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Come to think of it, what does the Ministry of Health Malaysia have anything to do with halal and haram (forbidden to Muslim) foods in the country? Isn’t it supposed to monitor food sanitation based on health reasons as specified under its Foods Act?

As I see it, this is the result of Islamisation of everything in Malaysia from schools to government agencies. And also as a result of recruiting mostly one race to its government jobs.

If people have not woken up to this undesirable trend, I think they would be in for rude shocks like the raiding of a Hindu wedding recently by the Selangor Religious Department, JAIS.

Everything in Malaysia is being politicised: Islam is the topmost politicised religion. The Muslim population is beginning to act like their Arab friends in sentiment, appearance and practice and this trend is supported by the government much to the chagrin of other citizens of different faiths.

The long serving ex-Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir points out the predicament that we are in especially among the Muslims themselves, (read here). people are scared to comment for fear of being labelled as “UnIslamic”. This Muslim pressure is palpable at all levels of our  Malay society.

I notice that only The ex-PM would every now and then comment on specific religious matter. I have yet to hear the current PM Najib putting his stand against specific extremist issues like the statement made by the ISMA (Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia or Malaysian Muslim Organisation) chief recently questioning the presence of non-Malays and other religious minorities in this country.

Back to the Ministry of Health whose officer, in his/her religious zeal, leaked out the results of test done on Cadbury chocolates, not on bacterial contamination but on pig DNA contamination. Since when is pig DNA  unhealthy from the medical point of view?  The Health Director General should have been aware of the difference between health and religious foods requirements before making the now infamous announcement.

The officer’s action brought so much confusion and anger among the Arabised Malays as most of you might have read in the papers and social media. Later tests by the JAKIM’s accredited laboratory dismissed the findings as the samples were taken from different sources and yet the damage has been done to Cadbury. If I were Cadbury I would sue the Ministry of  Health silly.

Now apparently the Ministry of Health is investigating and looking for the officer who leaked the report online but what about his/her boss who announced it officially to the world ( with no consultation with JAKIM which is responsible for certification of halal and non-halal foods) without appreciating the furious responses by the  paranoid Muslim community in Malaysia?

The leaked report on porcine DNA in Cadbury chocolate received on my mobile.

The “leaked MOH lab report “on porcine DNA in Cadbury chocolate received on my mobile.

However it is now known that the person who leaked the laboratory results used a false name as angrily scrawled on the image by someone who contacted the Health Ministry when the “leaked” report was going viral in the social media. I received the above image from a friend of a friend of a friend, ad infinitum.

Notwithstanding, both the Minister of Health and the Director General of Health are accountable for this embarrassing episode.

I have come across  sarcastic comments in Huffington Post on this pig DNA issue, something about why should people believe the test results which found porcine DNA in chocolates in a country which cannot even find its missing plane.



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