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If you studied human nature you would have  noticed that it is often the big, the wealthy and sometimes people who feel they are big and powerful (superiority complex) will bully anyone, big or small. And so it is no surprise to see Tony Fernandes and his Air Asia’s outfit, refusing, yet again and again to move, according to set timeline, his operations from Sepang LCCT (low cost carrier terminal) to the brand new,  better equipped and with more comfortable passengers’ facilities, that is KLIA2 scheduled to open on May 2, 2014 with LCCT closing all services like Customs and Immigration, on May 9.

KLIA2 - the RM4 billion terminal for low cost carriers for everyone except AirAsia.

KLIA2 – the RM4 billion- low cost carriers’ terminal  for everyone except AirAsia?

He has yet to move his Air Asia operations from Terminal 2 (cargo terminal) to Terminal 1 in Kota Kinabalu Airport  and so far no authorities have yet dared to chastise  him (just fancy that!). So we will see what he wants to do if all ground services in LCCT are moved to KLIA2. Very interesting guys, as this Tony Fernandes thinks he can control everyone and bend others’ will to him.

Air Asia’s Fernandes cites safety and security as excuses for not moving according to plan to KLIA2; now what about the poor safety and security at terminal 2 in Kota Kinabalu? Terminal 1 there has a much better safety and security for passengers and yet Fernandes still refuses to move! His reasonings are not consistent. All he is thinking about is his profit margin to sustain his big shot lifestyle and of course to compensate for his bad investment in QPR, a boring English Football Club.

Aireen Omar - Air Asia local CEO. By the way, who can say "no" to a lady?

Aireen Omar – Air Asia local CEO. By the way, who can say “no” to a  sweet lady? (Great photo from the STAR)

He is now ordering his Bumi and female CEO to do the hagglings for him (very clever Tony to choose a lady). Now Air Asia is asking PM Najib, no less to intervene and listen to them because they have “the biggest low cost operations” and if Najib doesn’t follow what they want, Malaysia will lose all those  haha.. “tourists” and aviation industry in Malaysia will go … haha…kaput.

And you all will see the STAR newspapers  pathetically doing the marketing and campaigning  for him as he has a large  number of shares in the company’s stock and is made their company’s director.  At the moment, according to the STAR online here, Air Asia is set to stay put at LCCT despite all services being relocated to KLIA2.  He is virtually bringing his fight to the passengers, pitting them against the authorities. No wonder Air Asia staff are known to be stuck-up- like father like son, no doubt.

To avoid unnecessary inconveniences, passengers on low-cost fares should think of flying with other airlines like Malindo Air during this Air Asia- MAHB (Malaysia Airports Authority) impasse. Fernandes has caused a lot of headaches to the latter since the time  he was not allowed to build his own airport….. haha.. imagine, his own airport! How audacious!

Come to think of it if Air Asia went out of operations, Malaysia Airlines will turnaround (pardon the pun) a lot quicker financially. It has lost much of its business to Air Asia these past 10 years.  MAS can also expand and promote further  its low cost service like Firefly and MASWing.  Nice scenario, though, I feel we do need competition to ensure the best service and fares. Monopoly is bad news for consumers.

I hope PM Najib will not make decisions to favour Air Asia without looking at what  is happening on the ground otherwise he is going to make a lot of hard-working people upset. Better still  he leaves the decision to his cousin, the dapper and calm Acting Transport Minister, Hishamuddin Hussein, whom we all are beginning to like following his daily handling of the international press in the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

Prime Minister should not be involved in issues like this. He has far more important things to tackle like, inter-racial conflicts and polarisation, religious extremism,  poor system of education affecting future generations of Malaysians and international cooperation as well as costly search for the missing MH370. Yes,  all big issues but certainly not dealing with issues involving someone who thinks he is BIG!

Please do not waste your time Mr Prime Minister.



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