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Quite often there are events happenings around me that are none of my business. However, due to my deep sense of abhorrence toward unfairness and blind revenge, I feel moved to pen my thoughts and share them with people who care to read and ponder.

I am however very much aware of the risk of writing on this issue due to that British made law, the Sedition Act. I shall therefore confine myself to a parable and a fiction where any similarities are incidental; right, just like the instance  they place a disclaimer at the end of a movie. Here is the tale.

About 54 years ago, a beautiful woman was crowned as Miss Malaya and she was related to the second wife of a hereditary landlord X. A year later she married the first son of the landlord X with his deceased first wife. The marriage unfortunately broke up the man’s family. His foreign wife fled the country leaving four young children, three daughters and a two-year old son. Imagine the trauma the children went through.

The second marriage of this landlord X’s son produced six children.Landlord X has long come to pass and his son became the new landlord Y and what a landlord he was! Towards the end of his life he suffered from a kind of dementia. He was recorded on video at one of the  public functions talking incomprehensibly and embarrassingly out of context of the ceremony.

He later died  and his two-year old son borne by his foreign wife, now at the age of 55,  has assumed the hereditary position as the landlord Z. The time of payback has finally arrived. The stepmother who caused the family break-up has suddenly found herself divorced without her prior knowledge: in effect she is divorced from the “Crypt” as someone put it as the initial date of “declaration of divorce” was stated after the landlord Y had died. And one wonders how a demented person could’ve  pronounced the so-called declaration of divorce when he was  in that frame of mind. Was there a medical doctor to certify his lucidity?

The whole institution was decisively brought on to bear upon her, landlord Y’s spouse for almost 50 years, half a century, and she lost the appeal without even appearing before the judge to defend herself. The mother of six could have reaped what she sowed 54 years ago but the way it was executed was clouded with injustice. There is no forgiveness.

I believe people with conscience will not be able to live in peace when they commit such blatant personal revenge. Their sick spirit will eventually give way,  hounded by their subconscious knowledge of what they have done is wrong both in the name of humanity and  in the name of God of the Universe. Their guilt will be relentless and their bad deed will long be remembered.

To quote Shakespeare, “The evil that men do  lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.”

When there is so much at stake, forgiveness plays no part in this sad tale.

When there is so much at stake, forgiveness plays no part in this tragic tale.



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