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The recent crackdowns on mainly opposition politicians and their supporters using the archaic Sedition Act have caused a lot of unease among Malaysians who desire and long for freedom of expression in this globalised world. Please note that  the Sedition Act 1948 was the brainwave of the Colonial British that sought to stamp out dissent during its colonisation of this country (1875? – 1957).

The Sedition Act 1948 which PM Najib has earlier promised to repeal but now close to flip flopping...

The Sedition Act 1948 which PM Najib has earlier promised to repeal but now close to flip flopping…

To think that a lot of the colonial memories like the names of roads in various parts of this country have been changed and people calling themselves nationalists have spoken out against things British.They even fought successfully against having English as the medium of instruction in all schools. All the vestiges and remnants that are British are unceremoniously removed with much gusto and yet, not strangely enough, they want to retain this bloody British made law!

The people who want to retain this law obviously are in the position that benefits from it. They are being protected by such law to reign supreme over others. This law protect their “interest” whatever interests mean. Just like the British that used this law to silence the people of the land whom they colonised so that they could exploit our natural resources in peace and enriched their so called “Empire” crap.

Well, we have come a long way from those days when some of us were not even born yet. We have seen how freedom of expression go hand in hand with the progress of a just society and brings about much needed ideas to improve the masses. We need freedom of expression to allow everyone to put forth ideas and criticisms to fortify and strengthen the social makeup of our country.

Granted that some people would go overboard in this ” freedom milieu”, we would not be a mature society if we continued to suppress expressions  and  instead hanging on to ours and ours alone. Those who are out to cause chaos in a society could be dealt with by the appropriate law to punish them but certainly we should not employ a law to silence them in the first place.

Marchers for the repeal... born years after 1948. And fighting for a level playing field.

Marchers for the repeal… born years after 1948. And fighting for a level playing field: and so it should.

People who support the repeal of the Sedition Act are those who are educated in the broadest sense and are comfortable with their sense of fairness and justice. They encourage engagements and debates and let others judge the merits of the points on the issues being debated. This permits people to think instead of just accepting and acting like morons who let everything be determined for them  (and sadly they forget that they are the voters who decide who should be their lawmakers!)

And now, hands up people who want to retain the Sedition Act (hear! hear!). Well, those who put up their hands are the insecure bigots. These are the people who are not willing to let others share the “pickings” in this country. These are the people who are getting the most in terms of “rights” ( not wealth mind you, because they only hold the political power but not real wealth).

These people use their “special position” to dominate others but actually they are not that successful though they like to think that they are. Despite their religion giving them a sense of spiritual balance, they are still insecure because they are not educated in the broadest sense like giving respects to other fellow human beings. They choose to retreat as if into a cocoon.

By the way, the ball is now at PM Najib’s feet. Am not very sure about his “educational status”; I can only tell when he finally makes a decision.


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