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I read with deep sadness the sudden tragic death of Karpal Singh, the Lion of Jelutong, this morning.  The man is a fighter to the end. The lone and courageous voice of dissent to prick the conscience of autocratic,extremist leaders of both political persuasions. The man who does not fear  to speak out against injustice,unfairness and impartial men at whatever level they are.

I have always followed his political life and admired his legal mind. Before the accident which confined him to a wheelchair, he was very active in defending court cases. Everyone having to fight his case in court would like to have Karpal as his lawyer. Despite his physical disability, he marched on and earned our greatest love and respect. He is in a class of his own: truly exceptional.

I am sure others far more eloquent will be able to write about Karpal Singh. I am waiting to read and treasure such memories of him. He is a true politician. His recent conviction on “sedition” was poorly received by people who hold impartiality sacred.

There will predictably be happy voices on news of his death but what they don’t realise is they have been blind to this man’s outstanding contributions in the legal and political fields. Some ,no doubt, would say this is their God’s will to remove Karpal from talking against the Hudud law. To these ignorant people whatever that happened to someone they dislike means God is on their side. Wait till the tables are turned.

Karpal Singh’s death is a great loss to Malaysia. My condolences to his family.

I will greatly miss Karpal Singh. I mourn his passing.


Karpal Singh (28 June 1940 – 17 April 2014). May You Rest in Peace, Sir.

Karpal Singh (28 June 1940 – 17 April 2014). May You Rest in Peace, Sir.


Post Notes:

One of my blog readers corrected my description of the late Karpal Singh as the Tiger instead of the Lion of Jelutong. I prefer the word lion as I remember the brave Richard the Lionheart of England.

Anyway, Lion is a better description for Karpal based on the writing of a zookeeper here. According to the writer, quote ”   Lions generally have more fighting experience – they often clash with other prides, whereas tigers tend to avoid conflict whenever possible”.







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  1. tiger of jelutong lah!!!

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