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The whole strategy to force an election so that Anwar could “replace” the existing Menteri Besar (Chief Minister) of Selangor , Khalid Ibrahim, is not only manipulative and fund-wasting  but idiotic as well.

The prosecution appeal case against Anwar was summarily scheduled on 08 March 2014, a good 14 days before the Kajang By-election today 23 March 2014. Surely he knew that but Anwar was damn sure sodomy 11 prosecution’s appeal would not be successful. Instead he was found guilty and sentenced to five years imprisonment which practically ended his morbid ambition to play a greater role in the administration of Selangor and virtually be closer on the road to Putrajaya.

It looks to me like the push and pull factors in political tightrope are brought into play here as I unwittingly find myself being cynical over the unfolding drama. Honestly, everything that is happening seems to have a “deliberate” human hand.

Well, before Anwar was convicted, disqualifying him from contesting the Kajang seat, a lot of people opined that he would win the state seat quite comfortably. To continue capturing the sentiment of the Kajang’s folks, his wife Wan Azizah was chosen to replace him. Sympathy alone would win her some votes.

The bulk of the Chinese electorate would still be behind Pakatan Rakyat ( the opposition coalition) represented by PKR. It is not that they like  PKR more: it is the thought of changing the Federal government that appears to drive them, especially the younger generation,  to the opposition: never mind that it is only a by-election which is not going to make any  real difference.  Barisan Nasional (BN) represented by Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) is full of warts which require surgical treatment. The perceived bungled handling of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370’s disappearance add to the public’s dislike of the BN’s government.

The BN government tends to harp  on  religion to get votes from its Malay electorate. A typical example is seen here where the Malays are reminded that their religion will be at risk should the opposition be voted in the election and yet their candidate in Kajang is a non-Muslim. Speaking in a forked-tongue indeed.

I have never liked Anwar Ibrahim’s chameleonic politics  but unless BN reforms, I don’t see how they can decelerate Pakatan Rakyat’s march forward in its vigor to give this country an alternative government after more than 50 years of BN’s political dominance and gradually poor top leadership.

The only consolation that BN would get in the Kajang’s by-election would be  that they reduce the majority obtained by the winning Chinese PKR candidate in May 2013.


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