principle.

Don’t get me wrong, I also do not believe in capital punishment but unless and until the country changes its law, everyone is subject to it regardless.

Altantuya and her murderers are supposed to meet up in the next world but for the time being she would have to wait for Sirul Azhar, the ex-commando who has taken flight to a country which has a soft spot for those sentenced to death for murder.


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