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The sun is gradually setting on the year 2014. Somehow this year feels different for me. I am not that creative and lack a sense of joy and as a result have not been able to frequently write in my blog. I have several topics and ideas but the juice is just not coming out especially in the last few months. I have no doubt that what’s happening around the world and especially in my own country has had an effect on my state of mind. Tried as I might, there seemed to be a heavy lock on my mind’s door.

These are some of the events occurring in 2014 that among others, sadden, depress, shock and infuriate me:

 Mysterious disappearance of our MAS aircraft MH370

Shooting down of our MH17 over Ukraine

Emergence of terror group ISIL and brutal beheadings of  their prisoners

Kidnapping of more than 200 girls by terrorists in Nigeria

Outbreaks of ebola in Western Africa killing more than 6000

Killing of more than 100 schoolchildren by Pakistani Taliban

The devastating typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines

The plight of the Rohingyas of Myanmar

The Sydney Siege

Plight of the Gazans

Emergence of extremism  and religious bigotry in Malaysia

The retention of the Seditious Act 1948 in Malaysia

Falling price of oil  and my tumbling stocks

There are many other events  that have an effect on my state of mind and I hope I could get back on track before the year technically ends. For a while, I did  wonder whether I needed to rebalance my brain chemicals using medications but really those mind-altering drugs could instead produce worse side-effects such as addiction, sleeplessness and rebound depression. I have resorted to meditation and prayer and indeed those early morning solitude have helped me to feel better and look forward to a bright day, each day and everyday.

It’s strange how one could laugh and joke with friends, preside over meetings, attend power lunches, company dinners and manage employees yet one feels so sad inside. That is what is referred to as internal depression borne out of the feeling of not being in control of all those happenings around you.

The sunset is best watched alone on the beach (Net image)

The sunset is best watched alone on the beach  
(net image)

Malaysia used to be a great country 25 years ago but is slowly turning to be an intolerant one bent on  controlling every facet of people’s life, no thanks to the pervasive religious education in the school system. Extremist groups have become bolder in trying to dictate our  private and social life; heck,  even wishing our Christian friends a Merry Christmas is sinful to them. How do you deal with damn bigots? Ignore them for now I suppose and heal the depression.

Over at my holiday destination, the sunset is just beautiful and yet am anxious to see it disappear over the 2014 horizon….


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