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Sorry guys, I just have to express my irrepressible  opinion on this arrogant man especially after reading his arguments for not moving to KLIA2 by May 9 2014, here in Malaysian Insider.

Incidentally, for those not conversant in our national language, Bahasa Malaysia, ” Apa lagi yang kau mau” is translated into English as “What else do you want?” This phrase was made famous by Utusan Malaysia, the national language newspaper known as the voice of UMNO ( United Malay National Organisation) following the so-called “Chinese tsunami” at the 13th General Election in May in 2013, when the Chinese electorates dumped BN-component party MCA ( Malaysian Chinese Association) despite Najib’s pre-election attempts to win their support. The exact phrase was “Apa lagi Cina mau” (What else do the Chinese want?)

Anyway, as for Tony Fernandes, he could not acknowledge and appreciate that his singular success is due to over the top support by the government of Malaysia. He thinks he is doing a favour to Malaysia instead. Before Air Asia was bought by him, it was subject to a lot of restrictions like not being given lucrative routes operated by Malaysia Airlines (MAS). No wonder it failed miserably (plus not having aggressive leadership).

After his taking over the “failed airline” that was AirAsia  particularly during ex-Prime Minister, Ahmad Badawi’s tenure, many obstructionist policies were done away with. It is said that those close to Badawi especially  his son-in-law, the current Minister of Youth and Sports were amply rewarded (with Air Asia shares). By the way, is it any wonder that Mr Khairy Jamaluddin, the said son-in-law, didn’t take to twitter, like he is usually famous for, against Tony Fernandes’s arrogant statement that AirAsia would stay put at the present LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) comes May 9 2014? Virtually putting his weight against Malaysia Airport Authority (MAHB).

That guy from MAHB could not control his deep irritation against Tony Fernandes that he added in jest the word “spa” to the museum asked by Tony Fernandes to be established at KLIA2, without doubt putting his name (Tony Fernandes) and face in posterity: the audacity of the man! So that got Fernandes hissing like a snake.

Tony Fernandes - Group CEO of AirAsia: Just shut up and prepare to move to KLIA2.

Tony Fernandes – Group CEO of AirAsia: Just shut up and prepare to move to KLIA2.

He appears to be bitching away (worse than a woman) about past delays in the construction of the low cost airport. No point crying over spilt milk Fernandes. What gets you worried most  is having to pay higher charges for services at KLIA2. You don’t want those aerobridges, wait till you are in a wheelchair yourself, only  then will you realise how considerate MAHB is in having the facility.

You can read on the real reasons behind Tony’s unhappiness about using KLIA2 in Wee Choo Keong’s blog. An interesting write-up that are full of  juicy revelations, information and references.

Tony Fernandes quite understandably, doesn’t complain when AirAsia is forced to use aerobridges in other international airports like Singapore.

PM Najib  has said AirAsia must move to KLIA2 by 9 May. And the Prime Minister did mention to the press that he found AirAsia arrogant in making the statement of staying put in LCCT despite all services being relocated.

In fact, MAHB should also move all government services from Terminal 2 at Kota Kinabalu Airport to Terminal 1 so as to force Tony to move. He had threatened to quit his operations in Kota Kinabalu if he were forced to move from his present location at Terminal 2: Gertak ke$%&#  (empty threat of a certain kind) indeed.

I salute PM Najib on his rare firmness. So Tony, just shut up and move with your tail between your legs to KLIA2.  And stop calling people who are sick of your antics, right-wing racists and look at yourself in the mirror.


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