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As a voter I am not happy for the government I help to elect to involve itself in another country’s war. Why should we, a small and rather insignificant country involve ourselves in a war in a foreign country when even its closest, richer and more powerful neighbours such as Saudi Arabia and Jordan are keeping silent?

Yes we, like the rest of the world except the US support the Palestinians’ cause to regain their homeland and we feel for the sufferings of the wretched people and would send humanitarian aids for them but we should not provide support in terms of military training for the likes of Hamas as the war is intractable and we will expose our country’s interests to other powerful economic and cultural backlashes unnecessarily.

I am disturbed by the allegation in this news portal about Malaysian involvement in training the military wing of Hamas in their fight against Israel. The meek denial here by a junior Malaysian Minister is laughable.

It is better that Malaysia responds to this allegation by launching an investigation as to how , where and who are involved in the training of those foreign fighters. Unless of course it is directly involved in giving the training.

It is stupid to assume that the world will never know about this kind of  “secretive” activities carried out to support the fighters. Upon brutal and systematic interrogation, a captured fighter would definitely spill the beans.

This latest news further gives credence to the story that is going around the world that Malaysia supports so called militancy and terrorism in the Middle East and that powerful interests are monitoring the country. There would surely be repercussions in various forms. Are we willing to face these? To me it’s not worth it.


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