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Have you ever come across a person who is obsessed with what it could be and forever reading between the lines and looking for hidden agendas? If you answered “no” then you have not really interacted with a lot of people especially of different races and different religious persuasions. Either you are spared from getting exasperated or you miss dealing with life’s varieties and peculiarities.

A warped state of mind and a real nuisance unless treated.... (net image)

A warped state of mind and a real nuisance unless treated….
(net image)

I have observed that many of the misunderstandings that arise are due to this kind of people who like to think “laterally” in a negative way. Instead of looking at the positive ramifications, they choose to feel sensitive and vocalise their insecurities and not only do they get unduly upset, they also threaten others of some kind of “punishment” for the action they consider abominable. This sounded like the witch-hunt in Europe during the dark ages.

And “so what with touching a dog”? The event here drew a lot of flak among the people of one religious persuasion which , like other people of the Book, tend to have sects developed over the years to deal with the local and current practices and situations. Unfortunately this sects’ evolution has now morphed into sectarian inflammatory spectacles.

The problem lies with the inability of some of these people to coexist with others of different cultures or even the same culture but with a little variation. It’s actually closer to the ways of the Communists: everybody should be the same in their beliefs and practices. And hence the Muslim women the world over adopting the dressing of people of the Middle East irrespective of the climate.

Here a religious man cum politician says those who organised the event have “worms” in their brain and someone went further by saying the next thing the organiser would do was coming up with a sex festival and still others surmised that the event organiser was trying to bring in liberal and plural Muslim culture which they deem destructive in nature and would warp the mind of the religion’s adherents.

The paranoia is relentless and all the while they are only thinking that they are right and others are all wrong. Their religious introvertedness has given rise to many obstacles to the adherents to pursue life further in other aspects of living like being successful in the world of finance, science and non-religious philosophy.

If they could be morbidly sensitive to just “touching dogs”, you won’t have to wonder what else they would be sensitive to. I supposed when the brain is all wired up to control people, these souls would not rest easy and ignore differences in their midst. We could say that they also have “worms’ in their brain.

Paranoid people have a chemical imbalance in their central nervous system. They need medication to reduce their paranoia. Granted that some maybe borderline while others are of the extreme type.

Pray that we would never be in this group of  people who make life hell for others.

An Update:

** Our famous so-called controversial event ” I want to Touch a Dog” has made it to The New York Times today on 26 Oct 2014 here. A clash of culture and a Western Conspiracy indeed!


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