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When I first read the news on an alleged burglary and sex attack by a member of foreign  diplomatic corp online in New Zealand last week, I was thinking the crime must have been committed by those from other countries, in other continents. Information regarding the man was initially suppressed by the local court.

The news cited the invocation of diplomatic immunity by the home country from where the alleged offender came from. I was saying to myself, what kind of country that doesn’t allow trial of the diplomat to be conducted in the country where he allegedly committed the grave offence.

The case reminds me of an allegedly drunk  foreign diplomat who crashed into a pedestrian who ended up dead in Singapore and the former escaped to his country somewhere in Europe a few years ago. He never returned to face justice in the Island State.

Well this morning I got the shock of my life when I read that the alleged offender in New Zealand, with a diplomatic status is from Malaysia, my country! The online news here reveals all information regarding the case. I am ashamed and I think most Malaysians feel the same.

I also feel the sarcasm of a Kiwi Minister who said that their country does not have the death penalty and that their justice system is truly independent when Malaysia sought to ensure that the diplomat be given a fair trial and that his life would not be in danger should the country extradite the alleged offender to Kiwiland.

Someone also said that relations between Kiwiland and Malaysia would be affected if the alleged attacker is not sent back to the country to face justice.

Had this man not been a diplomat, the matter could have been dealt with according to the rule of law in that country without any intervention. The impression I get is Malaysia was attempting to hide this shameful affair of its diplomat. Well, we are globally known for concealing a lot of information and we think we can always do the same thing over again. Shame on us!

Apparently this alleged offence took place some months ago and had it not been for the free press highlights there, even the Kiwi authorities would have  also swept it under the carpet.

It would be interesting to follow up on this case because the religious among Malaysians would ascribe the crime to the man, a Muslim, for not being pious enough. To me , that line of thinking is highly simplistic.

The diplomat should be returned to Kiwiland to defend himself on the serious allegations  and may justice prevail at the end of the day.



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