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In a shocking revelation to the whole world and adding to our pain is this report here in the Sydney Morning Herald today.

I am speechless, disappointed and angry at the unprofessional behaviour of our MAS pilots on that flight in 2011 as claimed by one of the girls involved in the cockpit’s incidence. The claim is supported by photos as well! It doesn’t, I believe, have any major bearing on the missing Malaysia airlines flight MH370 but it adds a lot of fodder for the increasingly impatient world and hungry press to point fingers at our National Carrier and our country on international air travel safety and security issues. And most unfortunately one of the pilots involved in this case is the first officer of the ill-fated Boeing 777-200ER jetliner.

It appears that MAS is slacking on pilots’ conduct. The revelation by the passenger who sounded genuine and spoke in an apparent sincerity  should shake up Malaysia Airlines and please do not give excuse that you’re too tied up with the present problem by not quickly investigating the incident. Remember, the other pilot in the photo is alive and well. Get him.

There could well be something wrong with our education system. While it focusses on religious teaching and virtually forcing women of a certain religious persuasion to cover themselves and be modest, we have this kind of professional Malay (Muslim) men behaving atrociously while on the job. Conduct that is dangerous and contravening the religious teaching. And yet the missing first officer is described as “pious” by his family member.

Letting passengers into the cockpit! A grave security lapse indeed because terrorists do not have typical features one can identify with.

Some people talk about professionalism and yet they don’t understand what the term means and entails. This is a form of corruption when one abuses his position to carry on doing things against the rules and the crew who were with the two errant pilots when this safety-related incident occurred are equally corrupt because they did not report the security-lapse.

We Malaysians are deeply embarrassed by this breach of security revelation during these difficult times.

What else can I say?


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