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The horrendous attacks on the magazine Charlie Hebdo staff in Paris should be condemned by civil society. The taking of lives of people who do not subscribe to one’s faith is surely an act even the Prophet Muhammad PBUH on whose name the murders were executed would not have condoned.

If one had read the accounts of the propagation of Islam during the Prophet’s lifetime, one would have seen many examples of Muhammad’s magnanimity when dealing with those who rejected his faith. Merciless killings are certainly not the Prophet’s way of winning the hearts and minds of the people.

The terrorists who killed those magazine’s staff for their caricatures of the Prophet and the policemen guarding them are not Muslims in the real sense of the word. They are just people who are bred with hatred. These are the people who want things to be according to what they believe and they would kill others not of the same belief. They are like evil robots who have been programmed to destroy anything different in their midst. They expect us to be afraid of them and of their viciousness.

The attack maybe in Paris but the message to the world is clear: toe our line or be killed. We the people of the world should not let this kind drag us into their world of suppression of all values we hold dear. Values such tolerance,respecting women, amicable discourse and promotion of the questioning mind. To them there is no such thing as  freedom of expression and free speech because they only live in one shaded world.

Stand united and fight terrorism (source: The Telegraph UK)

Do not be afraid , stand united and fight terrorism (source: The Telegraph UK)

We also have rights to our belief in the peaceful co-existence of all faiths and so we will not bow to these terrorists’ intimidations and their ultimate show of intolerance.

My thoughts are with France and her freedom-loving populace.


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