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Just to share with you all a thread of  interactions in a blog of a former Minister of Information who suggested a wholesale boycott of cadbury at the height of the controversial test results done by the Ministry of Health. This ex-Minister is also an ex-“journalist” whom I find has lost his sense of fair journalism as suggested by one of his commentators in his blog “zamkata”.


Conversation starter:

Anonymous25 May 2014 22:01

Zam anda bersikap keras menghukum tanpa mendapatkan penjelasan daripada pihak syarikat. Tahukah anda yang pekerja di kilang itu terdiri daripada orang-orang Malaysia? Hilanglah pendapatan mereka apabila kilang terpaksa ditutup sebab gesaan anda yang melampau ini. Bagilah mereka peluang untuk menyiasat dan memperbaiki.

(My English translation:  Zam you are being very hard and punitive without first getting an explanation from the company. Do you realise that the factory workers are Malaysians? They will lose their job and income if the factory is forced to close because of your instigation. Please give them a chance to investigate and remedy.)


SolitaireHunter26 May 2014 00:57

Anon 22.01. Nipisnya maruah kamu. Tengok orang -orang vietnam yang bekerja dengan syarikat milik cina sanggup memusnahkan tempat kerjanya kerana nilai patriotik yang tinggi terhadap negarannya.

Anonymous26 May 2014 21:53

Mana2 anon yg tak setuju dengan Zam, apa kata teruskan membeli dan memakan produk Cadbury tu. Jika terasa nak membersihkan najis mughallazah dalam perut tu, minum 3 gelas air bersih, 1 gelas air lumpur dan 3 gelas lagi air bersih. Senang citer. Kesian kat kawan2 kita yang kena berhenti tu kalau kilang coklat tutup.

Conversation starter:

Anonymous27 May 2014 12:46

Oleh kerana kemarahan yang meluap dan kebencian yang tiada batasan, ghost blogger macam solitaire ni tidak dapat menggunakan aqal yang di beri oleh Allah swt untuk berfikir secara logik.Orang-orang begini juga tidak faham prinsip “empathy”. Kenapa pulak nak tutup kilang tu kalau Cadbury bukan sengaja membubuh bahan tersebut dalam coklat buatannya? Biarlah dia tengok balik proses pengilangan coklat tu dan perbaiki mana-mana langkah yang bermasalah seperti at the source of supply of the almond nuts for example. Be sensible and don’t just accuse others of wanting to defend Cadbury to continue its faulty chocolate production giving rise to swine DNA adulteration. The company has been in Malaysia for a long time surely they are not going to jeopardize their business in this manner.

Zam has every right to express his extreme view on punishment and so have I in giving my vies that Cadbury has not done this intentionally because the price is too high to pay: possible country-wide boycott of its products and possible cessation of their investment in Malaysia.

Anon at 21:53 stop being a smart-ass! Nincompoop like you is the one making Muslim Malays look stupid.

Thank you Zam for publishing all kinds of comments because manusia ni memang lain-lain depending on their educational status ans exposure to all kinds of social environments. Yang katak bawah tempurung tu banyak ada di sini.


Joe Adam27 May 2014 14:41

This is a kind of very fogriving Malay who easily trust people. He never thought the company that enjoyed our trust will misused and take fort granted our trust in feed us babi which we have been enjoyed for years. They cheated Malaysian muslim for many many years already because they the man like you. Without the babi the cadbury would not be tasty . They build up their company here based on our trust.You think our price is not high,Man like you is not useful to Islam and Malay.

Draman Ampang Jaya.27 May 2014 14:45

He is not forgiving Malay but the Malay that easily can be bought over by kafir.

Conversation starter:

Anonymous27 May 2014 21:12

Anon 14.41 – Who are you to judge me as not useful to Islam and my race? You are just a human being with fallacies like the rest of us. You are what you are because of the accident of your birth. You could well be anyone, Hindu,Chinese, African or of any religion of your birth parents.

And how do you know that the chocolate is tasty with swine DNA? Have you tasted it before? Think before you write garbage.

and as for Anon 14:45 (most likely the same individual as above), stop going around making assumptions that a Malay could easily be bought over by “kafir” because when you assume, you are making an ass out of “u” and “me”.

And one more thing, to other Abrahamic religious adherents (Christians and Jews) you are the infidel, yes “kafir”!

I still maintain that Cadbury should investigate the pig DNA adulteration of its chocolate (if indeed that is the case) and come up with explanations and strategies to prevent such occurrence from ever happening again like what Fonterra International milk manufacturer of New Zealand had done when its milk distributed in this part of the world was found to be contaminated with e-coli, a bacteria living in faeces (tahi or taik in Bahasa Malaysia). Just let’s be fair even if you find it in your hearts that the production mishaps are not forgivable.

My apology to you Zam and this is my last posting here as it is a waste of time to debate and reason with morons.


So you all can see that we do have sensible Muslims but there are many others who are clearly insensible. The conversation starter is logical in his/her arguments but look at the responses that are thrown at him. I like his fighting spirit though.

Looks like he has the last laugh on this whole Cadbury saga. Shame on the ex-Minister for jumping the gun. Imagine him being our  Minister of Information?  His interview with an AlJazeera’s reporter at an opposition rally a few years ago, took the cake with him being highly emotional and speaking in atrocious English. A global embarrassment for Malaysia. I still cringe when I recall that TV footage.


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