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It has ceased to shock me as more of the so-called Malaysian Jihadists are being arrested before they could go to the Middle East to fight the sectarian wars between the Sunni and Shia in Iraq and Syria. The news report here is concerning to say the least. I suppose it is fine if they go there and blow themselves up and never return to Malaysia: end of story.

Suicide bomber- Ready to kill himself and some innocent bystanders (photo credit:The Star)

Suicide bomber- Ready to kill himself and some innocent bystanders (photo credit:The Star)

However this is certainly not going to be the end of the story. The ongoing recruitment and training of young Muslim Malay men to fight in the Middle -East have far more sinister implications.

We are dealing with fanatics who want to change our way of life by force. Fanatics who will stop at nothing to impose their will violently on us. Fanatics who have nothing to lose. Unless we reject their ambition in no uncertain terms, our country will be in dire trouble and bloodbath seen in countries engaged in continuing sectarian wars would become commonplace.

The gist of the Jihadists’ Mission and activities, as per the news report, are succinctly listed by a fellow blogger, Out Syed the Box, OTB as follows:

  • Malaysian salafi jihadist undergoing militant training by ISIL
  • ultimate target Malaysia
  • topple the government and eradicate secular governance
  • joined ISIL are civil servants, students, from pondok (village), naval officer
  • militants can pose a danger to national security
  • salafi jihadists in Malaysia aim to free the country from secularism
  • Police uncovered salafi jihadists recruitment drive in Malaysia
  • first Malaysian suicide bomber in Iraq- Ahmad Tarmimi Maliki
  • Ayob Khan confirmed local militants are ISIL followers of salafi jihadist ideology
  • They strongly feel Government can only be ousted through jihad wars
  • Under current laws we can only go on a reactive mode but damage already done
  • militants could be tackled more effectively if ISA were in place
  • fear that ISIL set its sights on Malaysia said Khairy Jamaluddin
  • “Malaysia has become a target),” he tweeted
  • ISIS plans to conquer lands hitherto populated by Muslim majority and install a caliphate system of government.


We need to tackle the root. Unless we overhaul our education system, giving more emphasis on secular education, we are going to produce young Muslim Malaysians who are easily indoctrinated and automatically  obey foreign religious extremists who promise them heaven after death by fighting against people whom they don’t want to engage with; let alone live with.

An interesting observation made by OTB is that these religious fanatics cum terrorists would seek first to destroy the very people who very much wanted to and, had in fact, succeeded in abolishing the Internal Security Act (ISA).

The writing is on the wall and sensible Malaysians and especially the government need to break down that wall and not just keep erasing that writing.

Let’s not let our future generations be shackled and live in the dark ages.


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