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This is the eighth day of MH370’s sudden disappearance  and still there is no sign of it despite an extensive international search on expanding areas based on whatever minimal flight data related to the Boeing 777-200ER.

Friends and relatives of those in the ill-fated flight are getting restless and emotionally-spent. The counselling team is doing a difficult job. Even our Acting Transports Minister admitted that he found it difficult to meet with the grieving relatives as there was no new information as to where the aircraft might be.

Joining all Malaysians in Prayers

Joining all Malaysians in Prayers

Malaysians too are also feeling the impact of the plane’s vanishing as we struggle to make sense of  the voluminous information, opinion and analysis from air-crash investigation experts. There are many speculations but they are not doing us any good until we find the aircraft and factually determine the fate of those 329 souls on board.

No modern jetliner has had similar crash characteristics before. This is, as stated by the head of Malaysian Civil Aviation, indeed “an unprecedented aviation mystery”.

As harrowing as it might be, we are forced to wait for the authorities  to do their job and find that needle in the haystack. And stop the blame game and the scapegoating of our politicians and senior civil servants. Even the Shaman (bomoh) has his way of looking at “solving” the plane’s disappearance, albeit in the mumbo jumbo way. I look at him and his motley gang performing the rituals at KLIA with sadness in my heart but not contempt. They genuinely want to help employing ways that they believe in, much to our embarrassment.

The Shaman and gang doing their bits to help find the missing MH370. Complete with western suits and tie!

The Shaman and gang, complete with Western suits and tie, performing rituals at KLIA, to “help” find the missing MH370

International communities helping us include China ( more than 65% of the passengers on MH370 are Chinese) ,Vietnam ,Thailand, Philippines Indonesia,  India , Australia, America, Singapore, Cambodia as well as the hundred thousand of volunteers performing  crowdsourcing of satellite images on the internet. We hope they will not give up yet.

First in the Gulf of Thailand, South China Sea, later the Strait of Malacca, Andaman sea and the latest is in the Indian Ocean, millions of kilometer squares of searching, MH370, we are waiting harrowingly for you to show up.


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