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No leader is liked 100% however good he or she is and likewise no leader is so disliked. Everyone  has their positive and negative points. The degree of good is what matters.

However good you are though, about 10% of people would dislike you for no apparent reasons. Another 10% is indifferent. The 80% would rate you on your performance, achievement,success,failure,policies,approaches to problem solvings,management of crisis, leadership skills etc.

President Obama may be similarly rated. I rate him high and would like to highlight his positive traits.

I am posting this in honour of President Obama’s short three-day visit to Malaysia starting on Saturday, 26 April 2014, the first sitting US President after 48 years to visit this country. As a Malaysian I feel honoured that our country is  being visited by the first Black American President.

Say what anyone likes, Obama has brought a sense of peace to the world since he assumed the presidency of the US.

He is a focused leader as evidenced by his accomplished mission, to hunt down the architect of 9/11, Ben Laden, the leader of Al-Qaeda.

He proceeded to bring home  all American soldiers from Iraq and those in Afghanistan (by end of 2014) sent by his predecessor, G.W Bush ,  as he had promised.

Obama wants to  ensure all Americans have affordable insurance for their health care. His singleness of purpose on this issue is driven by the memories of his late mother. He spoke of her suffering from cancer and had problems with securing therapy. Hence “Obamacare” an accomplishment even President Clinton was not able to achieve.

I perceive him as a strong character, emotionally intelligent and a leader.

His non-intervention in Syria has saved countless lives. Any other President would have gone in like the  French in Libya. It would have not solved the Syrian conflict in fact a more violent regime would have taken over. In this instance, the role of President Putin of Russia cannot be underestimated.

The most that I like about Obama is his engagement with the youth of the countries he visits. He would rather speak to the young, impressionable people than to generally “deadwood” politicians. He inspires  young people. His body language is that of a person who  values education, interactions and peace.

Obama at Town Hall style meeting with Youths at University Malaya on 27 April 2014. Look at his stance: free and easy and infused with confidence, inspiring indeed

Obama at Town Hall style meeting with Youths at University Malaya on 27 April 2014. Look at his stance: free and easy and infused with confidence, inspiring indeed : an update (Photo: The Star)

Some religious-centric people are unhappy with his visit because they perceive America as evil and a great supporter of their lifelong enemy. They fail to see that had McCain (the Republican presidential candidate) become the president, the war in Iraq would have continued and more people on either side would have been killed. Obama is more peace-loving and has earned the respect of many in the world.

Obama likes to write and I have read two of his books published before he became the president. I would really like to read his book on  his experiences as the President of US from 2009 – 2016. It will definitely be an interesting read.

Welcome to Malaysia President Obama. (photo: The Star)

President Obama coming down the steps of Air Force One, on 26 April 2014 at Subang RMAF Base
(photo: The Star)

In the meantime, welcome to Malaysia, Mr President, Selamat Datang. Many of us here are awed by you and your accomplishments.


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