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When I read this report on a  new large scale of arrests of customs officers for alleged corruption, I recalled how many times similar arrests have been carried out in the past involving the same department. A few years ago scores of them were arrested and stashes of cash were found in their homes amounting to millions and some of them have banks and unit trust accounts in the million , not only theirs but their relatives as well.

Camera-shy: The Customs officers being led out of the court in Petaling Jaya. (source: The Star)

Alleged traitors – the Customs officers being led out of the court in Petaling Jaya. (source: The Star)

Haha.. surely being in this government job is  the easiest way to make tons of money without having to go to institutions of higher learning to slog for years to get that precious degree for good employment with high salaries. Neither do they have to work hard to earn that million of money.

In these latest arrests, the MACC  (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) offi­cers have also seized RM3mil in cash, 10 luxury cars and a shophouse, while RM6mil in 200 bank accounts have been frozen.

According to MACC’s  analysis  only RM420mil worth of goods have been declared at the Port where these customs officers are on duty, out of RM1.67 bil since 2011, a massive loss of  RM1.25 bil of excise duties  translating to a loss of revenue to the nation. These arrests are the result of MACC-led multi-agency surveillance of the port over a period of more than one year.

Welcome to the world of enforcement officers. The world where easy money is abundant and where the only qualification is lack of integrity. Just trample on your entrusted duties.

These officers have never learnt from previous arrests and more importantly, they have never learnt  and appreciated the need to be honest in their job. They abuse their position to enrich themselves and cheat the ordinary and hardworking taxpayers. We pay tax to ensure that our security is safeguarded, our infrastructural facilities are built and maintained and our  public services are in place to facilitate us to conduct our daily business.

These corrupt officers divert the money meant for the people for services rendered by the government. The taxes not paid on those goods namely alcohol and cigarettes, mean the country has less income. Wealth is concentrated on those crooks instead of being shared by all. If they can collect money from businessmen in this manner, they could do anything to jeopardise the security of our country for money.

These officers most probably from the same ethnic group professing a religion which focusses so much on forms rather than substance that integrity is only a lip-service. These people who pray and act religious with their Arabised garbs and yet they stink inside.

Corruption breeds and harbours  social injustice. (net image)

Corruption breeds and harbours social injustice. (net image)

There is something wrong with the education system which has morphed into religion-friendly and yet the adherents in this case are not practicing the virtues of being honest and corruption-free. They do not understand the need to be upright in their public dealings. Despite their salaries being increased over the years, these civil servants instead of being grateful and working harder, are becoming more greedy. They are traitors to our nation.

The frightening thing is they act in groups and involve themselves in syndicates. There should not be mercy for these keparat (bad apples) in the civil service. Strip them of their jobs and they have nothing to their names.

This never ending scourge is proving to be a hallmark in our public service. Civil society must support our government’s effort to control and eventually eradicate corruption both in the public and private sector by reporting these practices. Anonymous reporting are accepted and investigated on merits. Corruption in government service is a cancer and should be removed without any fear or favour. So help us God.


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