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Those who  have visited my humble blog would know what I think of Anwar Ibrahim; ex Head of Malaysian Muslim Youth (ABIM), ex UMNO (United Malays National Organisation) Member of Parliament, ex Education Minister, ex Finance Minister ( during Asian Financial Crisis) and ex Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia. By the Grace of that Supreme Being ( call it what you are comfortable with: God, Allah, Yahweh…), this man is never destined to be the Prime Minister of this country.

Anwar Ibrahim the proxy MB (State Premier) with Azmin the officially appointed MB at the back. (Source: The Star)

Anwar Ibrahim the proxy Selangor MB (State Premier) with Azmin the officially appointed MB at the back.  (Source: The Star)

He is currently the Leader of the Opposition and de facto leader of Parti Keadilan Rakyat ( People’s Justice party), a component of the Coalition. This Coalition was rather successful in their outing in the last General Election 2013 when they won the popular vote. In the next General election in 2018, unless the present National Front (BN) government commit grave mistakes, the People Coalition is expected to face a massive loss.

The bickerings and in-fightings over the post of the Menteri Besar– MB ( State Premier) of the richest state ( Selangor) in Malaysia administered by the People Coalition have given Malaysians a big peek at what they are in for  had they chosen this  Coalition to govern Malaysia: Havoc

It all started with Anwar Ibrahim. Having lost the chance of becoming the Prime Minister of Malaysia, he bulldozed his way to a by-election to qualify him to be the MB or State Premier of Selangor. Forcing the existing state assemblyman to vacate his seat won just over one year before, for him to contest. This devious manoeuvre could be a practice in other countries but surely not in the West where people celebrate mature democracy.

Now, again by the Grace of The Being, Anwar’s MB ambition was stopped by the Court of Appeal a few weeks before nomination day, which allowed the appeal of the Prosecution against his acquittal by a lower court on a charge of sodomy against his ex-aid. That ruling left Anwar frustrated and he chose his “long-suffering” wife to contest instead. She won on the basis of the peoples’ deep hatred of the National Front (BN) which ruled Selangor for donkey years and its politicians were becoming not only arrogant but corrupt as well. It’s like had you put a baboon there to contest, the baboon would still win against BN, anytime.

The then MB had initially and vehemently refused to resign prompting the Coalition to expel him from the party. Khalid had no choice but to go. Now after so much haggling and mudslinging during which Anwar Ibrahim had adamantly pushed for his politically-averaged wife to become the State Premier (MB) to replace Khalid Ibrahim (no relation), the current appointee and a member of Anwar’s party, whom they are annoyed with because of his handling of the State’s coffers and yes, the issues of contracts not awarded to “the right people” as well. Apparently Khalid Ibrahim  did not practice political cronyism in this lucrative business and so had failed to benefit “the Coalition”. He is also known to be frugal with the State money, keeping the accumulated surplus rather than distributing it around unnecessarily.

To cut the story short, the hereditary Head of State (Sultan)  the so called constitutional monarch, decided to appoint another person, the Deputy President of Anwar Ibrahim’s party, a man, to be the replacement Premier instead of Anwar’s wife. The Sultan is reported to have perceived that he would have a proxy MB had he appointed Wan Azizah, Anwar’s wife who is also the President of his party. Moreover she, according to several sources, is not much of a leader and lacks the necessary skill to be MB.

Well, the new MB appointee, Azmin Ali, would also be under Anwar’s thumb. Hardly had he warmed his seat,Anwar has directed him to review all the contracts and dealings undertaken by his predecessor. Imagine divulging sensitive information to the public. What kind of man who behave in such a manner? Would he act likewise had it been someone else?  If every incoming official doing this  then the business of governing the state will be put in the back burner. At this point, I would describe Anwar Ibrahim as a vindictive man.

Anwar Ibrahim is not only vindictive, he is also not a man of his word. He pulled wool over peoples’ eyes for so long , especially those in the West who in effect hardly know him. He was instrumental in islamising the education system in this country. His covert association with Saudi Arabia , that cradle of Wahhabism, was an open secret.

His gift of gab makes him a dangerous person who is able to influence and convince  others to believe in whatever he expounds. His words and actions following the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines MH 370 on 8 March 2014, clearly shows what an irresponsible politician he is when interviewed live by a CNN reporter. He claimed he could have found the missing plane earlier had he been in the government! All he wanted to do was scoring political points without any regard to the grieving relatives and the nation as a whole.

I am not that happy with the present BN Federal government but to replace them with a Coalition led by this man would be the last thing that I would do.  Anwar Ibrahim is bad news.

The West and the United States should stop supporting this man who is nothing but a political shadow-puppeteer, a chameleon and a manipulator extraordinaire. Malaysia would do well without him.


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