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Today we are entering the sixth day of the sudden disappearance of our Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. A lot of heartache ,anger , frustration, drama ,confusion , accusation, you name it,  have been hurled upon us as the missing aircraft with 239 people on board have yet to be found.

Despite the distracting issues on security and terrorism, something is nagging me about the way the jetliner vanished. I am not convinced that there was an attack on the aircraft though there is that problem between China and its restive  Uyghurs ethnic minority who are mainly Muslim. Nope, Malaysia with our warts and all is a friendly country, gentle as a mouse such that people of all kinds come to our country and doing all sorts of business, legal and illegal with lax restrictions.

I am more into the mechanical failure of the plane. There was something catastrophic that overwhelmed the pilots, crippling , catapulting  the aircraft ; sending it into smithereens: mid-air disintegration ( I choke up when I am writing this word!). Yes, a bomb could do that as well. But my unsubstantiated and non-scientific gut feeling favours mechanical failure.

Surfing the internet on Boeing 777, I found this report of American regulators’ warning on crack and erosion on this kind of aircraft before the current disaster. My only hope is that the plane wreckage and the black box would be found to unravel the cause of the crash which could take  a few years. The same aircraft has been reported to have been repaired following an accident in Singapore whence its wing was clipped. I found this history rather disturbing having loyally followed a series of Aircrash investigations on TV. Repaired minor cracks combined with potential cracks and corrosion: wouldn’t that spook you?

The jetliner MUST BE FOUND at all cost  to help the grieving friends and relatives find closure and the living find the cause of its currently presumed  “mysterious crash”  and come out with ways to make air-travel safer.

Let’s hope it is finally found following the detection by satellites of images which appear like a plane wreckage  within the suspected crash site in this latest CNN report here.


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