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I am unhappy reading this news regarding exiled Muslim Brotherhood members reportedly heading for Malaysia after being asked to leave Qatar. Why should we play host to these “extremists” who have been labelled as terrorists in their country (Egypt) that should have known better what they are capable of? These people who are members of the party which ruled temporarily and unjustly over Egypt before their army ousted it, cannot be expected to reside in Malaysia and spread goodwill in our multi-religious country. They will surely add to our present woes of rising intolerance towards other faiths.

Muslim Brotherhood logo - the two swords are already ominous and don't gel with our multi-religious culture

Muslim Brotherhood logo – the two crossed swords are already ominous and don’t gel with our multi-religious culture

If Qatar has been pressured by the likes of the United States to expel these people, why couldn’t the same thing apply to Malaysia? Are those countries happy to see these “terrorists and murderers” causing havoc in Malaysia instead? What is so special about Qatar that it needs to be rid of these MB members? The only thing that I can think of is Qatar is going to host the World Cup in 2022 and that it owns the influential news portal, Al-Jazeera.

Perhaps these Arab countries are uncomfortable that the members are staying too close that they might be able to organise clandestine and sudden attacks on them. Whatever it is, these exiles should not relocate to Malaysia which has more than 30% non-Muslim population. It is better that they head for Turkey which is more homogeneous and is likely to be more welcoming.

I am aware that there are MB sympathisers in this country but they are not the majority. And we certainly don’t want foreign ideas of dividing our people using faiths. We have enough of our own bigots to deal with without having to host more extreme bigots who will influence some of our people to be more backward in their thinking, insisting upon dwelling in and glorifying the past and sowing hatred in the community.

I hope our elected leaders do not fall into the trap of trying to be more Islamist than their opposition counterparts. Political Islam is not suitable to be supported in our diversified society. The risks are not worth it. So members of the Muslim Brotherhood ejected from Qatar, please take heed and buzz off because concerned Malaysians don’t want you in our country.


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