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For the last two weeks we have been hearing and reading about “credible leads” of signs of possible wreckage of MH370 now believed crashed in the vast Indian Ocean. We have American, Canadian,French,Japanese,Chinese and even Thai satellites telling us that they have spotted the debris which could be that of Boeing-777 MAS flight MH370 in the areas where it is said, using satellites’ data, aircraft speed and direction etc  that the jetliner to have gone down.

Newer and refined data based on indicated faster speed of  MH370 has now shifted the focus of the search nearer to Perth and more satellites’ credible leads are noted in the new area of the Indian ocean.

Location of the "first credible leads" near Perth , Australia

Location of the “first credible leads” detected by US-AU satellites on 15 March 2014, near Perth , Australia

Most of the  first week (8-14 March 2014)  was wasted on the Gulf of Thailand and the South China Sea until that Malaysian Air Force Radar revealed, more than five days later, the detection of turn around path of MH370 over the Peninsular and westwards. This delay is definitely one of the gravest concerns of the search and rescue efforts (SAR) : without doubts, causing so much distress to the relatives of those 239 passengers on board. It is water under the bridge now though it should not be left uninvestigated.

We are confronted with daily informations now on the satellites’ sightings of  possible debris of the aircraft but so far not a single piece has been recovered despite the massive international search using ships and all types of aircraft in the lonely part of that deep ocean.

We pray hard that something, anything that can be connected to MH370 would be fished out so that our great uncertainties could be cleared. At least some signs of what had happened to the plane could be explained while waiting for that “black box” to be found to sum up the rest of the story albeit and probably, not the mystery.

We will follow  the “credible leads”  indefinitely.

In the meantime, the incredible reactions we are getting from the relatives of the “perished” 153 Chinese passengers in Beijing is beginning to wear us down.

After three days’ of its disappearance, my gut feeling was, due to mechanical failure,  the plane and its passengers had already crashed somewhere in the seas following loss of contact with ATC. However my outlook on the disaster has since changed as more information are being gleaned by experts in air-crash investigation. All the same, my heart went out to the relatives. Tears welled up my eyes when I saw on TV and read online about the grieving relatives as I thought of how it was if it were my loved ones on board that ill-fated plane.

I thought it was good and healthy for the relatives to pour out their griefs as that will eventually ease their mental pain of loss.  I saw on video footages how the men and women wailed and threw themselves about in frustration and anger at not knowing where their loved ones let alone their remains are.

I empathise with them, I feel their pain.

The angry and sorrowful reactions have now, after nearly three weeks, turned into an  incredible show of fury against all that are Malaysian. They call us names and cast aspersions on our SAR efforts.

Other nationalities including our own Malaysian passengers perished too in this unprecedented air disaster and have we heard of such nasty reactions towards our country and its people from these groups? The Chinese reactions are just incredible to the point of being unacceptable like venting their anger on all Malaysians. What have we done? No one in Malaysia wants this to happen.Please have a little bit of control. Malaysians are also in utter despair.

Malaysia Airlines have gone out of its way to help the relatives but putting them all in one place and this gesture seems to be not a good idea, say what you like. When people are cooped-up in one place they tend to reinforce each others’ thoughts, feelings, suspicions, conspiracy theories, what have you;  and the sum total is tremendously herd-like as we are witnessing now. I really pity those Malaysian officials sent to Beijing to explain and answer  relatives’ questions which have yet to have answers,  fuelling more anger and hurtful remarks.

The aftermath of MH370’s fatal disaster provide  a lesson to all countries as well. If it were in my power, I would not name the government-linked airline the country’s name because this kind of an exceptional disaster gives such a bad name to the whole country and its people.  Names like Singapore Airlines, Royal Brunei, Thai Airways and Emirates look risky to me now.


Against all odds, we continue to pray that the credible leads would lead to credible discovery of MH370 and that the incredible reactions to the plane disaster by the Chinese in Beijing would eventually die down for everyone to mourn MH370 in peace.


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