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While the whole world is focussing on Malaysia following the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, here we are charging an 81-year old man for putting forth his ideas and arguments.

Kassim Ahmad an 81-year old former political activist being escorted by religious officers

Kassim Ahmad an 81-year old former political activist being escorted by religious officers to shariah court ( source: staronline)

Many of those who were earlier not familiar with Malaysia are looking up and reading up on our country and many are also commenting on our social and political systems such as this American News article. But of course, these people who are bent on  making Kassim Ahmad an example of their man-made power, do not bother and so is, it appears, the BN (National Front Coalition) government which is on its way out in the next general election to be called in 2018 (unless the main coalition party that is UMNO : United Malays National Organisation, reform itself).

Shut-up and tape your mouth and shut your mind

Tape your mouth and shut your mind

Look at the kind of country we are living in. We are not supposed to think, we are not supposed to speak out and have intellectual discourses. The government establishes this body which hunts such brave people who want to open the mind of others ruthlessly down. Charge, try,sentence,fine and jail them!

No wonder we will never move forward in the scientific and technological fields because part of our mind are not supposed to think and reach for the stars. We will forever be using other peoples’ technologies and be subservient mentally to those worthless countries in the Middle-East which practise repression and suppression and mete out archaically cruel punishments.

Many other bloggers voice their unhappiness and dissatisfaction over the treatment of Kassim Ahmad whom they regard as a Muslim thinker and not a mere follower of outdated thoughts. You can read one good write-up here.

At the rate we are going, it looks like we will forever be turning the other cheek until our natural resources are depleted and we are all then good only at preparing  for that “heavenly” life after death (how pathetic!).

The tragedy is, we are a democratic country which chooses to curtail the freedom of expression in the name of religion.


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