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What do those three have in common?  Alright I understand the potential criminal relationship of the alleged gambling kingpin,Paul Phua Wei Seng  who was arrested in Las Vegas in US for nefarious activities by the FBI there but what really stumped me is why does a Malaysian Home Minister have to write to the FBI to request for the release of the alleged felon and in the process vouching for the latter’s assistance in matters of security in this country? This is but unthinkable. The “confidential letter” which is already in the public domain is not only strange but to me is an abuse of power. It also casts aspersion on the character and integrity of this Home Minister.

You can read more here where there is also the link to the full text of the letter signed by Zahid Hamidi, the Malaysian Home Minister. Owing to the explosiveness of this revelation, one could hardly find this news in the mainstream media. Thanks to our limited freedom of expression and the internet for sustaining our awareness on almost anything.

I don’t know about my Malaysian blog readers, but I am not only embarrassed as a Malaysian, I am also disappointed and in fear of the kind of people we elect to represent us in the government. If this kind of character could use his power in this manner, what hope do we have to see justice and the rule of law being properly administered in our country?

Zahid Hamidi, the Home Minister of Malaysia (source FMT)

Zahid Hamidi, the Home Minister of Malaysia (source FMT)

As many have never failed to observe, this kind of character will try to stay in power at whatever cost, pulling wool over their electorates’ eyes and even distracting the peoples’ attention with racial sentiments so that they could continue to abuse their power for their interests. While publicly this Minister seems to bash Chinese political activists and so-called extremists, in private he appears to consort with A Chinese gambling kingpin who is undoubtedly wealthy as a result of his “illegal” activities. This relationship is obviously mutually beneficial and satisfying

I pray for Malaysia.


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