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There are many conspiracy theories being developed by people on the social media regarding MH370 disappearance. A couple of weeks ago a friend sent me through whatsApp a lengthy write up on the mysterious reciprocal turn back of the missing jetliner and its later disappearance. Apparently, the American got wind of the transportation of parts of their drones shot down by Taliban in Afghanistan, by MH370 to China. The plane was intercepted by American intelligence and made to disappear with all 329 souls on board.

According to the ghost writer, the technology to control planes in flight was developed after 9/11. The plane electronics were said to be reprogrammed remotely and that the pilots had no control over it from that point on. As to whether it had landed or crashed or kept hidden somewhere (US base Diego Garcia was mentioned), it could not be ascertained (lending some sort of credibility to the message).

Some of my colleagues and relatives also received the same on their smart phone. At the end of the message, there was a request to copy and paste and forward to as many people as possible. And to think that some people really believe in the theory and start cursing the Americans.

Then I came across another conspiracy theory written by a man who used to be a political secretary to our ex-long serving Prime Minister. Authoritatively entitled ” MH370: Questions for the US and its Intelligence Services“; this one is just as sinister accusing of United States’  covert involvement in the vanishing aircraft. I found the reasonings so darkly convoluted that I arrived at the conclusion  that the writer must’ve  possessed the most fertile of the imagination and could write a screenplay for a Hollywood movie. Coming from someone who was in the circle of a once powerful man, I wonder whether this person is still suffering from a kind of paranoia often seen in such political circles.

Looking at the amount of efforts,time and expenses spent by the international community to search/hunt  for MH370, one would have to be really non-objective in believing in all those conspiracy theories which accuse another nation unfairly. The use of high-tech and sophisticated assets by the Americans to help in the search are seen as insincere. So as the the admission by their politicians that this unprecedented Boeing 777 disaster would affect the sales of their new Boeing 777X and could result in the loss of thousands of American jobs. That is why they need to get to the bottom of this mystery. And so far they have spent a few million US dollars in doing so.

US Navy -under water search begins for MH370's black box before   it "dies" and seals forever the full mystery of the jetliner's disappearance on 8 March 2014

US Navy -under water hunt has begun for MH370’s black box before it soon  “dies” and seals forever the full mystery of the jetliner’s disappearance on 8 March 2014

Sadly, people who are fixed in their belief in the conspiracy cover-ups will not budge from their stance and, in fact, are  mocking these efforts as pulling wool over their eyes. I suppose even if the black box were found today, these people will still accuse the Americans of  hiding or deleting  the true recordings of what transpired on the ill-fated plane’s cockpit, transcribed by the machine.

As is true of any statistical occurrences, a certain percentage ( about 5 to 10% ) of a normal population, are in effect not right in their mind. And Nature, after all, loves varieties.




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